Per RAW, does knowing Assassin’s Stance allow for feats that have “sneak attack” as a prerrequisite?

I’ve read that both Craven and Staggering Strike are very good feats for a Sneak Attack oriented swordsage, however, per RAW, I don’t think knowing Assassin’s Stance would accomplish the prerrequisite of being able to make sneak attacks, since it’s more of an "added" ability rather than a "natural" ability like, for example, the Rogue has. So, as the title says, would RAW allow that? It could easily be houseruled, however my DM is already giving me the stink eye by multiclassing into Swordsage.

Can a ranged rogue effectively stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn with a ranged weapon while their allies fight on the front line?

Rogues can use ranged weapons to make sneak attacks. Also, the rogue rules state that:

You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Does this mean that basically a ranged rogue can stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn as his buddies are fighting with them on the front line? Did I miss some rule about shooting into melee or does that sound pretty mighty?

Rogue sneak attack and what does it mean to be an enemy?

The Rogue can sneak attack if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it. What constitutes being an enemy – Hostile intent or hostile actions or just being a passive ally?

  1. An ally of the rogue has the Sanctuary spell up and is within 5 feet of the enemy. The Sanctuary spell continues as long as the warded ally does not attack or casts an attack spell (and maintains concentration). Assuming the warded ally does not attack, would it be considered an enemy for enabling the rogue’s sneak attack?
  2. An ally of the rogue has Gaseous Form active and is within 5 feet of the enemy. Gaseous Form does not allow the ally to attack. Does this enable sneak attack?
  3. What if the ally is a warlock with Cloak of Flies active and damaging the enemy?

If I have Extra Attacks, when can I decide which one is a sneak attack?

So, if a character multiclasses to a point where they have multiple attacks in a round, I assume you can decide once the hit has been confirmed by the DM, but before you roll damage, whether you make the hit a sneak attack?

I ask because you may know an enemy is weak, and don’t want to waste the damage to finish it. I also want to confirm that you cannot declare sneak attack damage after you have already rolled your base damage, to finish off a still standing opponent for example. The “Is it dead? No? Oh! Then sneak attack!” seems dumb and nonsensical to me. I expect it to be like smite, decided on hit, but before damage is rolled.

Rogue Sneak Attack with Dual-Wield [closed]

I am aware that this question is quite similar to another posed on this site, but I specifically need to understand whether you declare you are using the Sneak Attack on a given attack or whether it just happens on its own. As a related matter, let’s say my rogue is dual-wielding and chooses Sneak Attack on the first attack (main hand). If the main hand misses, has he “wasted” his one Sneak Attack attempt or does that then roll over to the off-hand attack? If the latter, is the implication that the Sneak Attack damage just “happens” whenever you get your first successful hit? Thanks all!

Does Mirror Image enable Sneak Attack?

This question is related to this other question and builds on that.

From some of the answer provided in the linked question, it would seem that the RAI for proccing sneak attack is that the enemy perceives multiple threats and it has to split the attention among them.

Silent Image’s limitation is that it’s not moving if not using the caster action, so the Arcane Trickster controlling it can’t do both the illusion movement to be perceived as a threat AND the attack action, but it is reasonable if the illusion is moved by someone else.

But what about Mirror Images? Those move

Until the spell ends, the duplicates move with you and mimic your actions, shifting position so it’s impossible to track which image is real.

just like you, so on your attack they also attack, and are perceived as a threat.

So my question is: can I enable sneak attack using my Arcane Trickster mirror images? I’d argue for a RAW no, but I’d like to hear other opinions.

How can I as a DM make a low-level melee rogue feel useful when the party has no tank that triggers sneak attack for her?

I’m going to DM a short adventure for two players who have little experience with pen and paper role-playing games. One will be a druid, one will be a dual wielding melee rogue, and we will start at level 1. I’m a bit worried that the rogue will feel weak in combat since without a tank next to her, she will certainly have a hard time getting sneak attacks. Sure, I could add a tank as an NPC, but the players should be in the focus and I don’t want them to feel like someone else is doing the actual work.

Are there good options for me as a DM to help her get sneak attack?

I was also thinking of allowing the Cunning Action: Aim from the Unearthed Arcana class feature variants, but this would only come in at level 2. Also, she would no longer have her bonus action for a possible off-hand attack.

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Is there any way to increase rogue’s sneak attack range to more than 30 ft for a warlock with rogue subclass?

In our new campaign, our DM allowed us to start at level 3 with two classes so I picked rogue/warlock even though I am going to pursue Warlock beyond level 3. As a level 3 rogue, I am getting sneak attack which gives a damage of 2D6. It works nicely with my Walk Unseen invocation. Only downside is, it requires for me to be within 30 ft of the enemy which breaks my fell flight + plunging shot combo. With plunging shot I can add 1D6 damage as long as I am at least 30 ft above the target. I was wondering if there’s a way to increase sneak attack’s range that way both plunging shot and sneak attack could work from 30+ ft? That way, my eldritch blast can deal 5d6 of damage while attacking when invisible and flying above 30ft (2d6 from being level 3 warlock + 2d6 from rogue’s sneak + 1D6 from plunging shot).