T-SQL Verify whether XML node from SOAP request contains any child nodes

Here’s my follow-up question regarding industry practice to tackle this problem:

T-SQL LIKE Predicate failed to match with whitespace in XML converted varchar

I’m interested to know any better alternative to write following query to determine the existence of child nodes for a particular XML node:-

with xmlnamespaces(   'http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/' as [env],   'http://abc.com' as [ns],   'http://abc.com/xsd' as [xsd] ) select *   from @container  where Response.exist('/env:Envelope/env:Body/ns:MessageResponse/ns:return/xsd:ResponseList/text()') = 1 

Get Quote and Quote Items using Magento 2 SOAP API

I am working with Magento 2 Rest APIs ( For Abundant cart ) and having issue with Quotes, I am able to get all Quotes ( with desired filters, is_active = 1, items_count > 0 ) using API :


and its items


Now, issue is in certain quotes it doesn’t return any items though when i check quote_item table i could see items are there.

And when i check quote total using :


it returns desired results.

Now I’m little confuse how Quotes working and i have below questions :

1 – Why Quote items returned via API are different then the items in Database.

2 – Why some Quotes return items using /rest/V1/carts/search and some quotes doesn’t ?

3 – Strange case i have found is , a quote has 4 items 3 items converted to order and 1 item is not converted. however when i see quote totals it gives value of all 4 items.

Soap API – How to get request by Limit 10 based on pagination?

I am getting products list using catalogProductList, its taking too long time to return the values(see screenshot) actually my products count is 24K, how can i run by using limit 10 and if i click page 2 then only load next 10 (Now load everything then only print the value).

Now my design look like,

enter image description here

Code :

$  proxy = new SoapClient('www.abc.com/api/v2_soap/?wsdl=1');         $  sessionId = $  proxy->login((object)array('username' => 'abc', 'apiKey' => 'abc123'));         $  result = $  proxy->catalogProductList((object)array('sessionId' => $  sessionId->result, 'filters' => null));               return $  result->result(); 

Note : https://datatables.net/examples/styling/bootstrap4

How to run API soap v2 as limit 10, and should be next 10 load when i click page 2?

Calling Soap Api in java with SSL certificate authentication

I am trying to call soap API in JAVA with SSL (I tried in soapui it is working fine) same thing I need to achieve in java. Can any one guide me to achieve this in java

System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStore", "C:\java\java6u45\jre\lib\security\x"); System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStorePassword", "changeit"); System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.trustStoreType", "JKS");  System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.keyStore", "C:\Users\user\Desktop\SoapUI (1)\SoapUI\x.p12"); System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.keyStorePassword", "passX!"); System.setProperty("javax.net.ssl.keyStoreType", "PKCS12");    URL u = null; try {     u = new URL("https://x1/x2WS/x3?wsdl"); } catch(Exception ex) {     ex.printStackTrace(); } JobInput2Service service = new JobInput2Service(u); JobInput2 job = service.getJobInput2Port(); try {     HelloRequestParm parm = new HelloRequestParm();     parm.setMessage("value");     HelloResponseData res = job.sayHello(parm);     System.out.print("\n res: "+res.getMessage()); } catch (Exception ex) {     ex.printStackTrace(); }  

EE 1.11 SOAP V2 catalogProductInfo additional_attributes

I am using SoapUI to test the SOAP V2 APIs. Currently working with products and need some help with the correct syntax to call all additional_attributes. Herein is what I am doing right now:


4ece4fc47780419bde091d7c557bdd63 26021

The reponse contains limited fields. I am trying to modify the above to include all attributes from the system.

SOAP Web Service: Basic Auth. vs Password in xml

I am testing a SOAP web service and the service sends username and password in every request as part of the XML body over SSL. I wanted to object to that and offer Basic Auth. but could not find any logical reason. It feels wrong but I dont know why. Is there any difference between sending credentials with every request to a web service in xml body vs sending them in HTTP header? Note: Using session keys or API keys is not an option for this service.

Unable to Install SOAP LITE

I’ve tried to install SOAP::Lite from the Active State’s repository but it gave the following error:

ppm install SOAP-Lite ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides SOAP-Lite 

I read somewhere on Apache dependency but not sure if that is correct. I am using perl version 5.26.3 on windows 7