How to send a string format exploit through socket

I’m doing a CTF exercise here:

There is a docker with the vulnerable service, which I need to found the value of a variable. I was able to do it by the following input:

== Login Service 1.0 == Username: %7$  s Password: a Welcome: ACNR{_SERVICE_FLAG_} 

My issue now is that the submission needs to call a function that is going to send this string by a socket, so I guess I need to escape it. I have tried %7$ s, but didnt worked.

Submission format can be found at

#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdint.h> #include "gamelib.h" uint32_t main(uint32_t argc, uint8_t ** argv) { svc_init(); svc_set(10000); svc_writeln("gimme flag"); svc_readuntil('}'); return 0; } 

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Is RSA usage in combination with Java Socket secure?

I want to create a java program for server client communication. Therefore first the client creates a RSA keypair. Then the client sends the public key to the server. After that the server will create a RSA keypair and also send its public key to the client. Is it safe to say that now (after key exchange) it is safe to send all kind of data between server and client?

Or is it smart to create a SSLSocket? I honestly have no idea how the authentication with the certificats work and I also do not want to have a certificate which needs an update every now and then.

problema al enviar objeto por socket nodejs

estoy trabajando con nodejs y express como framework, hago una consulta a mi base de datos mysql, envío esa consulta al cliente para poder separarlo y mostrar por fechas en un fullcalendar.

codigo del servidor

var links; io.sockets.on('connection', function (socket) { socket.emit('news', {links}); socket.conn.close ();    },2000);     router.get('/grafica/:id',async (req,res,next)=>{    const {id} = req.params;   links= await pool.query('SELECT * FROM historial WHERE id_paciente=?', [id]);  res.render('date_real/grafica');    }   );  

codigo del cliente

var socket = io.connect(''); console.log('conectado');  socket.on('news', function (data) {    Object.keys(data).forEach(function(key) {      row = data[key];   });  console.log(row.length); 

la consulta lo recibe correctamente el cliente hasta cierto tamaño del objeto ya que muestra las fechas en el fullcalendar, me doy cuenta con el console.log(row.length); que solo lo soporta cuando su tamaño es de 87, si se pasa, el fullcalendar se queda en blanco, no se si la forma en que mando los datos sea la correcta, estaría muy agradecido si pudieran ayudarme.

¿Como enviar un dato por medio de Socket a un arduino con modulo wifi y direccion ip fija desde android?

estoy utilizando un arduino mega con un modulo wifi HLK-RM04 con una direccion ip y puerco fijas, ese modulo funciona como un router, en android studio tengo un metodo que al momento del onCreate() llamo a ese metodo, pero en mi monitor serie no logro recibir ese dato.

este es mi metodo

public void Socket(){         OutputStream out=null;     try {          InetAddress serverAddr = InetAddress.getByName("");         Socket socket = new Socket(serverAddr, 8080);         out=socket.getOutputStream();         DataOutputStream output=new DataOutputStream(out);         output.write("m".getBytes());          output.close();      }catch (NumberFormatException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     } catch (UnknownHostException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     } catch (IOException e) {         e.printStackTrace();     }  } 

y este es mi codigo en arduino

void loop() {   if(Serial.available()>0){ char;   if(dato=='m'){     Serial.print("palabra");   } } 


he utilizado la aplicacion de play store Serial Wifi Terminal y sin problemas puedo enviar el dato “m” y lo logro visualizar en mi monitor serial. ¿algun metodo o algo que estoy haciendo mal?

Scrapebox Link Extractor problem socket error 10038

.png   problem-socket-error-scrapebox-vps-10038.png (Size: 34.58 KB / Downloads: 1)

I have 3 VPS with windows server 2012 from the same provider. I have one scrapebox on each.
It’s been month I’m using it. It was working great until 3 weeks ago.

Before I was doing link extractor with 500 threads no problem.
Now, when I do a link extractor I have a socket error 10038 on almost all urls. (see image).

It’s working only if I use 1 thread with 5 seconds delay (or more).

I have checked the windows parameters, there is no firewall and no virus software installed or enabled.

Is it possible that it’s the VPS provider that is limiting the connexion ?

Does someone had the same error previously ?Anyone

Thanks a lot

How to send packets at 512 nano sec delay using Socket Programming and UDP socket

Using SOCK_DGRAM for UDP sockets

All packets are 22 bytes in length (ie 64 including headers)


...     no_of_packets--;     sprintf(buf, "#:!0 rem");     sprintf(buf, format , buf);     sprintf(buf_aux, "#: 0 rem");     sprintf(buf_aux, format , buf_aux);     buf[MAX_LINE-1] = '';     buf_aux[MAX_LINE-1] = '';     len = strlen(buf) + 1;     send(s, buf, len, 0);     while (no_of_packets-- > 1) {         nanosleep(&T, NULL);         send(s, buf, len, 0);     }     send(s, buf_aux, len, 0); 


... while(1) {         if (len = recv(s, buf, sizeof(buf), 0)){             // do nothing         } }  

When I open Wireshark to see avg delay between the packets which are sent,

I can see the following:

  • MIN delay: 0.000 006 795 sec => 6 micro sec

  • MAX delay: 0.000 260 952 sec => 260 micro sec

  • But I want to send packets every 512 nano sec (ie., 0.512 micro sec).

How can I achieve this speed?

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Mostrar imagenes mediante socket (PHP)

Tengo un proyecto personal, es una sala de chat, la estoy haciendo a modo ‘entrenamiento’ en el mundo de los sockets.
El chat funciona correctamente, pero se me ocurrió poder hacer que el user comparta imagenes.
Para ello, existe un boton (html), que permite seleccionar una imagen, despues la paso a base64 y la paso como mensaje.
El problema esta en que el socket no lo llega a recibir. El problema no es la comunicacion, ya que el chat funciona, es el tamaño del buffer.
He probado a subirlo a 10MB, pero sin cambios.



Me salto la parte del handshaking para no hacerlo mas grande…

        //Create TCP/IP sream socket         $  socket = socket_create(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, SOL_TCP);         //reuseable port         socket_set_option($  socket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_REUSEADDR, 1);         //bind socket to specified host         socket_bind($  socket, 0, $  port);         //listen to port         socket_listen($  socket);         //create & add listning socket to the list         $  clients = array($  socket);         //start endless loop, so that our script doesn't stop         while (true) {             //manage multipal connections             $  changed = $  clients;             //returns the socket resources in $  changed array             socket_select($  changed, $  null, $  null, 0, 10);              //check for new socket             if (in_array($  socket, $  changed)) {                 //CUANDO CONECTA SALTA AQUI                 $  socket_new = socket_accept($  socket); //accpet new socket                 $  clients[] = $  socket_new; //add socket to client array                  $  header = socket_read($  socket_new, 1024*1024*5); //aqui es el tamaño en bytes del socket                 perform_handshaking($  header, $  socket_new, $  host, $  port); //perform websocket handshake                  socket_getpeername($  socket_new, $  ip); //get ip address of connected socket                 $  response = mask(json_encode(array('type'=>'system', 'message'=>'Nuevo Conectado!'))); //prepare json data                 $  ahora = date("d-m-Y H:i:s");                 echo "$  ahora --> Conexion aceptada, handshake realizado con exito...\n";                 send_message($  response); //notify all users about new connection                  //make room for new socket                 $  found_socket = array_search($  socket, $  changed);                 unset($  changed[$  found_socket]);             } } 


txt = $  ("#texto").val()         var msg = {             'id': id,             'user': user,             'type': 'mensaje',             'message': txt         };         console.log(txt);         websocket.send(JSON.stringify(msg)); 

En index.html txt ya esta en Base64, contiene la imagen y esta en formato correcto.
Si lo pruebo con una imagen de 5Kb funciona.

Si falta alguna información pedirla.