I made a new site, what should I do to remove the old site from Google search result and put the new one in?

I have very limited knowledge about SEO. The problem I am facing is that after my new website built with wordpress went live, when I search for my website’s name, my old website that was built with Wix still appears as the first results, while my new website is not even in the first page.

What is the best practice to promote the new website? Please note that my old site has been around for a long time. Instead of simply shut down the old website and start a new SEO campaign for the new website, is there a way to have my new website inherit the reputation the old one already has with Google.

How to add links from my URL list to different pages on my site in a row?

Hello guys, I need your advice and help.
For example:
I need to boost 3 pages on my site. Let it be:
I have a list of 200 strong high DR websites, where it is possible to get backlinks.
My aim is to get 200 links from my list to https://site.com/category1, the same 200 links from my list to https://site.com/category2 and the same 200 links from my list to https://site.com/category3

I use these settings, but it doesn’t help….

Will moving a PDF and Word Document library to a CMS negatively effect SEO on site redesign?

I’m redesigning a website built on an outdated platform, going from Asp.Net Web Forms to Gatsbyjs. The site has a PDF and Word Document library that is stored locally on the web host, so a link to a pdf would be something like:


It would be much easier, and more dynamic for my client, to store the PDF’s and documents on the Contentful cms. However, I’m concerned whether Google will look negatively on these resources no longer being located on the domain itself.

Any info on this would be appreciated.

Mini Bluetooth pocket printer Dropshipping site


Any sales? Why are you selling the website?
Yup, got 13 sales in total, most of them came without any promotion in the past 18 months while the website was just sitting there.

I'm selling it because I'm not doing dropshipping anymore (I'm now selling products locally in my country). I put a lot of effort into this site and it looks really nice in my opinion. I'm not…

Mini Bluetooth pocket printer Dropshipping site

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Advertising third-party site listing on Google Ads

I have a client who would like to advertise their service on Google Ads, but they do not have a website. They are interested in getting more calls.

While I can offer to create a website for them, it would be a lot easier / cheaper for the client if we could create a listing on a third-party listing site and advertise that listing on Google ads instead.

Would that even work / be something that Ads can be set up to do ? If so, is the efficiency going tank a lot compared to a dedicated website ? Is there any other workaround this problem, different from the solution I am currently thinking about ?

Any help will be appreciated !

Google de-indexed 1.7k pages on my WP site, trying to figure out why [duplicate]

I created a site in WordPress with a mass page plugin called Mpgwp.com which dynamically creates pages with a spintax doc and spreadsheet. It’s an affiliate site going after local keywords. The pages are duplicates structuarally, but all the content is spun from a spintax doc, so the actual content is not the same across each page. Google initially indexed them and I was getting traffic, and then steadily started de-indexing them. I’m assuming Google just doesn’t like the pages, altho they are actually content-wise better than most of the other spun pages in the SERPs for these pages (many other sites taking the same strategy). The pages work fine and the plugin dev. is stumped and suggested I come here to ask. There are no manual actions or other penalties. Either goog hates the content and thinks it’s spammy, or there’s something tecnically wrong here.

He mentioned that the "disallow" in my robots.txt might be causing it? robots.txt

This is the message in my search console: "Crawled – currently not indexed: The page was crawled by Google, but not indexed. It may or may not be indexed in the future; no need to resubmit this URL for crawling." search console message

This is an exmaple of one of the pages: https://trailersconnect.com/construction-trailer-rental-in-madison-ca/

Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

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