Submitting sitemap of blogger blog to google search console

In many of the articles, I found that I can submit sitemap of my blogger blog by inputting


as my sitemap url. But when I did this, I got a URL error saying that it couldn’t fetch. I’ve also tried “myblogaddress/sitemap.xml”. None of it works. And on the old search console, it shows pending. Now google automatically index some of my page randomly. So I need to manually input all the pages on URL inspection and check if its indexed and request for index. It takes so much time. It will be very helpful if I can do it by a sitemap.

How can I upload a sitemap to my Google Sites site with a custom URL?

I created a site for an e-portfolio using the new Google Sites. Google sites automatically generates a sitemap for you at, which can then be submitted via Google’s “Search Console”. However, I migrated to a custom URL, and so I no longer have a sitemap at that location. Google Sites does not have FTP support, and applications such as FileZilla can’t access it. I have heard that SML Cloud can make up for this, but I would prefer not to pay $ 5 a month just for a sitemap.

One idea I had is to put my sitemap on a different domain from my site, but I am not sure if this would even work, or where I could go about doing that. Also, if I need to finish making my website and then export it to a different host somehow to be able to use FTP, then I don’t mind doing that either.

Is there any way to put a sitemap on my Google Sites site that has a custom domain?

Calan Smith

How will my blogs get crawled without sitemap entry?

I am completely rebuilding a site for a friend of mine, and am in the process of completing the
blog section. I’m not using wordpress, however I have been studying the source code on pages
that utilize wordpress and yoast.

I have a question: Is there any way to ensure, or help to make more likely, that Google crawls
the blog posts, even though all the blogs obviously cannot be included in the sitemap file?