SPO how to add Organization Chart on communication site?

I would like to know the best organization chart webpart that I could easily install in my Communication site (Modern Experience).

It should be user friendly, with nice theme as well as easily editable. Also it should work with list as well as Active Directory.

Similar to this: Organization Chart

Any suggestion how to achieve it in Modern Experience ?

How to add icons in text in SharePoint Online Communication site?

I have a page in my communication site in which, I want to add my contact information.

I want to insert icons for it, which should appear before the text.


I want to add phone number icon and then type my phone number.

Similar to this one:

Contact Info Icons

So how to insert icons with text in Modern Experience ?

Thank you !!

SharePoint Site url is not working for debugging a solution

For debugging a SharePoint solution I want to give test site URL in visual studio.

enter image description here

but since web application URL is already access mapped

(http://example:2344 -> http://example.com).  

When I try to give http://example.com URL in, it shows

“Remote SharePoint site connections are not supported “

enter image description here

How can I use http://example.com (Alternate Access Mapped Url) for debugging purpose since currently, I don’t have original URL (http://example:2344)?

Unable to remove left navigation from a SharePoint Page. (Do not want to remove it from the site.)

I have a SharePoint Online page created with a template, which I cannot remove the left navigation pane from. (I can edit the list of links, but I want to remove the whole pane completely.)

I’ve tried to follow tutorials online suggesting I add a Content Editor Webpart and include scripts that will remove the left pane, however I don’t have the option to add a Content Editor Webpart on this page. (It doesn’t show the ribbon for the page, so only have the “Add A New Webpart” plus sign in the middle of the page to work with.)

I’ve even copied this webpage to a test site, and changed the site layout to Oslo, rather than Seattle, however the left navigation still shows.

Ideally I would like to remove the left navigation panel from this page only. Not from the entire site.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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