Is that pissible to setup openvpn on a vps server with windows 2012 r2 for a smart phone client with ios?

I have recently hired a vps server with windows server 2012r2 as the operating system. The servers IP is from a different country. I wondered if I could use the server as a vpn channel to connect to and access the Internet from my ios device so that I can bypass regional ip filtering. I’ve heard that it could be possible through installing and configuring openvpn on the server. From the following tutorial I was able to proceed with the installation and configuration steps.

However when it comes to run the vpn server I encounter error regarding TAP windows adapter not found. Its icon is actually available in network connections and it is enabled. But it is not connected. Upon the explanation above I have two questions. Firstly is openvpn the easiest and best approach to achieve the goal I declared!? The second question is that how can I further dig into the TAP windows adapter v9 problem and find a solution?!


smart card authentication process

Smart cards (for instance, public transit cards) are widely used in some countries for authentication purposes at universities and workplaces, so that an authorized person can use a printer or access a room by just putting the card on a reader. How does this really work and is it enough safe to use a public transit card in such cases? Can a bank card be used in this case instead of a public transit card?

Name of ‘smart brute force’ attack against sequential cipher lock [duplicate]

I remember learning about an attack against sequential cipher locks – ones that don’t have a ‘reset’ or ‘enter’, you just enter digits and as soon as the last n consecutive entries match, the lock opens. So, if the code is ‘1234’, the sequence ‘32431234’ will work just fine.

The attack depends on a specific sequence that appends such digits that the resulting ‘tail’ of the string is as new as possible.

Let’s take for example a 3-digit binary lock. The possible codes are 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111. To try all 8 codes in standard brute force attack, you’d enter 24 digits total.

But instead, entering sequence 0001110100, 10 digits total, you cover all combinations and unlock the lock – generating sequences: 000, 001, 011, 111, 110, 101, 010, 100, each new digit past first 2 generating a new code.

For the good of me, I can’t recall the name of the sequence used for this sort of attack.

For the Conjure Animals spells, how “smart” are the summoned fey spirits that take the form of animals?

Currently I’m running Conjure Animals fairly restrictively. The player says they are casting the spell and designates the locations that they will appear (I then label them, as they are designated) and then I roll which animals take form from a table that was designed to fit the overall campaign. However, this has now bitten me in the butt a few times as animals conjured from the campaign table often don’t fit the rubber-meets-the-road encounter. I’ve gotten War Horses on top of sloped and slippery houses, Vultures in dark, dank basements, and a Rhinoceros in a narrow hallway. While this was often humorous, I’m wondering if I should re-roll animals that are clearly malfitted to the encounter location, owing to the intelligence/pragmatism of a fey spirit?

Positioning an all purpose ‘smart’ button

I’m building a desktop app which has a kind of smart button. On click, the focus switches into a search bar and a pop up shows up (not a modal box). One may use the search bar to quickly add reminders, empty notes, etc and of course, to search. You get the idea. This is a major feature of the app. And I’m confused about the positioning. My ideas are as follows.

what I did

There is a home screen which you are presented on opening the app. On the homescreen, there is a toolbar, sidebar, main panel, and an area on the right for things like minimal calender, preview of things. On the main panel, there is a searchbar with an icon. Icon is the modifie version of the app logo. This searchbar is the smart button/bar. On click, it shows a pop up which shows the result ofthe search, and more, and has some buttons. The app logo,is on the left of the toolbar,whifh doubles as a dropdown menu for accessing things like open, view, settings etc. If one moves away from the home screen , the smart bar minimizes to the toolbar on the top. Clicking on it brings up the pop up and the minimized smart button expands to the searchbar.

But doing it way totaly confuses the user as there are two similiar looking buttons on the toolbar.


Regardless of the the screen you are looking at, the smart button stays fixed in the toolbar at the center and does the same as the above said minimized smart button. And instead of a fixed logo on the left of the toolbar which doubles an options drop down button, there is just a button for accesing the options.

First of all, I want to avoid the button on the left of the toolbar if its not a logo or remove any element from there. Thought about putting the options button in the pop up or the sidebar but they are already populated with unavoidable elements.

Any insight on this at all would be greatly helpfull. I have the illustrations but is impossible to upload via the app and the browser keeps crashing as I’m using an old samsung gt s7262 and there is no internet on the pc.

How do you find out the cost of smart display campaigns in Google ads?

I look under the regular “Cost” column and the “Cost/conv.” column and it’s just ZERO, even though the campaign has converted 6 times now.

This smart display campaign is optimized to pay per Conversion. But I cannot figure out how to see what I’ve been paying. Am I supposed to be looking at a different column / metric ?

Smart Tv under 30000

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Loading thread from SharePoint Discussion Board into Smart Alert

We have set up Infowise Smart Alert on our SP 2016 site to alert users when new discussion items or replies are added to a discussion board. Right now, Infowise Smart Alert currently only sends the text of a new discussion reply. However, we want these alerts to also contain the rest of the thread that is part of that discussion.

The best approach we have come up with is to dynamically load that thread data into the post/reply, so that when Smart Alert Pro pulls the post/object object into that alert, the rest of the thread is also included.

How can we pull this data and add it to each discussion reply? I see several SP.Utilities.Utility methods for creating new discussion items or replies (createNewDiscussion and createNewDicussionReply), but none of getting that data.