Removed Sitemap, Search Console errors still there

I recently removed an old sitemap from Search Console because it was full of duplicates and pages that no longer exist – and we already have a new, more up to date sitemap. However when I look at coverage errors in Search Console I’m still seeing all the errors that were caused by the old sitemap. A lot of these are 404s for pages that no longer exist and therefore should not be crawled.

I now know that Search Console doesn’t forget about these errors just because the old sitemap is gone, but how am I supposed to resolve these errors? Will Google keep crawling these error pages even without the old sitemap? And how am I supposed to stop it from crawling 404 pages – it’s not like I can NoIndex or 301 Redirect a page that doesn’t exist!
Help would be greatly appreciated.


Sitemap Confusion on Google Console – One website accessible by two URL’s

Help please. I am a novice when it comes to websites, the language and technical side. Excuse if this sounds elementary.

If you have one website accessible by two URL’s (seen below), do I need to add a sitemap for each one? When I sign on to Google Console – I see both url’s and click between the two. Both lead to my new Shopify store but only one has the sitemap.

I recently got rid of my WordPress site and moved URL to Shopify through a secured network since it is now e-commerce – hence the https. Shopify Staff helped me set it up and told me where to paste the site map. I don’t know if they knew I had two url in Console or even if it matters. I just want to make sure I am set up in the best way for traffic and indexing.

I became confused when I looked at Google Console Performance for both and noticed the url with no site map is getting more traffic/performance than the one with the site map.

Below are the details…

This url below has the sitemap but I noticed less performance


The url below DOES NOT have a site map but more traffic- I got this secured network when I signed on when Shopify since it is e-commerce.


Which ever url you enter will take you to the same secured site. I just want to know if I should move the site map to ?

Or just leave well enough alone and be happy.

Also someone told me there are a few sites you can run your website and check the health of it. Recommendations for that also.

Thank you.


Sitemap “Couldn’t fetch” in Google Search Console

I’ve submitted a sitemap to my website and Google Search Console status is “Couldn’t fetch”. I’ve had my xml verified by XML Validation, and my xml is also publicly available to be viewed: Google’s support website suggested troubleshooting “Couldn’t find status” with the url inspection tool. I wasn’t able to find anything useful from that asides that hasn’t been crawled.

enter image description here

Sitemap XML Google News

Estou tentando criar um sitemap para enviar ao google notícias e o google retorna erro na linha:


Trecho completo:

    <url>         <loc></loc>         <news:news>             <news:publication>                 <news:name>Meu site</news:name>                 <news:language>pt</news:language>             </news:publication>             <news:genres>Blogue</news:genres>             <news:publication_date>2019-03-15T16:55:22-03:00</news:publication_date>             <news:title>Emprego na CIEE: 500 vagas</news:title>         </news:news>     </url> 

Generate a Daily Sitemap and Update using a URL String Input

Code Review

I wrote method generateSitemap, which is part of a large class, UpdateStocks. It generates a daily sitemap and can update it few times a day.

generateSitemap has an input string and called inside a for loop, similar to:

{pseudocode} for i=1 to 8000;     get input[i]; // for example: 'aapl-apple-technology-nasdaq-us-8f4c'     UpdateStocks::generateSitemap(input[i]); {/pseudocode} endfor; 

Would you be so kind and review it and help me to possibly make it faster, simpler or more efficient?


  /**    *     * @return a large string in a txt file including all urls for a daily sitemap    */   public static function generateSitemap($  lurl){     $  dir=__DIR__ . self::DIR_FRONT_PUBLIC_HTML;      // url     $  sm=sprintf('%s%s%s',                 self::PROTOCOL.self::DOMAIN.self::SLASH.self::DIR_URL_KEYWORD_1.self::SLASH.self::DIR_URL_KEYWORD_2.self::SLASH,                 $  lurl,                 self::NEW_LINE         );     $  dt=new \DateTime('now');     $  dt=$  dt->format('Y-m-d'); // today     $  fn=$  dir . self::SITEMAP_PREFIX . $  dt . self::EXTENSION_TXT; // sitemap filename in public_html      // if daily sitemap already exits     if(file_exists($  fn)){       $  arr = preg_split('/\n/', trim(file_get_contents($  fn))); // array of links       $  i=0; // counter       foreach ($  arr as $  k=>$  lk){         if($  arr[$  k]==null){unset($  arr[$  k]);}         if(trim($  lk)===trim($  sm)){ // link already exist           $  i++;           if($  i>0){$  arr[$  k]=null;} // link already exist more than once         }else{           if($  k==sizeof($  arr)-1){             $  k++;             $  arr[$  k]=$  sm;             $  arr=implode(self::NEW_LINE, $  arr);             $  fh=fopen($  fn, 'wb');             fwrite($  fh, $  arr);             fclose($  fh);           }           continue;         }       }     }else{       $  fh=fopen($  fn, 'wb');       fwrite($  fh, $  sm);       fclose($  fh);     }       } 

Example of Inputs

a-agilent-technologies-healthcare-nyse-us-39d4 aa-alcoa-basic-materials-nyse-us-159a aaau-perth-mint-physical-gold-nyse-us-8ed9 aaba-altaba-financial-services-nasdaq-us-26f5 aac-healthcare-nyse-us-e92a aadr-advisorshares-dorsey-wright-adr-nyse-us-d842 aal-airlines-industrials-nasdaq-us-29eb aamc-altisource-asset-management-com-financial-services-nyse-us-b46a aan-aarons-industrials-nyse-us-d00e aaoi-applied-optoelectronics-technology-nasdaq-us-1dee aaon-basic-materials-nasdaq-us-238e aap-advance-auto-parts-wi-consumer-cyclical-nyse-us-1f60 aapl-apple-technology-nasdaq-us-8f4c aat-assets-real-estate-nyse-us-3598 aau-almaden-minerals-basic-materials-nyse-us-1c57 aaww-atlas-air-worldwide-industrials-nasdaq-us-69f3 aaxj-ishares-msci-all-country-asia-ex-japan-nasdaq-us-c6c4 aaxn-axon-enterprise-industrials-nasdaq-us-0eef ab-alliancebernstein-units-financial-services-nyse-us-deb1 abac-renmin-tianli-consumer-defensive-nasdaq-us-8701 abb-industrials-nyse-us-a407 abbv-abbvie-healthcare-nyse-us-9aea abc-amerisourcebergen-healthcare-nyse-us-bd9d abcb-ameris-bancorp-financial-services-nasdaq-us-df98 abdc-alcentra-capital-financial-services-nasdaq-us-96dd abeo-abeona-therapeutics-healthcare-nasdaq-us-aa0f abeow-market-us-d84d abev-ambev-1-consumer-defensive-nyse-us-a9b4 abg-asbury-automotive-consumer-cyclical-nyse-us-db5f abil-ability-technology-nasdaq-us-91a6 abio-arca-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-098e abm-abm-industries-industrials-nyse-us-bcbc abmd-abiomed-healthcare-nasdaq-us-2818 abr-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-68b1 abr-a-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-8c1d abr-b-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-97f2 abr-c-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-ee81 abt-abbott-laboratories-healthcare-nyse-us-c7fd abtx-allegiance-bancshares-financial-services-nasdaq-us-6913 abus-arbutus-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-c23f ac-associated-capital-financial-services-nyse-us-fca3 aca-arcosa-industrials-nyse-us-b429 

Part of sitemap-2019-03-15.txt:[0]/url[1]/a-agilent-technologies-healthcare-nyse-us-39d4[0]/url[1]/aa-alcoa-basic-materials-nyse-us-159a[0]/url[1]/aaau-perth-mint-physical-gold-nyse-us-8ed9[0]/url[1]/aaba-altaba-financial-services-nasdaq-us-26f5[0]/url[1]/aac-healthcare-nyse-us-e92a[0]/url[1]/aadr-advisorshares-dorsey-wright-adr-nyse-us-d842[0]/url[1]/aal-airlines-industrials-nasdaq-us-29eb[0]/url[1]/aamc-altisource-asset-management-com-financial-services-nyse-us-b46a[0]/url[1]/aan-aarons-industrials-nyse-us-d00e[0]/url[1]/aaoi-applied-optoelectronics-technology-nasdaq-us-1dee[0]/url[1]/aaon-basic-materials-nasdaq-us-238e[0]/url[1]/aap-advance-auto-parts-wi-consumer-cyclical-nyse-us-1f60[0]/url[1]/aapl-apple-technology-nasdaq-us-8f4c[0]/url[1]/aat-assets-real-estate-nyse-us-3598[0]/url[1]/aau-almaden-minerals-basic-materials-nyse-us-1c57[0]/url[1]/aaww-atlas-air-worldwide-industrials-nasdaq-us-69f3[0]/url[1]/aaxj-ishares-msci-all-country-asia-ex-japan-nasdaq-us-c6c4[0]/url[1]/aaxn-axon-enterprise-industrials-nasdaq-us-0eef[0]/url[1]/ab-alliancebernstein-units-financial-services-nyse-us-deb1[0]/url[1]/abac-renmin-tianli-consumer-defensive-nasdaq-us-8701[0]/url[1]/abb-industrials-nyse-us-a407[0]/url[1]/abbv-abbvie-healthcare-nyse-us-9aea[0]/url[1]/abc-amerisourcebergen-healthcare-nyse-us-bd9d[0]/url[1]/abcb-ameris-bancorp-financial-services-nasdaq-us-df98[0]/url[1]/abdc-alcentra-capital-financial-services-nasdaq-us-96dd[0]/url[1]/abeo-abeona-therapeutics-healthcare-nasdaq-us-aa0f[0]/url[1]/abeow-market-us-d84d[0]/url[1]/abev-ambev-1-consumer-defensive-nyse-us-a9b4[0]/url[1]/abg-asbury-automotive-consumer-cyclical-nyse-us-db5f[0]/url[1]/abil-ability-technology-nasdaq-us-91a6[0]/url[1]/abio-arca-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-098e[0]/url[1]/abm-abm-industries-industrials-nyse-us-bcbc[0]/url[1]/abmd-abiomed-healthcare-nasdaq-us-2818[0]/url[1]/abr-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-68b1[0]/url[1]/abr-a-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-8c1d[0]/url[1]/abr-b-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-97f2[0]/url[1]/abr-c-arbor-realty-real-estate-nyse-us-ee81[0]/url[1]/abt-abbott-laboratories-healthcare-nyse-us-c7fd[0]/url[1]/abtx-allegiance-bancshares-financial-services-nasdaq-us-6913[0]/url[1]/abus-arbutus-biopharma-healthcare-nasdaq-us-c23f[0]/url[1]/ac-associated-capital-financial-services-nyse-us-fca3[0]/url[1]/aca-arcosa-industrials-nyse-us-b429 

Issue with sitemap

Hey guys

My sitemap hasn’t lately been indexed by Google. When i try to fetch my sitemap, i get following error:

"’noindex’ detected i… | Read the rest of

Does linking to your sitemap help SEO?

Ok, so obviously I know the importance of having a sitemap and linking to it from your own website. That is not my question at all. No my question is much more complex and intriguing.

But first…

A little back story to my question

I was doing some competitive link analysis for a client and found that one of their competitors was building links to their sitemap.xml file. This lead me to start to ask a few questions…

Having a link to your sitemap would ensure Google crawls your…

Does linking to your sitemap help SEO?

Export JSON sitemap of views

I have a Drupal 8 site that is using a bunch of custom views with REST endpoints. These views contain a bunch of content nodes on them which make up a single page.

I have been able to generate an XML sitemap of the views by using Simple XML Sitemap module but I am wanting to know if (and how) it’s possible to generate a JSON sitemap of all the views and the paths that are associated with REST but dynamically?