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Deploy and install a SharePoint Hosted Add-in to all site collections (sites and subsites) at once in SharePoint Online(Office 365)

I have many site collections that use a SharePoint Add-in common for most of the pages in sites and subsites.

Each time when I create a new version of add-in and upload in appcatalog, I have to manually go to all the sites and follow steps – site contents> select add-in > click on upgrade > Get it .

Is there anyway such that if I upload new version of an app it should automatically upgraded in all the sites?

Also if new app id added to appcatalog, can it be added to all sites , even trust it should also be taken care for itself.

I have tried below link from which I was able to only deploy the Add-in but not install it.

Tenancies and deployment scopes for SharePoint Add-ins

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Add validation to a Date field inside our publishing site’s page layout using JavaScript/jQuery

I am working on an enterprise wiki site collection inside sharepoint farm 2013. I have a Date field named “ExpireDate” and i added it inside the EnterpriseWiki.aspx page layout. Here is the markup for the Date field inside the Page Layout:-

<SharePoint:DateTimeField FieldName="5597d368-6f9d-4983-84e5-fa48f40a7a3f" runat="server"></SharePoint:DateTimeField> 

and here is the Date field rendered inside the Page Layout:-

enter image description here

Now i want to add a validation, that the expiry date must be >= Today. so i read this article about how i can add custom validation to our page-layout using javascript, but the author of the article did not show where we need to add the code.

so in my case i open the Enterprisewiki.aspx page layout using SP designer, and i added this test script before closing the </asp:Content> tab:-

<script type="text/javascript"> Page.ClientScript.RegisterOnSubmitStatement(this.GetType(), "validate_page", " if (!validate()) { return false; }; ");  function validate_page(){      alert("should show just before submitting the page");     return false; // should prevent the page from been saved.. } </script> </asp:Content> 

but when i add or edit a wiki page and i click on save the alert will not be shown + the submission will complete. so can anyone advice on how i can add custom validation to a Date field inside our Enterprisewiki.aspx page layout? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Automated creation of Sites and their contents

I am using the Office 365 Sharepoint Online and I would like to make the creation of specific Sites and their contents automated by using a template/workflow/script etc. The following image outlines the desired structure after completion:

Desired Structure

Basically user defines the <NEW CLIENT> and <Project Name> site names and the system will take care of the actual creation so the user does not have to do it manually each time. Do you have any ideas how to achieve this behaviour?

I had a look at the templates, but they are no longer supported in the Office 365 Sharepoint. Perhaps a custom script or a workflow of some kind? Thank you very much for any suggestions.