Why doesn’t gnome-software doesn’t show available software?

Why doesn’t gnome-software show all available software from my repositories?

In other words, is gnome-software restricted in some way by Canonical from listing all available software packages? If so, which software is restricted and which software is allowed? Also, when was this change made and why was this change made?

(Note, I’m not looking for a technical solution).

I’ve looked at similar questions, but I don’t see a clear answer to my question.

GNOME Software shows less programs than Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu 16.04 software center doesn't have many apps

The GNOME Software center shows few apps

Microphone software boost is extremely low and boosts also noise

I am using a distribution based on Ubuntu. I have a problem that I have been facing on basically any Linux distro I have tried. I have a condenser microphone (NW-700) that under Windows sounds perfectly.

Under Linux tho it’s completely different. Normally on Windows I use boost function (that btw appears only if I have correct motherboard drivers installed) to boost microphone volume. Under Linux there is not any boost like this (as far as I know) and boosting it normally with PulseAudio volume control means extreme static noise (I can’t even hear myself over that noise).


My theory is that the motherboard (Asus Prime B250 Pro) has actually some hardware based booster that is controlled by this driver (which is not working under Linux).

Is there any way to solve it? I am connecting the microphone directly to motherboard.


Lost permissions to install software on ubuntu 1804

Relatively new to ubuntu…after installation i was able to install software with software center. Now, however, i get the message that I don’t have permission to install software. There are no details and it is not prompting me for credentials or anything.

In between install ubuntu with software install privileges and now I have been setting up the system with zabbix, nginx, php, mysql, eclipse, etc….with no problems.

I also do not have privileges in software & updates etc.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Samsung Galaxy S10e won’t tether to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS after software update

I was using my Samsung Galaxy S10e to provide internet access to my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS tower via USB tethering and it was working well until I updated my S10e, when it stopped working. I’ve tried enabling and disabling USB debugging on my phone, but it isn’t working. How can I solve this.

I can’t install or uninstall any software

I was using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS before, but today when I erased and reinstalled the system, I had a problem. When I try to install or uninstall software, or when I try to change something, I get an error message: “Incorrect permissions on /usr/lib/policykit-1/polkit-agent-helper-1 (needs to be setuid root)” does not allow me to enter the password as usual. Version: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

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Is there any significant benefit of using UMAKE if the user has time to install software from the deb package?

A lot of devs recommend umake to install IDE’s over snap, flatpak, etc. But what if a user decides not to choose snap or flatpak and choose tar or deb package to install over umake, is that a dumb move? I had installed IntelliJ Ultimate from .tar file available from here. I update it this way using Jetbrains app name Toolbox.

Should I choose Umake over what I am using right now? Is there any increase in speed, decrease in size, etc any benefits of umake apps that I don’t know about? Or there is none.