How to have allocated pointer and size information along with memory allocation?

when I use heap space, along with the allocation I need the information of 1) allocated pointer, 2) size, 3) line number, 4) file name.

extendMalloc +—+—+—+—+———–+ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | malloc | +—+—+—+—+———–+

When memory is freed, it has to be freed with extendMalloc information.

simple function that simulates survey results based on sample size and probability

What is this:

This is a simple function, part of a basic Monte Carlo simulation. It takes sample size and probability as parameters. It returns the simulation result (positive answers) plus the input parameters in a tuple.

What I’m asking:

I’m trying to avoid using temporary variables, I have two questions.

  1. Do I really save memory by avoiding storing interim results?
  2. How could I improve readability without adding variables?
 def simulate_survey(sample_size, percent_subscribes):     return (         sample_size,         percent_subscribes,         round(             (                 sum([                     r.random() < percent_subscribes                      for _ in range(sample_size)                 ]) / sample_size             ),             2         )     )  

Thank you for your feedback.

When inserting an element in a priority queue and the heap size is already at max capacity, should you output an error OR increase the array size?

I’m currently learning about how to implement priority queues using heaps, but I’ve hit a wall while trying to implement the insertion operation. Assume that the size of the array storing the elements of the heap is n, and the size of the heap is also n. Assume further that we try to insert an element ‘x’ inside the heap. We would have to increment the heap size by 1, but this would now make the heap size greater than the size of the array, which is unacceptable.

So my question is: how do we deal with this problem. Should we A: simply throw an error (since heap size == array size), or B: increase the size of the array by 1. A huge majority of the programs I’ve seen online implement A, but I think B would be better. Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using A over B (or vice versa)? Are there any other strategies to solving this problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Massive window I can’t reduce in size – how to alter the “Program supplied minimum size”

I have a window (TortoiseHg) that whenever I open it is massive and I can’t reduce the size. I know about Alt-drag and I can (eventually) get to the edge, but I can’t reduce the size. If I run xwininfo -all the information includes:

xwininfo: Window id: 0x7200005 "TortoiseHg Workbench"    Root window id: 0x192 (the root window) (has no name)   Parent window id: 0x111e83a (has no name)      1 child:      0x720000e (has no name): ()  1x1+-1+-1  +4271+546    Absolute upper-left X:  4272   Absolute upper-left Y:  547   Relative upper-left X:  1   Relative upper-left Y:  28   Width: 16383   Height: 16383   Depth: 24   Visual: 0x139   Visual Class: TrueColor   Border width: 0   Class: InputOutput   Colormap: 0x7200004 (not installed)   Bit Gravity State: NorthWestGravity   Window Gravity State: NorthWestGravity   Backing Store State: NotUseful   Save Under State: no   Map State: IsViewable   Override Redirect State: no   Corners:  +4272+547  --15135+547  --15135--15850  +4272--15850   -geometry 16383x16383+4272+547    ...    Normal window size hints:       Program supplied minimum size: 16383 by 16383       Program supplied window gravity: StaticGravity   No zoom window size hints defined    No window shape defined   No border shape defined 

In particular this line:

      Program supplied minimum size: 16383 by 16383 

I have tried:

  • removing ~/.config/TortoiseHg/ and re-running
  • searching for files in ~/.cache/ or ~/.local/share/ for something that might cause this
  • searched dconf and gconf using this technique for any keys referring to thg or tortoise (case insensitive grep)
  • running with strace -f thg looking for files it is opening that might set the minimum size

But I have not found anything that tells me where the “Program supplied minimum size” might be coming from. Anyone know?

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 with the Ubuntu Mate session, installed via the ubuntu-mate-desktop package. The system is a laptop with 2 extra monitors attached via a USB-C docking station. I have disabled HiDPI/scaling options.