GSA not posting with the sites with PR more then zero

Hi, I have a hard time second day already – trying posting with the setup PR-1 – but in a hours GSA works and no one submission and verifying!!! Whats problem there, please clarify somebody. screenshot –
P.S. If I posting with PR-0 – everything is normally – posts appear. But for money site need good backlinks with high PR. Please help!

What is the risk of downloading files from a non-secured sites

I am a programmer. I recently developed an automation tool that periodically downloads couple of files over a non-secured (http) url.

Two files are:

  1. A text file that is very tiny (under 10KB) which has details about the version, checksum of the main file, the relative path from where to download, size of the file etc.
  2. A compressed (zip) file that contains a bunch of dat files which are actual files of interest.

Now the infosec team is raising questions on downloading the content from a HTTP site instead of HTTPS. The host doesn’t support https for whatever reasons. My question is how risky is the content to download from the site considering the following things.

  1. Host is a popular anti-virus product (McAfee:

  2. It’s a direct download without any authentication/authorization.

  3. The files are binary *.dat files which are actually virus definitions of McAfee’s command-line tool. These dat files are used internally by this tool.

I am guessing the reason McAfee has put them for public access is to offload overhead caused by using https. My gut feeling is there is no risk because if there was any McAfee would have provided a secured portal to its customers.

Multiple Sites for Same Domain

Website A is the main website with hundreds of pages. Website B contains 8 replacement (promotional) pages and should be live for a few months. Website B homepage should replace Website A homepage for this period. All the pages except the 8 replacement pages should be available online. Website B will contain links to subpages of Website A.

Website A currently on Sharepoint 2010 and Website B will be WordPress – these can live on the same server or different servers.

Is it possible to have…

Multiple Sites for Same Domain

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Business Description

Our business is an online store that sells a digital product, ( a classifieds theme) which can be used to create a classifieds website similar to olx, gumtree etc…
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THEMES SHOP – REVENUE $ 1000+ Per Month-9028 Uniques-Site Sells Themes for Building Classifieds Sites