Changed DNS and site broke [closed]

Yesterday, I was adding some DNS records to connect Mailchimp, when I tried to add one of the necessarily CNAME records, it said it already existed, so I couldn’t add another one. Then I deleted one of the CNAME records, so I could add it but my site got really slow after that. I tried reading it but it didn’t work. Today it can’t even connect. The CNAME record was (Not entirely sure) like this:   -  14400 - IN - CNAME  - 

I think it has something to do with the deletion, I checked my host, Hostgator, and the server wasn’t down so my site should work.

Btw, Mailchimp can’t verify my domain although I’ve added the A and CNAME records, maybe someone knows why?

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Aesthetic URL problem: Website from server02 should look like its on a subdirectory of the main site from server01 is on server01 with IP address is on server02 with IP address

I actually do not want the subdomain abc. Ideally I want it at I want to have a more cohesive website for usability and aesthetics. For non-technical people, having the content in a sub-directory feels that you are still on the same site compared to going to a sub-domain.

My problem is that the code for the subdomain site (Site2) is on server02 with a different IP. I cannot use just 1 server for the 2 sites: Site1 is using Apache, MySql, and PHP for PHP websites and static websites. Site 2 is a webapp that uses nginx, ruby and postgresql. Maintenance wise, IMHO, it is easiest to have site02 on a separate server. But as I said, it would be great if it can be visited by the end-user in a sub-directory of the main domain.

Is there a a way for me to achieve this?

What is the best way to host a site with many images without it being too slow?

I have a friend that wants me to help them with their WordPress website that has about 150 images for their gallery. Their site is quite slow even after I optimized the images using the ImageOptim app. They are using SiteGround as their web host provider, but they are only using the StartUp package because it is the most affordable. I know that the site is slow to load because of the images, but not sure what the best approach is to try and speed it up without paying for a more expensive hosting package.

I am thinking that perhaps the best way to go about doing this would be to have them just put their images on Google Images and use that as their gallery instead, or maybe an Instagram feed like Smash Balloon.

What would you all suggest?


*Real* site crawling with Scrapebox?

So I see SB has the site crawler where you can crawl one domain at a time (a deathly slow process)….or you can use link extractor (over and over and over and over) in an inefficient way to grab most links at a time) or you can use the “search google” method to see what pops up….but

Isn’t there just like a regular ol’ webcrawler?  You give it a list of urls, it spidered through all the links, pulls out the links on a domain, and ding – turkey’s done.

Am I missing something obvious? It seems like such an obvious tool that should be included.  Instead, I find myself now poling aroudn the web to find some alternative.

Any ideas?

Retrieve images from parent site to child site using current shortcodes

I have a WordPress network setup, with a parent site and a few other child sites within it. I have a custom plugin that saves content (images & posts) to a list for each user on my parent site. I also have a custom admin menu that reveals the image list via a user dropdown on my main site. I have shortcode on my parent site that reveals a user’s favorite image list by user_id.

What I’m trying to accomplish is to change the code of this custom plugin so that the lists appear on the child site/subsite via the shortcode used on the parent site. I imagine that the site_id needs to be passed through this shortcode to make it possible. I also have the custom admin menu on my subsite with the user dropdown, however, the images do not appear when I click to see those favorites.

Now I’ll preface this and say I’m not an experienced programmer but my research leads me to believe that I need to modify the code that controls the menu so it can pull the content (i.e. Media library images/attachments/attachment URLs for that post ID) from the main site to the subsites and add a shortcode and function that makes the parameter for site_id possible.

Does anyone know what query/code/function that I would use retrieve this content from the main site to the subsite so that the image lists would appear in a shortcode form and within my admin menu?

I’ve already tried plugins that allow you to sync the Media Library but they don’t work for what I’m trying to accomplishs

If you need examples of what is already established, such as current codes, shortcodes and images, I’d be happy to oblige.

Setting up second SSL certificate breaks images on first site

I have set up a new website and a new domain within my web space, but it appears that in doing so images on the original website have broken and I’m not sure how to rectify it.

The new website is located within a /p1/ folder of the root (

The original website is and runs WordPress, installed in the root directory.

TouringCars.Net has been running on an SSL certificate for several years now just fine.

I have now bought the new domain for P1 and an SSL certificate for it. But since doing so, images on TouringCars.Net are not displaying.

The .htaccess file in the root contains this rule:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80 RewriteRule ^(.*)$$  1 [R=301,L] 

Have I messed up in setting up the new P1 domain / SSL to affect the TouringCars.Net website?