Smart Tv under 30000

Top 10 Best Smart TV in India Under 30000. If you are you looking for the best smart tv in India under 30000,

Then you are in the right place. In this blog post, I have made a list of top 10 best smart TVs in India under 30000.

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There are plenty of features to keep in mind while choosing the best smart TV in India. Seeing so many models from different brands that are available in the market might confuse you.

And that’s why I have made a list of best smart TV in India under 30000.

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Loading thread from SharePoint Discussion Board into Smart Alert

We have set up Infowise Smart Alert on our SP 2016 site to alert users when new discussion items or replies are added to a discussion board. Right now, Infowise Smart Alert currently only sends the text of a new discussion reply. However, we want these alerts to also contain the rest of the thread that is part of that discussion.

The best approach we have come up with is to dynamically load that thread data into the post/reply, so that when Smart Alert Pro pulls the post/object object into that alert, the rest of the thread is also included.

How can we pull this data and add it to each discussion reply? I see several SP.Utilities.Utility methods for creating new discussion items or replies (createNewDiscussion and createNewDicussionReply), but none of getting that data.

Smart shopping learning period

Hi all –

Long story short: I was contact by an adwords rep with some advice to set up a smart shopping campaign as it would out-perform our existing shopping campaign. They helped me set it up over the phone, and i kept my existing budget of the original campaign for the new one, as they said they couldn't run at the same time. What they didn't inform me about was the learning period, saying it would take 15 days for it to learn and in that time performance wouldn't be great. So I…

Smart shopping learning period

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Problem installing ACS ACR38T (smart card reader) on Ubuntu 18.04-64

After struggling for a few hours, I thought it was time to ask the community. I am trying to install an ACS ACR38T Smart Card Reader on Ubuntu 18.04-64 (see

I can see it with lsusb:

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 072f:90cc Advanced Card Systems, Ltd ACR38 

I installed libacsccid1, pcsc-tools and opensc (via apt-get) and everything looks OK with the command pcsc_scan:

PC/SC device scanner V 1.5.2 (c) 2001-2017, Ludovic Rousseau <> Using reader plug'n play mechanism Scanning present readers... 0: ACS ACR38U-CCID 00 00  Tue Sep  3 21:27:03 2019  Reader 0: ACS ACR38U-CCID 00 00   Card state: Card inserted,   ATR: 3B 7D 18 00 00 00 48 79 70 73 49 44 20 53 33 07 90 00  ATR: 3B 7D 18 00 00 00 48 79 70 73 49 44 20 53 33 07 90 00 + TS = 3B --> Direct Convention + T0 = 7D, Y(1): 0111, K: 13 (historical bytes)   TA(1) = 18 --> Fi=372, Di=12, 31 cycles/ETU     129032 bits/s at 4 MHz, fMax for Fi = 5 MHz => 161290 bits/s   TB(1) = 00 --> VPP is not electrically connected   TC(1) = 00 --> Extra guard time: 0 + Historical bytes: 00 48 79 70 73 49 44 20 53 33 07 90 00   Category indicator byte: 00 (compact TLV data object)     Tag: 4, len: 8 (initial access data)       Initial access data: 79 70 73 49 44 20 53 33     Mandatory status indicator (3 last bytes)       LCS (life card cycle): 07 (Operational state (activated))       SW: 9000 (Normal processing.)  Possibly identified card (using /usr/share/pcsc/smartcard_list.txt): 3B 7D 18 00 00 00 48 79 70 73 49 44 20 53 33 07 90 00     Safran Morpho YpsID S3 

Unfortunately, when I load /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ as a new module in Firefox -> Security Devices, it shows:

Status: Not Present Description: ACS ACR38U-CCID 00 00 Manufacturer: ACS HW Version: 1.0 FW Version: 0.0 

Basically, pcsc_scan sees the device as “Card inserted” but Firefox sees it as “Not Present” thus I can’t use the certificate. I know it’s not an hardware problem because the device works on a Windows 7 machine

Do you have any idea about what is happening?

Thanks for any help!