Microservice /Soa : how to fire notification depending on the caller?

I have this two use cases in a user registration process :

  • Case 1 : the user register an account online and the system should send him an email notification in order to confirm that his account has been created and validate his email at the same time.
  • Case 2 : the user account is created with an agent, in an sale office agency : this time there is no need to fire the notification mail process.

So I am wondering how should I model my account rest service :

  • Option 1 : present to different uri or use a parameter . In this case the application calling the service know which registration endpoint to call for its use case.

  • Option 2 : make a hight level service that should depending on the caller orchestrate the call and fire the notification process if needed?

  • Option 3 : complicate my actual architecture by introducing a mom and create a handler on the account registration event so that a notification mail is fired if needed…