Site loads very slow

When you go to my site, it will take 10 seconds before you are on the site. How can this be?

When you are on the site, and you go to different page, it loads normal.

So where is the fault? How can I fix this? It is made in magento 2.

Would Google prefer a 301 or iframe when I redo my site?

Hi All –

We are moving from a static html/css/js site to a CMS site.

We currently have a couple of hundred how-to guides located at (you can see them by visiting They are actually a bit ancient and we’ve moved all of them to Freshdesk but never redirected individual guides from – we just repointed the menu item for guides to on Freshdesk. As a result, these guides (at are still indexed on Google and actually for a lot of longtail phrases.

So now that we’re moving to a CMS we’re trying to figure out the best approach to these pages so we don’t decimate our rankings. We REALLY don’t want to recreate these old pages. There’s no awesome way to suck the content from Freshdesk and create pages on the CMS since that would also require some big maintenance aspect as these pages are updated regularly.

So.. do we 301 the old guide pages from to, or do we create pages in the CMS for each of these older guides and then iframe the freshdesk pages into them so at least the content for those specific pages is current if someone trips onto them?

Other ideas are welcome!



Cannot install Drupal via drush in the root of site

I am going absolutely insane. I have been up for several hours scouring the internet, installing, removing, installing, removing, and I CANNOT get Drupal (7 or 8) to install at the root of a site (hosted Linux server, not local or vm). If I try to run the drush si with the package outside of the target site’s directory structure I get the site-install needs a higher bootstrap error. Of course, if I move the the install base into the root of the target site’s directory, it installs fine…in a subfolder with the name of the install base! I have followed all of the documentation, reviewed hundreds of comments on multiple sites, watched YouTube videos, looked at Pluralsight tutorials. I am at a loss. I saw suggestions to edit the settings.php file (which the install package creates during the install process and doesn’t exist beforehand…). I saw suggestions to rename files that are not yet existant because the install hasn’t happened. I’m sure much of these apply to an upgrade, but not a new site install. Can anyone please offer some insight into this. Installing with drush is supposed to make things easier. I have now wasted 4 hours trying to figure this out when I could have just manually installed it. But now it’s principle. I want to know. Besides I might have to do this again for other sites. Thank you in advance.

Add banned words list to the site

I want to add a banned words list to the site. and if a user used one of the banned word in node form (title and body), comment form (title and body), user username in the registration form, then the user should get an error message that you are using a banned word in your {field-name}.

And the form should not be submitted if the banned words are present.

How can I do this?

I have checked some modules like wordfilter but it does not provide the functionality for usernames and also it replaces the strings not giving the error message.

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Is there a way to block a site except for links to it

In Windows 7, in my hosts file currently I have and some other sites set to so that I don’t habitually open them up and procrastinate when studying.

However sometimes a forum will link to a useful youtube video and to access it I have to change the hosts file, which is inconvenient. Is there a way to block a site except for via external link to it, and then just allow that video?

Or is there perhaps some software solution that will help me with my goal of blocking sites mostly, except when I need something specific?

How to prevent Cross Site Scripting when input using “Full HTML” mode of ckeditor in Drupal?

I am using Drupal version 8.3.7 and ckeditor 4.11.3. I create a basic page contains some scripts as following: Page creation

In the detail page, I can see that the script in onmouseover="alert('222222')" is executed when I move my mouse over the “click” text.

Page detail

Hacker can easily add a malicious script by this way. How can we avoid this ?

Issue is not only for “Full HTML” mode, but also other modes if we configure a proxy between browser and server to change the encoded value to the raw value.

For example, if we select the “Unfiltered HTML” mode and we input <a href="#" onmouseover="alert('111111')">click</a> to the body field. When we save the page, the body value will be sent with a POST request that it is HTML encoded: &lt;a href=&quot;#&quot; onmouseover=&quot;alert(&#39;111111&#39;)&quot;&gt;click&lt;/a&gt;. But in the proxy above, we configure to change the encoded value to the raw value. Then the raw value <a href="#" onmouseover="alert('111111')">click</a> is saved into DB which will cause the same issue with “Full HTML” mode.

A solution that we can encode the output in theme preprocessing hook. But it seems require us to add a lot of codes because our system may have many entity types and fields.