Given a set of SQL scripts, does there exist software that generates a dependency tree of SQL scripts starting with the root SQL script?

I have a about 100 *.sql scripts located in a directory (let’s say script1.sql, script2.sql, …., script100.sql).

Some of these scripts create tables, some create triggers, some create functions, etc..

Without manually looking through each of the 100 scripts, it is not immediately clear to me which script depends on other scripts.

Is there a software/program out there that, when given as input a directory of SQL scripts, can output a dependency tree, starting with the root SQL script?

Software to manage AD&D characters [closed]

Is there some software out there (beside core rules) that does character management? Really what I am looking for is a way to fill out the sheet and remember the information so I can update it and print it out (and make a PDF copy) for the next session. Does this make any sense? Core rules has never really worked for me once you factor in the house rules and modifications.

Looking for 5e D&D module maker software like Neverwinter Nights [closed]

I’ve written some D&D 5e adventures, and I’m evaluating building them as a third-party (second-party?) video game module. Neverwinter Nights (NWN) from 2002 has the Aurora toolset which allows third-party module creation, but NWN is D&D 3e. Does anyone know of an existing or planned D&D computer game that has a similar module toolset? It doesn’t look as if Solasta: Magister or Baldur’s Gate 3 has this type of tool.

Music symbols in Excel software

A Complete Guide to Chord Symbols in Music

Can we store music symbols in Excel worksheet ?.

If yes, what will be the data types for storing music symbols in cells?

Can we write functions or formulas for analysing Music symbols stored as Excel data?

manipulation of hardware or software is what active troubleshooting is all about

manipulation of hardware is what active troubleshooting is all about simply put you must know something well enough to manipulate it to a fine degree if you want to be a technician this means having the books, schematics, secrets or whatever necessary to exercise the entire device one piece at a time. Some persons can be much smarter than others at this. today the world is so overcrowded the bosses can pick and choose at will so this world is no longer in the hands of the common man. It will take a world war to give control back to the average human being. These so called bosses are now treating humans like they are in fact machines to be manipulated.

Is running software in Docker an allowable way to bypass FIPS 140-2 issues?

Someone has a service that uses a FIPS non-compatible hash in a protocol signature. When FIPS 140-2 compatibility is enabled on the hosts the service crashes (due to the hash signature being not allowed by the security configuration of the host). A way to get around this is to put the service in a Docker container on the FIPS compatible host. It works, but is it ok from a FIPS compatibility point of view? If not, why?