How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right

Hi guys,

I did not code for three years and html isn't my thing and when I come back it's kind of I have to start over. So bear with me if I ask stupid questions or too much.

What I'm trying to achieve is to center the whole web site and move the list on the left sidebar to the right side. The result is as ugly as the attached image.

Here's what I'm attempting so far:

 <!doctype html> <html><head>     <title>mysite</title>       <meta charset="utf-8" />     <link rel="canonical"...
Code (markup):

How to center the website and and float list inside left sidebar to the right

Thunderbird 68 (locally installed): getting message count on sidebar

I am using locally installed Thunderbird 68 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Traditional question: what is the best means to get number of unread messages displayed in sidebar? What piece of software allows just displaying total number of unreads I see when looking at TB?

Firetray extension doesn’t support TB 51+. Birdtray is somewhat glitchy – I’d prefer something more stable, if it exists; also, it requires installing thunderbird from standard repository, which is undesirable.

Hide sidebar or show small side bar for web app

I am looking for feedback on the navigation structure for a web application.

In the application, we have:

  • A sidebar on the left where all the projects are listed
  • A list of views with all the tasks of the selected project
  • A task card detail

We have an issue with real estate when the 3 columns are open.

I like the idea to be on focus mode and I have proposed the idea to drill down the navigation to show only what is relevant to the user.

If a user opens a task card detail, the sidebar disappears. The goal is to allow the user to focus on the project: enter image description here

The other option (which is really popular) is to collapse the sidebar. The issue is the user may open the sidebar and end up with 3 columns which can be overwhelming enter image description here

What do you think? Which option works best? Thanks

Nautilus files sidebar occupies more than half of page

This might be a stupid question but it troubled me for 1 hour and I’m still unable to solve. I accidentally clicked something in nautilus file management after which the sidebar occupies half of the page. [See attached screenshot] I tried to drag the right boundary of sidebar to make it narrower but it can’t be dragged anymore left. How could I reset it to normal? Thanks in advance. sidebar_occupies_half_of_page

blog Post / Sidebar link for Casino Site

Hello Folks ..

Here i m looking for Blog Post / Sidebar link for casino site

Requirement :

  • Domain Spam Score under 30%
  • Domain Authority 30 to 40 +

I'm buying every month around 10 to 15 blog post so if you have sites list than send me with price

Note : i have fix budget for each blog post and sidebar link under 30$ if site quality is good than i can change budget for that site

PM me or email me

Thank You !

Sidebar AngularJS

eu tenho um controller SideBar que gerencia as páginas do meu site e ao clicar em um link vamos para a página.inserir a descrição da imagem aqui

Segue o código que define o controller:

(function () { 'use strict'; angular.module('centric').controller('SidebarCtrl', ['$  scope', '$  uibModal', 'AuthFactory', 'RequestFactory', function ($  scope, $  uibModal, AuthFactory, RequestFactory) {      $  scope.options = [         {             name: 'Dashboard',             href: '#/app/dashboard'         },{             name: 'Clientes',             href: '#/app/clients'         },         {             name: 'Compras',             href: '#/app/compras'         }     ];  }]); })(); 

Então, o terceiro botão da sidebar, Compras, não consegue me redirecionar para a página compras.html, apenas me redireciona para Dashboard de novo.

Compras.html tem a mesma estrutura que clientes.html, pois irei usar de base e fazer as alterações necessárias. Daí criei um compras.html na pasta app/view e colei o conteúdo de clientes.html… o que estou fazendo de errado?

Full-width sidebar or 85% with backdrop on mobile?

What is the best practice when it comes to sidebars and user experience on mobile? Is it better to have one that is full-width or one that is 85% width with 15% backdrop? What are the benefits or downsides of either one? Which one do you use in your projects?


enter image description here

The current way I do it is as in example 1 with width of 85% and max-width of 360px (so it limits the width on bigger screens), but I was wondering whether I should change it to create more like-an-app experience.