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Simple Web Crawler for Small Sites

This script is my web crawlerfor small sites. Can you possibly review it for best coding practices?


import bs4 as bs import urllib.request from urllib.parse import urlparse,urljoin import pprint   class Page(object):     def __init__(self,base_url,url):         self.url = url         self.base_url = base_url     def soup(self):         sauce = urllib.request.urlopen(self.url).read()         return (bs.BeautifulSoup(sauce,'lxml'))     def title(self):         soup = self.soup()         return soup.title.string     def links(self):         urls = []         soup = self.soup()         href = [i.get('href') for i in soup.findAll('a') ]         links = [i for i in (list(map((lambda url : url if bool(urlparse(url).netloc) == True else urljoin (self.base_url, url)),href))) if i.startswith(self.base_url)]         return links     def map_page(self):         map = {self.url:{'title':self.title(),'links':set(self.links())}}         return map  def site_map(base_url):     map_pages = {}     links_to_map = [base_url]      def check_and_add(url):         if url not in map_pages:             [links_to_map.append(i) for i in Page(base_url,url).links()]             (map_pages.update(Page(base_url,url).map_page()))             links_to_map.remove(url)         else:             links_to_map.remove(url)      while links_to_map != []:         url = links_to_map[0]         check_and_add(url)      pprint.pprint(map_pages) 

SPFX and pnp/sp : How to get all sites

I am here today to ask you : how do you retrieve all sites on your tenant by using Pnp (formerly known as pnp-js) ? Or even using CSOM.

I am trying to create a webpart where, in the PropertyPane, the user will be able to search and select the sites on which (s)he wants to search something.

Do you have any idea on how to achieve that ? Because I can’t find anything on how to retrieve all sites on a tenant, neither all sites attached to a specific hub.

And yes, I am trying to reproduce Highlighted Content WP Property Pane…See below (translation : first dropdown:”Select sites”, search bar : “Search your site by its title”, then “0 selected site”, and “Frequently used sites”, and then a list of my sites on my tenant)

Highlighted Content's PropertyPane

Thanks a lot for your help !

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Internet access robust test to several different sites (command line)

It seems my ISP is a mess, blocking some relevant and renowned sites/IPs (maybe through DNS, I don’t really know) and not others, it’s been a nightmare.

Is there a command line script to test internet access to a wide (I know, fully is literally impossible) variety of known websites and IP addresses? A kind of AND amongst several pings to different credited websites and IPs, such that I can test the “health” of the DNS servers I’m using and the freedom of internet access I’m allowed to.

I simple do not want to do ping all the time and it’s been like lottery. It seems I can use a bash with wget --spider --quiet, but has anyone a script or bash ready to use that want to share?

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