Ecology of green slime: What happens to it once it has dropped, if it’s immobile?

I own two books describing Dungeons and Dragons green slime: the Monstrous Manual for 2nd Edition and the Dungeon Master’s Guide for 3.5. In both, green slime sticks to a ceiling until, upon detecting prey, it drops on and consumes said prey, potentially turning it into more green slime.

However, both sources describe green slime as immobile. So how does green slime get on that ceiling in the first place?

The sources vaguely mention green slime grows back from spores even after it’s been burned away, but what happens to a green slime glob that’s already dropped? Does it just stay on the floor, eventually starving? (I assume no sane creature would step on it.)


Is there an official or unofficial ecology of green slime (from any D&D edition) that explains the green slime life cycle, justifies its feeding habits, and expands upon its typical behaviour? Particularly, how does “A glob of green slime drops on prey and turns it into green slime” lead to more green slime on the ceiling?

Does a Paladin with the Divine Health feature destroy a Green Slime?

The Green Slime (DMG, p105) is a dungeon hazard, and

any effect that cures disease […] destroys a patch of green slime.

A Paladin, from level 3, is immune to disease thanks to the Divine Health feature. Does that mean that, if a Green Slime drops on one, it is destroyed? Or would the slime only be destroyed by some restoration spell that said it cured a disease?

Resep Slime

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Resep Slime

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