Could SER get a way to buffer the choices in the Category pull-down menus on target sites?

…because I’d like to translate them and learn the phrases that constitute the various categories in different languages.
If there was a way to save the choices, just so I can enter them into G! translate and make a cheat sheet I print out or have in a file so I can learn them, that would be very useful.
Hope all you guys and girls are having a fun weekend.  :)

Posting of your sites in more than 500 sites for $5

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Get Full WordPress Niche And eCommerce sites)











Get Full WordPress Niche And eCommerce sites)

Managing Users on Multiple Drupal Sites

To give you some background: I help run a small website development company and we host close to 50 Drupal sites (each with their own, separate cPanel) on our dedicated server. We are planning on hiring new developers soon and we need more fine-tuned control over our sites. Specifically, in terms of user accounts.

What we need: We are looking for a module or service we can use to manage the users (i.e., add users, delete users, etc.) from ONE place instead of having to manually go into each Drupal installation to create or delete users. Is there something out there that will accomplish this? My searching thus far has come up empty. Thanks in advance.

Permissions for multiple sub sites

I have created a site and sub sites and am having difficulty with the permissions:

Top Level Site contains all content such as Lists, Styles and Images which I do not want anyone to have access to

Sub Site A & B has pages with Content Search Web Parts which pull information from the lists in the Top Level Site

I’m trying to give Read permission to Visitor A for Sub Site A and Visitor B for Sub Site Site B, but the styles are not showing properly and the CSWP content does not show, the Visitor gets the error Something Went Wrong.

I’ve ensured the inheriting is broken and I’ve tried going to the List in the Top Level Site and permissioning the list for the User, but this has made no difference.

How do I do this without giving access to the Top Level Site?

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