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Online DnD sites?

I am having issues with finding a good online DnD site. One that is playable online. Are there any sites that I can play online? No recommendations please, just straight answers. And also map-making software? Once again, no recommendations please, just list as many as you can without personal preference.

How to upload a prepared html page on Google sites?

In order to create an html page using Google sites, there are some tools and templates in the Google sites itself; however, I did not find an option for uploading an html page (site) that has been created already (outside of Google sites).

Is there any possibility for this purpose ?

I tested Embed option, but it is not what I want, as the embedded html will cover only a part the screen …

P.S. This html page is not a part of website, but it is a whole of website. (The website is a single html page.)

Run beta versions of sites SEO safely [duplicate]

We have domain.com and want to test a new site template on beta.domain.com.

What is the correct way to run a beta test without affecting SEO of the main domain.com?

In the topic SEO safe way to run beta of new site on seperate domain I found 2 recommendations:

  1. Putting a robots.txt with noindex to our beta.domain.com
  2. Canonicalizing beta.domain.com to domain.com – Why? In any case we already have the noindex flag…

Does it still actual in 2020? Do you have any other recommendations?

By the way, do we need to register beta.domain.com in Google Webmasters Tools?

Transition multiple independent WP sites to one WP multisite on the server with minimal downtime

I currently have three independent WordPress blogs hosted on a single shared server.

The main domain (we’ll call domain-A is sitting in the public_html folder. domain-B and domain-C are separate WP installs residing as subfolders within public_html. Each of the installs is mapped to its own, unique URL.

Here’s the structure of the server:

/public_html     ..core WP files, etc     /domain-B         ...WP install core files     /domain-C         ...WP core... 

I am attempting to set up a WP multisite, incorporating all 3 blogs under domain-A as my main parent site.

My plan is to create the multisite in another subfolder in public_html and once the site is configured, I want to seamlessly – with minimal downtime – swap out the independent sites for the one multisite.

How would I do that?

Here’s what the new server config might look like:

/public_html     ..core WP files, etc     /domain-B         ...WP install core files     /domain-C         ...WP core...     /new_multisite 

Ideally, it would be great if I just had one wp multisite install in the root folder and could remove the other independent installs, e.g:

/public_html     ... wp multisite core files, etc.. 

I read some stuff about configuring my local hosts file on my system to be able to re-route the IP address to a domain URL (still a little fuzzy on some of the details of that) but I don’t see how that helps with a live site and/or a remote server.

Also, is it safe to create a "sandbox" site in a subfolder on the shared server? How can I keep this folder undiscovered or inaccessible? I am considering doing the setup on my local computer using WAMP as a dry run but I’ll still have to contend with uploading it to the live server, testing it, then making the switch from 3 independent blogs to one multisite.

Edit: I’m learning now that .htaccess can be used to control redirects to a subdomain, so theoretically, all requests to the original domain(s) can be redirected to sites/domains within the multisite. Obviously, the specifics of this starts to get a little hairy.

Thanks in advance,