Auto slideshow for my post slider in php

Hi I have this php code for creating a slider with my posts, I want it to auto slideshow for atleast 2 secs intervals or so. below is the code I manage to have but it is not automatically moving to next slide.

<?php         $  slider_query = array(         'post_type' => 'slider',         'posts_per_page' => -1);          $  slider_posts = new WP_Query( $  slider_query );         if ($  slider_posts->have_posts()):         while ( $  slider_posts->have_posts() ) : $  slider_posts->the_post(); ?> 

//my html code for slider images and text here //

<?php         endwhile;         endif;          wp_reset_postdata(); ?> 

Hope someone can help me.

How can I convert a Classic Slideshow to an ordinary notebook?

I have several Classic Slideshow presentations originally created 3 or 4 years ago. I would like to convert these to ordinary Mathematica notebooks, removing all the slideshow-related paraphernalia including page breaks, etc.

If I simply select Format > Stylesheet > Default, the separate slides are still there, labelled “Slide 1 of 34” etc.. Is it then just a matter of manually removing all the page breaks, or is there more to it?

Related to this, (though it’s not what I want to do at present), what is the best way to convert from a classic slideshow to the newer Presentation style? Will Format > Stylesheet > PresenterTools do the job correctly?

Changing a slideshow to display all images in-line on smaller screens/mobile

Hello, I have a photography portfolio that I set up years ago to show each gallery as a near full screen slideshow. At one point, I figured out how to adjust it for mobile and smaller window sizes, to disable the slideshow and instead show the images all at once in a vertical line.

I ended up disabling that option for a while because I was having some issues with the menu overlapping on specific tablets, but now I want to implement it again and can't figure out where I backed up that code…

Changing a slideshow to display all images in-line on smaller screens/mobile

Adding more transitions to SharePoint picture library slideshow web part

I am working on a SharePoint 2010 site. Currently, we are trying to add new transitions to one of the picture library slideshow web parts that exist on our site. Right now, the slide show only uses a fade-in/fade-out animation to display new pictures. Is there any way I could make the web part use a .js plugin to perform transitions? Or is there any other way to achieve this through SharePoint’s UI?

Thanks for the help

can’t create wallpaper slideshow in fvwm-crystal

I’ve got my wallpaper placed into the right directory, but when I select ‘Random Wallpaper’ from the ‘Auto Wallpaper” submenu in ‘Preferences”, a wallpaper is randomly placed on the screen once and I still have to manually change the wallpaper every so often and I’m not given the opportunity to set an auto-change schedule. What’s the deal?

Picture Library Slideshow Web Part Image Resize

So I have a folder with some images with the same dimensions and I am trying to have a slideshow in the homepage with these images. Everything is working fine except that there is a significant white space that I would like to fill in. It seems that the slideshow is showing a smaller version of the images. I have looked around and people seem to be having the same issue. The solution was to add a CSS file. But I’m pretty new at this and not sure how and where to add the CSS file. Currently I have Design permission role. This is what it looks like when I click edit page. blocked things for obvious reasons Could you please direct me in terms of how to fix this white space issue and where can I add scripts that can affect my web page?

thanks in advance.

Drupal 8 views slideshow not displaying images

I created a content type with title, body, and slide (image) fields. I created a view block (format: bootstrap carousel, fields: slide).

After I place the block in a region, I see the slideshow block, but I don’t see the image. I only see blank slideshow on my site and views.


How do I display images in the slideshow?

Views > settings next to format > selected image field to display.


Picture Library Slideshow Webpart Library View

I inherited a SharePoint site that has a photo gallery section. Inside the photo gallery there are multiple pages and each page is supposed to have a filtered list of photos in the slideshow from the picture library. The picture library contains several thousand photos placed directly in the library without folders. Under the library settings, I see there are Views setup for each category and each slideshow has one of the views setup under the picture library webpart:

enter image description here

enter image description here

However, when you view each slideshow page, it is displaying all pictures from the entire picture library instead of what is assigned to “Memorial Day 2014” as pictured above. I was told there was a drop down when you edit a picture’s properties to assign the picture to a category, but I do not see that option.

How can pictures be categorized into separate groups and then be displayed in a picture library slideshow webpart so only the pictures assigned to the categories are displayed… instead of everything in the library?