Post page still linked to old site

Wife transfered her domain from Godaddy to HostGator. Somehow the Post page is still linked to the old site. I say old site because she started fresh on the site only wanting the domain. Her domain was and now is just All the content is where it should be until I assign the post page. No matter what page I set to be my post page for the her blog it’s automatically wipes everything form that particular page except the header. Once I switch the post page settings back to select or none, the content is back to normal. What she didn’t tell me was two weeks ago she was able to log into the old site and everything was the same except the blog ( set at post page )was all from the new site. Sorry for the 3rd grade explanation of the issue. How do I fix this?

Site is making repeated password recovery attempts

So first things first, yes, my site was hacked. It was injecting redirects to spam sites. As far as I can tell, I’ve pretty much killed the malware and cleaned it all out. I neutered the fake admin account it created, I tracked down all the bits of code it hid throughout my plugins and core files, generated new salts, and so on. In the two months or so since I cleaned it up, I’ve see no new activity. No new fake admin accounts, no core files modified, none of the identifiable code bits appearing in new places.

But. Sucuri keeps seeing multiple password recovery attempts for various users, including my own real admin account. I’ve looked everywhere, I’ve exported the database and run text searches for all the usual suspect functions (gzinflate, base64_decode, eval, etc.), and nothing’s showing up.

Can anyone give me any ideas on what to try next? Currently I’m trying to get get_password_reset_key() to send wp_debug_backtrace_summary() to the error log, so I can figure out where the requests are coming from, but I can’t seem to get it to work.

WP site not working at all on mobile

My website, was working fine earlier on, but something has gone wrong within the last few hours.

All of a sudden the site has stopped working completely on mobile devices but works normally still on my laptop.

On android I’m getting a:

This site cannot be reached‘s server IP address could not be found.


And on Iphone I am being told that the server cannot be found.

Does anybody have any idea of how to fix this?

New ecommerce site for wearables, question about products names

Hi guys,
I'm setting my e-commerce site for wearables.

I have different products, that are kind of similar
so, for example, watches for kids

I will start with 3 models, that are kind of similar on functionality, but different look.

Now how do I name them?

By the reference the Chinese manufacturer gives them?… XCYY-34

Or should I come with a name for the product?… CoolWatch misty


Brand New PTC/GPT Site

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Brand New PTC/GPT Site

Gaming site with 500+ games

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Don't have the time to acquire organic traffic

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Adsense and Affiliate products

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
No time, you can automatically add more games using the fetch mechanism of the plugin, from there you can automatically publish the games

What challenges are there with running this site?
Bringing in users

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I dont have time to do the marketing. This website is just laying around currently and I have other projects that need more time.

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Yes 1 twitter account with 1300 Followers

How much time does this site take to run?
No Much

What challenges are there with running this site?
Hosting and marketing


Adult Niche Site For Sale

[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.1


[GET][NULLED] – Duplicator Pro – WordPress Site Migration & BackUp v3.8.1