Schema error when saving a View (for Search API Solr results view)

I have a pretty complex view set up (a view with 4 attachments). I’m trying to add a filter to one of the attachments but when I save, I get an error:

InvalidArgumentException: The configuration property display.page_1.display_options.filters.field_search_keywords.value.min doesn't exist. in Drupal\Core\Config\Schema\ArrayElement->get() (line 76 of /srv/bindings/863e29e7a48847768d42b995ab7bd155/code/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Config/Schema/ArrayElement.php). 

I’ve added a field to all of my content types called field_search_keywords. This allows content moderators to enter search keywords that will improve the page’s relevance.

I want to filter a view to only show results that this field is NOT NULL. But when I click the Save button on the view, I get the above error.

I know I have to add some code to my schema files but I don’t understand even the basics of doing this. I found this answer that looks promising but it’s for a module (I think I need a schema change for my theme??) and it’s for a taxonomy issue.

Can anyone help with this error?

Search API with Solr won’t display excerpt

I am creating a search results page using Search API with a Solr backend provided by Pantheon.

I cannot get the excerpt to appear in the view-based results page. I have turned off all processors for the index. I have the excerpt and highlight features enabled for the server.

While tinkering, I found that the excerpt will appear if I enable the Stemmer processor. However, all of the words are incomplete – only showing the first few letters. For example, a search of “athletics” showed as “athlet”.

Any ideas as to why Solr isn’t serving up a usable excerpt?

Drupal 8 & Solr 8.1: No search results, error: “The datasource with ID ” could not be retrieved for index…”

I have Drupal 8.7.1, Solr 8.1. My Solr Server is running and my content is indexed. server and index have status ok enter image description here But I have no results (with a query or without) in my view, and an error: Drupal\search_api\SearchApiException: The datasource with ID '' could not be retrieved for index 'Solr search index'. in Drupal\search_api\Entity\Index->getDatasource() (line 365 of C:\Users\Oksana\Documents\sites\drupal2\modules\search_api\src\Entity\Index.php).

The function that produces this error in the indicated file is:

 /**    * {@inheritdoc}    */   public function getDatasource($  datasource_id) {     $  datasources = $  this->getDatasources();      if (empty($  datasources[$  datasource_id])) {       $  index_label = $  this->label();       throw new SearchApiException("The datasource with ID '$  datasource_id' could not be retrieved for index '$  index_label'.");     }      return $  datasources[$  datasource_id];   } 

As I understand, the Search API module receives no results from Solr.

If I type http://localhost:8983/solr/first_solr_core/select?indent=on&q= in browser, I get:

{   "responseHeader":{     "status":0,     "QTime":1,     "params":{       "q":"",       "indent":"on"}},   "response":{"numFound":0,"start":0,"docs":[]   }} 

Which means, as I understood, that Solr has no results.

How can I find where is the problem (what happens with results after contents are indexed, and where results disappear)?

Thank you

Solr Indexing media fields

I have a bespoke media type that I’d like to index with solr. If I add a new field to an existing Media Type, I can add that field to the solr search using the interface found at admin/config/search/search-api/index/default_solr_index/fields

Fields from my Media Type do not show up on this list. Anyone have any idea why?

Apache Solr Proximity Search and sort by Distance

I wrote a custom module to perform a search of an index I created using Search API and Search API Solr Search. The search is a proximity search that finds the closest locations using a bounding box, but I can’t figure out how to SORT the results I get back by the closest. Here is my module code in entirety:

<?php  function s_test() {    $  index      = search_api_index_load("articles");   $  query      = new SearchApiQuery($  index);    $  lat        = 41.920110;   $  lon        = -87.680433;    //get min/max lat and long   $  check_radius = 25; // radius of bounding circle in miles   $  earth_radius = 3960;  // earth's mean radius, miles    // first-cut bounding box (in degrees)   $  max_lat = $  lat + rad2deg($  check_radius/$  earth_radius);   $  min_lat = $  lat - rad2deg($  check_radius/$  earth_radius);    // compensate for degrees longitude getting smaller with increasing latitude   $  max_lon = $  lon + rad2deg($  check_radius/$  earth_radius/cos(deg2rad($  lat)));   $  min_lon = $  lon - rad2deg($  check_radius/$  earth_radius/cos(deg2rad($  lat)));    // set the bounding box   $  filter = $  query->createFilter('AND');   $  filter->condition('latitude', $  max_lat, '<=');   $  filter->condition('latitude', $  min_lat, '>=');   $  filter->condition('longitude', $  max_lon, '<=');   $  filter->condition('longitude', $  min_lon, '>=');   $  query->filter($  filter);    // run query   $  data       = $  query->execute();   $  results    = $  data['results'];    print_r($  results); }  function s_index() {   $  index      = search_api_index_load("articles");    $  index->reindex();   search_api_index_items($  index);   print '<pre>';   print_r($  index);   print '</pre>'; }  function test_query_menu() {   //create the search page   $  items['test-search'] = array(     'title' => t('Search'),     'page callback' => 's_test',     'access callback' => TRUE,     'type' => MENU_NORMAL_ITEM   );   //create a re-index page   $  items['test-index'] = array(     'title' => t('Index'),     'page callback' => 's_index',     'access callback' => TRUE,     'type' => MENU_NORMAL_ITEM   );   return $  items; }  /**  * Implements hook_entity_property_info_alter().  */ function test_query_entity_property_info_alter(&$  info) {   $  info['node']['properties']['latitude'] = array(     'type' => 'decimal',     'label' => t('Latitude'),     'sanitized' => TRUE,     'getter callback' => 'test_query_search_api_property_latitude_getter_callback',   );   $  info['node']['properties']['longitude'] = array(     'type' => 'decimal',     'label' => t('Longitude'),     'sanitized' => TRUE,     'getter callback' => 'test_query_search_api_property_longitude_getter_callback',   );   $  info['node']['properties']['latlongpair'] = array(     'type' => 'string',     'label' => t('LatLong Pair'),     'sanitized' => TRUE,     'getter callback' => 'test_query_search_api_property_latlongpair_getter_callback',   );   $  info['node']['properties']['logo_uri'] = array(     'type' => 'string',     'label' => t('LOGO URI'),     'sanitized' => TRUE,     'getter callback' => 'test_query_search_api_property_logo_uri_getter_callback',   ); }  /**  * Getter callback for latitude.  */ function test_query_search_api_property_latitude_getter_callback($  item) {   return $  item->field_address[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['latitude'];  }  /**  * Getter callback for longitude.  */ function test_query_search_api_property_longitude_getter_callback($  item) {   return $  item->field_address[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['longitude'];  }  /**  * Getter callback for latitude/longitude pair.  */ function test_query_search_api_property_latlongpair_getter_callback($  item) {   return $  item->field_address[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['latitude'] . ',' . $  item->field_address[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['longitude'];  }  /**  * Getter callback for logo uri.  */ function test_query_search_api_property_logo_uri_getter_callback($  item) {   return $  item->field_image[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['uri'];  } 

Basically I exposed my latitude and longitude to Solr and used those to set the bounding box and this works find to return results close to me, but I don’t see any field in the results set that would allow me to sort by the node with the closest location.

I also tried installing the Search API Location module, but I still can’t find anything in the results set to sort by.

I’m using Location and Location CCK module to get the lat/long.

If anyone has experience/insight with this that would be groovy.

¿Como puedo indexar archivos pdf o de otra extensión en solr y demás?

Necesito escoger entre elasticsearch y solr ya que la finalidad de cuyos programas es de poder escoger entre ambos con respecto a sus caracteristicas entre ellas la que más destaca es implementación.

Mi objetivo fundamental es el de instalar el solr en un servidor Debian 9 y crear una interfaz web para que los usuarios puedan buscar información acerca de los documentos que desean.

He investigado y me he inclinado más por Solr aún busco por medio de su documentación y aún no encuentro la solución a los siguientes problemas.

1) Necesito indexar documentos masivamente alrededor de un Terabyte de memoria en el que estan incluido archivos pdf, word, ppt y no tengo idea como seria la manera más practica, considere realizar un script en python con la libreria de tika para extraer toda la metadata y subirla por una API.

2) Una vez subida la data necesito buscar en el contenido de ella (de los pdf subidos) frases claves y que estas me muestren el número de página y la línea donde posiblemente se encuentre esa información por Ejemplo:

  • Subí una serie de libros de cocina en la cual ponga en el buscador la palabra sopa de pollo y me pueda aparecer todos los lugares donde se repita esa palabra, las paginas exactas donde se encuentra y las líneas resaltada ejemplo (Receta: La sopa de pollo es buena para la salud).

De verdad disculpen mi ignorancia y forma de hacer las preguntas pero busco más una orientación.

blt setup error import failed Acquia Search Solr Index

blt setup error import failed Acquia Search Solr Index

When I run blt setup in a vagrant ssh I get the following error:

In ConfigImportCommands.php line 259:    The import failed due to the following reasons:   Unexpected error during import with operation create for facets.facet.tip_t   ype: The server with ID &#039;local_solr_server&#039; could not be retrieve   d for index &#039;Acquia Search Solr Index&#039; 

What is causing this & how can it be resolved? Thank you in advance for any & all feedback;

Search API Solr Configured, Content Indexed, No Search Results

I’m running a Drupal 8.6.13 site with Search API 8.x-1.12 and Search API Solr Search 8.x-2.7. Everything seems to be properly installed and configured – my Solr admin panel shows a configured core and everything looks fine on my Drupal admin interface. I have the index set to process the body fields of my content and custom blocks using the fulltext type; I have 198 items indexed:

{ “response”:{“numFound”:198,”start”:0,”maxScore”:1.0,”docs”:[] }}

The problem is that a search for a word that definitely appears in my content isn’t producing any results. I’m using the config files from the Search API Solr Search module.

Solr Search Devel shows the request being sent to the server and an HTTP “200 OK” response being received. The logged response was:

{ “response”:{“numFound”:0,”start”:0,”maxScore”:0.0,”docs”:[] }}

What else could I be missing?