Site loads very slow

When you go to my site, it will take 10 seconds before you are on the site. How can this be?

When you are on the site, and you go to different page, it loads normal.

So where is the fault? How can I fix this? It is made in magento 2.

Varnish making admin ajax very slow

We are on Magento1.7 using Varnish+nginx+HHVM. Frontend part of the website is fast but on the admin side specifically when there AJAX calls it will take a lot of time. I observed that disabling Varnish is making admin load quickly but unable to figure out why varnish is causing this problem. Please note that we have an instruction that not to cache admin part and yes we don’t have cache issues but performance is killing us. Please help me with a way to solve this problem.

Is it more advantageous to go over the speed limit in a slow speed limit or a fast? [on hold]

My fiancé and I have been discussing this problem for weeks, and I can’t seem to wrap my head around it, I’m not great at math so I did my best and my best is not good enough. The story problem goes like this: if you are going on a trip that has a 60 mph speed limit for half of the trip in a 30 mph speed limit for the other half, and you drive say 10 miles over the speed limit but only in one or the other, which one gains to more time? Best as I can tell, it is more advantageous to speed in the slower speed limit, however, she seems to believe it’s exactly the same regardless

Intel 9260 really slow under Ubuntu distros

The Intel 9260 Wifi+BT card is supposed to be well supported by linux right? Intel offers official drivers for it on their websites. The firmware files are in every major distro by default but how come it performs so badly for me? It has really, really slow speeds on Ubuntu /Ubuntu derivatives and manually copying over the firmware files from Intel’s website doesn’t do anything to fix it. Even installing the latest kernel on Ubuntu doesn’t fix it. The only time the wifi card would work at full speeds was when I installed Fedora (stock ISO with gnome. the issue is still there when I used the KDE spin even when it was updated) and fully updated the kernel (it was really slow with the kernel that came with the ISO. It took forever for it to update the kernel). I even tried copying all the firmware files for the 9260 from a fully updated Fedora to an Ubuntu install and it wouldn’t work. Any idea on what I should do? It is really holding me back from using Linux full time again.

Debian Wheezy to Jessie — MySQL Dead Slow

We just upgraded the Debian Wheezy(7) to Jessie(8).

All upgrades went smooth except MySQL which I think is causing some or exhaustive slowness specially in the MySQL’s information Schema.

the more lively example that is showing this is from PHPMyAdmin — when we try to update or change a column type, the query takes more than 100 seconds to return back. something similar is happening with other changes on MyISM database tables.

Probable suspects: During Upgrade, we rebooted the server immediately after the upgrade procedure was complete and mysql_upgrade could not complete. This is my own perception as the mysql DB size is more than 400 GB and it might have not completed at all.

Now, the MySQL is behaving insanely on most parts and slowness is observed generally.

Can someone please recommend what would be best option to make things more reliable in terms of the MySQL

Please understand that I have eliminated the risks of Apache2/PHP by completely re-installing them, only left over is the MySQL which is not returning properly.

Can I run the mysql_upgrade now, when the system upgrade is complete and things are back in production — please suggest.

here is an abstract of my.cnf — this is a 130 Gigs to RAM Server, with 1000 connections at a given time.

[client] port            = 3333 socket          = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock [mysqld_safe] socket          = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock nice            = 0 [mysqld] user            = mysql pid-file        = /var/run/mysqld/ socket          = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock port            = 3333 basedir         = /usr datadir         = /var/lib/mysql tmpdir          = /tmp language        = /usr/share/mysql/english skip-external-locking old_passwords=1 ft_min_word_len = 2 skip-name-resolve bind-address            = key_buffer              = 512M key-buffer-size         = 20G sort_buffer_size        = 32M read_buffer_size        = 16M max_allowed_packet      = 1500M thread_stack            = 256K thread_cache_size       = 300 myisam-recover          = BACKUP max_connections        = 1000 table_cache             = 4096 tmp_table_size          = 512M query_cache_limit       = 16M query_cache_size        = 128M join_buffer_size        = 2M innodb_buffer_pool_size = 1000M server-id               = 1 log_bin                 = mysql-bin expire_logs_days        = 10 max_binlog_size         = 100M [mysqldump] quick quote-names max_allowed_packet      = 16M [mysql] [isamchk] key_buffer              = 16M [mysqld_safe] syslog 

Ubuntu slow boot after repartition

I had a problem with my root partition, that it had 14gb and that was not enough. I had to repartition so that it became 54 gb, but now it takes longer time to boot. Like 1 or 2 minutes (used to be 10 sec. SSd used is intel 660p nvme)

How can I find out what has happened? Also another question – I took the space from Windows partition – and it was supposed to go from 254 gb to 214gb, but when I boot to windows it still shows 254 total space

Boot-repair info summary. Please Help. Windows wipe. Ubuntu 18.04LTS install. Slow boot

A link to a paste. Please let me know if you cannot reach the link and I will upload txt

Summary:computer came w/ windows 8.1 installed. I booted efi with ubuntu 18.04 LTS and installed choosing to delete any existing system and overwrite with ubuntu 18.04LTS. Computer boots 18.04LTS very slowly. How can I fix the boot?

Why Facebook profile images suddenly became so slow

I have an android app that worked well. Users are signing through Facebook. I have a recyclerview showing lists of users profile photos..

Don’t know what happened, suddenly this list is very slow loaded.. very slow up to 20 seconds.. to load 10 photos..

this is the url i’m using.<fbId>/picture?type=square

I really don’t know what happened.. Tried to fetch with small size 100X100, tried to stop using Picasso for loading and develop my own async task. But it is not the loading problem.. it is somehow Facebook.

Anyone ?

Why is networksetup so slow compared to manually changing Wi-Fi networks?

if I run networksetup -setairportnetwork en0 myssid

it takes between 10 and 15 seconds.

If I manually click the Wi-Fi icon in the notification bar and select myssid, it’s instant.

Alternatively, I’d love to be able to make an applescript that manually clicks to change Wi-Fi networks, but I can’t find a good example, everyone just says “use networksetup”.