Search results and smart copy

I want to do a search in which it fetches the value in table format (i.e. will have more than 20 columns. currently i am displaying only 7 columns in the table and other columns are displayed on mouse hover of that particular table row). My requirement is like, I need to have an option to view all details from the search results table row and select only the required field and an option to copy the same, so that the copied information is pulled into another form.

Any solutions are much appreciated.

How would I as a dm create a smart phone-esk spell/device my players could use [on hold]

so my players are setting up a large nexus of guilds from my empire and 1 or 2 they made up themselves across several cities. They are having a hard time sending long messages to and from each other, and hiring a mage is not an option so how would you guys/gals set up a multi-use system to send maps,long messages,money, basically anything small to and from places a few hundred miles apart fairly quickly. I’m looking for a way to homebrew and device that can send and receive the things listed above from wherever my players are in the world

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what is a smart way to fill up white space on a profile page (audio streaming platform)

I have a pretty simple profile page on my website which already contains some elements: the banner, profile picture, about section, timeline, suggested users panel and some various other little things. However, there is a fairly large unwanted white space (roughly 200 pixels) on the left side of the timeline.

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fill up this space as most of what’s available (as far as posts and user info go) is already placed on the page. Someone suggested adding a user gallery, and although it’s somewhat a good idea, the website is an audio streaming platform – not an image sharing one.

Image of profile page

What are some suggestions? Every idea is welcome 🙂

How to clarify a field contains a smart default/suggestion that’s still editable?

I’m designing a flow for businesses to add new credit card users. Since we want to make the flow as short as possible, we came up with the idea to show smart defaults for the embossing name (the name that is used on the physical card). This default would be a combination of the initials and the surname that was filled in previously.

However, since it’s not mandatory to have your legal name on your card you can in essence write down whatever you want as embossing name. We want to prevent locking people in to using what we tell them, yet we also want to help save time by providing smart defaults.

My question is; how do you show that a field is ‘prefilled’ or contains a suggestion, but can still be changed to whatever you like?

Currently I have a regular filled field with a caption underneath that reads ‘We’ve already made a suggestion for you based on the provided initials and surname.’

Edit: added a mock-up Input field with suggestion caption

Why are we still attempting to smart off hackers? [on hold]

Isn’t it better to “open” our doors, ajar, leaving a bit of honey behind the door, instead of trying to close what makes it more interesting for the hacker to keep on the operation?

Maybe using a trap behind the open door?

To give a real-world example, leaving the key under the house’ door mat, you make the key available to the intruder and so you try to hide it, it will help to leave the house open and “faking the infrastructure”.

Does Twitter now only function properly on Smart Phones?

I normally access my Twitter account on my iMac.

Videos have never worked for me on Twitter, but since this new Twitter appeared I find that now I can't see most of the photos posted & can't even see any photos I post myself.

Does this mean that from now on there is just no point in having a Twitter account unless you have a smart phone?

If so, it looks like I'll just have to close my account.

Seems wrong that you can spend a huge sum of money on a quality computer, only to find yourself…

Does Twitter now only function properly on Smart Phones?