Google Search Console – Adding Domain/Subdomain and sitemap for each

I have a WP website and created a new subdomain with separate content and URL and I need to register both sites in Google Search Console now. The idea is that both sites are visible on Google and to be SEO optimized for different content they have. What is the best way to do this:

1) Add a new property type (Domain) of a (without http and www) and after that just to submit both sitemaps ( and

2) Add a new property type (URL Prefix) for both sites ( and and a separate XML file for both sites in the correct property where they belong.

3) Or some other way?


How do I update the sitemap in D7?

I want to exclude some pages from the sitemap.

I go to these pages/nodes, edit them, then go to the XML sitemap tab and set it to ‘Exclude’.

I then save and clear cache.

But when I look at my sitemap.xml file nothing is changed – the page URLs are still present.

How do I remove them?

Removed Sitemap, Search Console errors still there

I recently removed an old sitemap from Search Console because it was full of duplicates and pages that no longer exist – and we already have a new, more up to date sitemap. However when I look at coverage errors in Search Console I’m still seeing all the errors that were caused by the old sitemap. A lot of these are 404s for pages that no longer exist and therefore should not be crawled.

I now know that Search Console doesn’t forget about these errors just because the old sitemap is gone, but how am I supposed to resolve these errors? Will Google keep crawling these error pages even without the old sitemap? And how am I supposed to stop it from crawling 404 pages – it’s not like I can NoIndex or 301 Redirect a page that doesn’t exist!
Help would be greatly appreciated.


Sitemap Confusion on Google Console – One website accessible by two URL’s

Help please. I am a novice when it comes to websites, the language and technical side. Excuse if this sounds elementary.

If you have one website accessible by two URL’s (seen below), do I need to add a sitemap for each one? When I sign on to Google Console – I see both url’s and click between the two. Both lead to my new Shopify store but only one has the sitemap.

I recently got rid of my WordPress site and moved URL to Shopify through a secured network since it is now e-commerce – hence the https. Shopify Staff helped me set it up and told me where to paste the site map. I don’t know if they knew I had two url in Console or even if it matters. I just want to make sure I am set up in the best way for traffic and indexing.

I became confused when I looked at Google Console Performance for both and noticed the url with no site map is getting more traffic/performance than the one with the site map.

Below are the details…

This url below has the sitemap but I noticed less performance


The url below DOES NOT have a site map but more traffic- I got this secured network when I signed on when Shopify since it is e-commerce.


Which ever url you enter will take you to the same secured site. I just want to know if I should move the site map to ?

Or just leave well enough alone and be happy.

Also someone told me there are a few sites you can run your website and check the health of it. Recommendations for that also.

Thank you.


Sitemap “Couldn’t fetch” in Google Search Console

I’ve submitted a sitemap to my website and Google Search Console status is “Couldn’t fetch”. I’ve had my xml verified by XML Validation, and my xml is also publicly available to be viewed: Google’s support website suggested troubleshooting “Couldn’t find status” with the url inspection tool. I wasn’t able to find anything useful from that asides that hasn’t been crawled.

enter image description here

Sitemap XML Google News

Estou tentando criar um sitemap para enviar ao google notícias e o google retorna erro na linha:


Trecho completo:

    <url>         <loc></loc>         <news:news>             <news:publication>                 <news:name>Meu site</news:name>                 <news:language>pt</news:language>             </news:publication>             <news:genres>Blogue</news:genres>             <news:publication_date>2019-03-15T16:55:22-03:00</news:publication_date>             <news:title>Emprego na CIEE: 500 vagas</news:title>         </news:news>     </url>