Change product_type from simple to variable in WooCommerce

I know that WooCommerce plugin store product_type in taxomony I use that code

// TODO change taxonomy // product_type = variable $  terms = get_the_terms($  post_id, "product_type"); foreach ($  terms as $  term) {     $  termId = $  term->term_id;     // TODO figure out why is not work     wp_update_term($  termId, "variable"); } 

Why it not works?

The Simple Way of Getting Mortgage Leads

Getting contract drives disconnected can get the opportunity to be expensive. Not exclusively would it be able to be expensive on the off chance that you are a home loan specialist, it can have your beginning independent venture organization very nearly not enduring. There are various things you have to have at the very least to get an opportunity at progress. 
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An office is required, be it a room or a leased space for your working materials. A cell phone for the most part likely with boundless calls would frequently be fundamental as you begin to be more persevering and working harder turns into a need. Above all, the time you’ve to spend working all through your vehicle drives up your gas spending to a high. It very well may be very expensive if after a progression of studies and investigation in regards to your venture, you can’t cautiously anticipate with insight how you are going to get by out of such independent work or equal the initial investment monetarily at your beginning.
Today there are more straightforward approaches to seek after an all around considered arrangement for lead age. The web can give you contract leads so as to manufacture a demographic, and with development, you can have their family members and companions allude them to you. Be that as it may, the web can likewise assist you with procuring a mailing list.

Simple Video Game Based RPG

I really want to get into a role playing game and I have an idea in mind, I just cant find a specific game. I really want a video game (something digital) where i am simply part of a village. I would like to play with mostly real people and have a lot of creative options. I would have to make a living and maybe have a family or something. I just want a game with a nice community where it feels real.

Maximum (s,t) flow in a simple graph – BIG O


Given a simple graph (at most one edge between u-v), with no loops or parallel edges, I have to prove that max (s,t) flow is at most O(v^2 / d^2).

I understand that this is asking to prove max flow <= C* (V^2/d^2) for some positivie c. I asked my TA (teacher assistant) and he said that we’d need to prove this by contradiction


Assume for a contradiction, there’s more than one edge between some vertices x and y. The shortest path is distance ‘d’. I’m stuck after this. In other words, I need to show that the minimum cut cannot be > v^2 / d^2

Is there a name for simple, self-contained, shorter games?

In terms of systems, I’m thinking of something that can get everyone into the game without a ton of setup or consultations of a player’s handbook, but still enough going on (e.g. a few stats and some dice-rolling) that it’s not purely an open-ended storytelling game. On the environment side, I’m thinking of enough of an environment/goal to provide some framework and direction, but not a totally on-the-rails win-or-lose story.

I know I’ve seen "onepage" RPGs, but I’m not really trying to be that restrictive. Is there a common name for this rough category of RPG, or one or more similar categories?

(Yes, I’m asking because I’m looking for games, but I’m definitely not looking for recommendations here, just some help with vocabulary so I can go look for myself.)

Hey guys im practicing BATCH files by making a simple multitool… but my file closes as soon as its opened

Heading ##im not sure why it keeps closing and would like some help in the comments

@echo off color fc title CockBall V2 Multitool echo      CCCCC                kk     BBBBB           lll lll  VV     VV  2222    echo     CC    C  oooo    cccc kk  kk BB   B    aa aa lll lll  VV     VV 222222 echo     CC      oo  oo cc     kkkkk  BBBBBB   aa aaa lll lll   VV   VV      222  echo     CC    C oo  oo cc     kk kk  BB   BB aa  aaa lll lll    VV VV    2222    echo      CCCCC   oooo   ccccc kk  kk BBBBBB   aaa aa lll lll     VVV    2222222  :menu echo 1 pScan echo 2 LanC echo 3 IP Stresser echo 4 info echo 5 ping (for testing ip) choice /n /:12345 /M "Choose something.. tf you think you do?" GOTO LABEL-%ERRORLEVEL% :LABEL-1 pScan start Pscan.exe goto menu :LABEL-2 LanC start LancV2.exe goto menu :LABEL-3 IP Stesser start CockBallPinger.exe goto menu :LABEL-4 info echo made by jagli xd echo helped by: nobody echo Private Multitool goto menu 

:LABEL-5 ping (for testing ip) set /p yee=Enter ip for test: ping %yee% -l 65500 goto menu

Which membership plugin for a simple sign in? Personal areas for customers

Most of the membership plugins I have found seemingly operate on the logic of the website having paying subscribers. I am not looking to make a publishing/blogging website with restricted access to articles. I am not interested in a plugin that I must continually pay for. I won’t be billing my customers on a monthly basis.

Imagine a company website with a small login section.

I am looking for something that’ll allow me to restrict access to certain areas, each individual area restricted to the specific customer. Within this area, they might have access to reports or statistics or links that are personal.

I need a plugin that’ll assist me in maintaining a number of users, to which I myself have created their accounts (no sign-up procedure) and set the perimeters of access.

Is this doable with WordPress or should I be looking at an entirely different solution?