iOS Smart App Banner on a Squarespace website

Apple shows that adding this meta tag to the head element of a page on a website would make the Smart App Banner appear when that page is visited on an iOS mobile device:

<meta name="apple-itunes-app" content="app-id=myAppStoreID, app-argument=myURL"> 

(app-argument is optional)

I wasn’t sure if this would be possible with a Squarespace site but they do offer "code injection" into the header:

enter image description here

On Squarespace forums I saw the suggestion to format the meta tag in this fashion:

var meta = document.createElement('meta'); = 'apple-itunes-app'; meta.content = 'app-id=myAppStoreID, app-argument='; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(meta); 

If I look at the source of I can see this meta tag in there, but no banner appears when visiting the site on an iOS device.

Can you see anything that is wrong with my implementation here? Is Squarespace not actually injecting it into the right part of the page for it to work? I see a <div id="mobile-header"> in the page source…

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

How smart is my donkey?

So, my character has a donkey. I’d like my donkey to be 3 smart, so that I can use telepathic bond to talk to it.

There aren’t stats for donkeys. There are stats for various horses, and for mules, and even for a wooden donkey; all have an intelligence of 2. That makes a great argument for saying that a donkey is 2 smart. Of course, a @#%# cat is 3 smart, and I am pretty sure my donkey is smarter than any stupid old cat. But how to convince the DM? Are there any in-game statistics or comparisons that I’ve overlooked that support assigning a donkey an intelligence of 3?

Failing that, is there there a way to give my 2 smart donkey a boost to 3? I have searched, but I’m not coming up with anything. Some sort of elixr of smartness? Temporary would be nice, so that I don’t have to put up with a smart ass all the time.

How to Market Smart During the Canada b2b list

Most organizations and Canada b2b list  people appreciate accepting cards via the post office. They disclose to us that somebody is contemplating us or welcome us, and add to the feeling of delight during the special seasons.

Numerous individuals Canada b2b list  have their cards in plain view all through their homes and business environments, introduced on the chimney shelf or hung across windows. Why not have one of your customized occasion Canada b2b list  cards added in with the general mish-mash of occasion embellishments.

Regardless of whether you are B2C or Canada b2b list , in the event that you’re not doing so as of now, convey happy cards printed with your logo to your present customer base. A basic card is the ideal method to show your thankfulness to your customers, and your sellers also. Everybody appreciates accepting a conventional occasion card and your little badge of thanks will be reimbursed by having that card showed for all to see. No one can tell who else Canada b2b list  may see your card and be keen on your item or administration

Presently is additionally the ideal opportunity to Canada b2b list  acquaint yourself with forthcoming customers. Numerous organizations might have the option to make a ground-breaking and individual effect this forthcoming year, that all began Canada b2b list  with a basic Season Greetings and business card.

[Image: Canada-Consumer-Email-List.png]
You can upgrade Canada b2b list  your current customer information base by conversing with a rundown merchant who will have the option to discover new purchasers or organizations inside your territory to send welcoming cards to. You will likewise have the choice to add chooses and better objective your planned clients. Experienced Canada b2b list  rundown agents approach a large number of viable Canada b2b list and B2C mailing records. Regardless of whether you are a little, autonomously claimed business or a huge enterprise it can’t damage to spread a little seasonal happiness to new possibilities,

Shopper Mailing List – A Smart Buying Guide

With a great many organizations giving buyer mailing list administrations it is overwhelming to pick the most important and deals driven mailing list. You should zero in on the particular subtleties and characterize the market you have to target and will be keen on your items. An accomplished mailing list organization having years long practices to take into account customers who focus on the comparative gathering of purchasers of yours. In the event that the organization can arrive at the clients that you have to get to it can convey you the buyer subtleties you try to do your mission. Search for the tributes and criticism from those past clients the organization. The degree of fulfillment of existing clients will imply you the presentation of the organization and execution the email list in your overview or advertising effort. For more information visit consumer phone list 
While searching for a shopper list, there are a few variables and realities about the rundown you should make sure to abstain from committing an expensive error and cost accomplishment of your mission. These are – For more information visit consumer phone list

How to probe my smart thermostat for reprogramming?

I got a Greenlite AIRZ thermostat which connects to my home wifi so that I can change the settings remotely on my phone. The app is, however, difficult to use, so I’m thinking about making my own. I found its IP address, put it in a browser, and it said verbatim File / not_found. The thermostat also rejects my request to connect to port 21/22. How should I proceed from here? Is the underscore between not and found a quirk of a specific server that would allow me to probe further?

Is that pissible to setup openvpn on a vps server with windows 2012 r2 for a smart phone client with ios?

I have recently hired a vps server with windows server 2012r2 as the operating system. The servers IP is from a different country. I wondered if I could use the server as a vpn channel to connect to and access the Internet from my ios device so that I can bypass regional ip filtering. I’ve heard that it could be possible through installing and configuring openvpn on the server. From the following tutorial I was able to proceed with the installation and configuration steps.

However when it comes to run the vpn server I encounter error regarding TAP windows adapter not found. Its icon is actually available in network connections and it is enabled. But it is not connected. Upon the explanation above I have two questions. Firstly is openvpn the easiest and best approach to achieve the goal I declared!? The second question is that how can I further dig into the TAP windows adapter v9 problem and find a solution?!


smart card authentication process

Smart cards (for instance, public transit cards) are widely used in some countries for authentication purposes at universities and workplaces, so that an authorized person can use a printer or access a room by just putting the card on a reader. How does this really work and is it enough safe to use a public transit card in such cases? Can a bank card be used in this case instead of a public transit card?

Name of ‘smart brute force’ attack against sequential cipher lock [duplicate]

I remember learning about an attack against sequential cipher locks – ones that don’t have a ‘reset’ or ‘enter’, you just enter digits and as soon as the last n consecutive entries match, the lock opens. So, if the code is ‘1234’, the sequence ‘32431234’ will work just fine.

The attack depends on a specific sequence that appends such digits that the resulting ‘tail’ of the string is as new as possible.

Let’s take for example a 3-digit binary lock. The possible codes are 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111. To try all 8 codes in standard brute force attack, you’d enter 24 digits total.

But instead, entering sequence 0001110100, 10 digits total, you cover all combinations and unlock the lock – generating sequences: 000, 001, 011, 111, 110, 101, 010, 100, each new digit past first 2 generating a new code.

For the good of me, I can’t recall the name of the sequence used for this sort of attack.