When using ik to llok at target for some reason if the target is moving and coming from behind the player head will not rotate completely to the side

using System.Collections; using UnityEngine;  [RequireComponent(typeof(Animator))] public class LookAtTarget : MonoBehaviour {     public Transform lookObj = null;     public float finalLookWeight;     public float weightDamping = 1.5f;      protected Animator animator;      void Start()     {         animator = GetComponent<Animator>();     }      //a callback for calculating IK     void OnAnimatorIK()     {         if (lookObj != null)         {             Vector3 flattenedLookAtVector = Vector3.ProjectOnPlane(lookObj.position - transform.position, transform.up);             float dotProduct = Vector3.Dot(transform.forward, flattenedLookAtVector);             float lookWeight = Mathf.Clamp(dotProduct, 0f, 1f);             finalLookWeight = Mathf.Lerp(finalLookWeight, lookWeight, Time.deltaTime * weightDamping);             float bodyWeight = finalLookWeight * .5f;              animator.SetLookAtWeight(finalLookWeight, bodyWeight);             animator.SetLookAtPosition(lookObj.position);         }     } } 

When an object that is rotating around my player the head will rotate looking at the target to the side if the target that is rotating around coming from the front of the player but if the target is coming from behind the player will not rotate the head completely like when the target is coming from the front.

I tried to switch the line :

float lookWeight = Mathf.Clamp(dotProduct, 0f, 1f); 


float lookWeight = Mathf.Abs(dotProduct); 

When using Abs instead Clamp it fix the problem but than the looking at smoothing is less smooth when using Clamp. It is smooth but not as with Clamp.

This screenshot is when the basketball the object the player is looking at coming from the front to the back the player is looking at it even when it’s on the side which is good and what I wan it to behave like.

Basketball is rotating around the player in this frame is when the basketball came from the front

In this screenshot the basketball is keep rotating around the player and coming moving forward from behind from the other side and for some reason when it come from behind the player start looking at not when the basketball is on the side but a bit more when the basketball is a bit more in front of the player :

Basketball is coming from behind but the player detect the basketball only when the basketball get much more to the front of the player.

MariaDB: No database selected error on some query

I have a php code that rise a query against a MariaDB (using MariaDB 10.5.11 on debian 11) table; I use php-mysql prepared queries for this task as reported in the code below:

if($  this->dbcon->begin_transaction() === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to start transaction: " . $  this->dbcon->errno . " - " . $  this->dbcon->error;         return false; }  try {     $  query = file_get_contents("recursivelyRemoveShares.sql");   // (1) If replaced with a SELECT works fine!      if($  query === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to read query (0)";         return false;     }      $  stmt = $  this->dbcon->prepare($  query);      // Err 1046: No database selected     if($  stmt === false) {         $  this->errNum = -1;         $  this->errText = "Unable to prepare statement: " . $  this->dbcon->errno . " - " . $  this->dbcon->error;         return false;     }          $  stmt->bind_param("s", $  uuid);     $  stmt->execute();      // Commit transaction     $  this->dbcon->commit(); } catch (Exception $  ex) {     // Rollback transaction if something goes wrong     $  this->dbcon->rollback();          $  this->errNum = $  this->dbcon->errno;     $  this->errText = $  this->dbcon->error;     return false; } 

When running $ stmt = $ this->dbcon->prepare($ query); the database raise an Err 1046: No database selected; however I did some other operations before that executed successfully, using the same DB connection.

This is the query I read with file_get_contents:

DELETE FROM `shares` WHERE `itemuuid` in (   WITH RECURSIVE files_paths (id, parent) AS   (     SELECT uuid, parentuuid       FROM core_data       WHERE uuid = ?     UNION ALL     SELECT e.uuid, e.parentuuid       FROM files_paths AS ep JOIN core_data AS e         ON ep.id = e.parentuuid   )   SELECT id FROM files_paths ) 

Note that is a recursive CTE query.

If I replace the $ query with a SELECT query, all the code runs correctly (no error 1046 raisen).

Any help or idea is appreciated.

Some Types of Tool Boxes for Storing and Transporting Your Tools

wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, hammer, axe, drill machines, and other hardware tools.

Whether you are a fan of do-it-yourself home and vehicle repairs and maintenance or not, it goes without saying that every adult possesses at least some basic tools and related equipment. On the other hand, workers like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters own a much more elaborate and extensive collection as their trade requires them to be well-prepared for fixing a number of things.

If you are looking for the different types of toolboxes that you can use to house and organize your hardware equipment then take a look at the following article.
Because they can be constructed in various ways and are available in countless styles, it is almost impossible to cover all the types of aluminum storage cases in one go. The article highlights the most popular ones according to use and also discusses the basic types of tool boxes classified according to their material.
While the earliest tool boxes, date as far back as the beginning of the 19th Century, were carved out of wood, today you will hardly find any toolbox constructed from the same material. Instead, modern toolboxes are mostly made of materials such as steel and aluminum because compared to wood, they stronger yet lightweight at the same time.

According to the choice of material, the following are the different types of aluminum carry cases available in the market.
Aluminum is employed in the construction of tool boxes for the same reason that it is used in making all modern airplanes – it is strong and lightweight.
These toolboxes are made from aluminum sheets of sufficient thickness. The sheets usually feature a rugged texture or a rugged diamond plate pattern that is commonly used for various aluminum surfaces which can otherwise be too smooth and slippery for certain uses.
Besides being a sturdy and durable material, aluminum is often preferred for making various types of tool boxes because it does not corrode and therefore will not deteriorate for a significantly large time period. These toolboxes are also used in trucks because they prevent the tools from moisture and rust. In such aluminum carry case, they mostly come with gas struts which help to keep the lid open and upright, making it feasible for the workers to easily access the items inside.

The durability and strength of aluminum tool boxes are further increased by covering their inner and outer walls with a special powder. This powder coat makes them more resilient to rust and corrosion. Steel tool boxes provide exceptional strength and are easy to clean and care for.
Despite the higher price, you can find the toolboxes in residential as well as commercial garages and even in race environments because they have the longest life, are resilient to chipping, dents and bumps, plus they are super easy to clean and maintain.

As a professional aluminum boxes manufacturer with many years of experience, we have a complete industrial chain, superior product quality and thoughtful service.

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Some packaging types to consider

Remember the feeling when you picked up your first iPhone? Taking off the plastic seal and feeling the sleek white box? By touching the box for the very first time you already felt the importance, quality & significance of this device. This is no coincidence! We meticulously strategized how they were going to package their product to align with their branding of providing top of the line product innovation & consumer experience! 

It is clear that packaging plays a large role in the perceived value of a product and as a whole, the packaging industry really hasn’t changed too much in the past years, compared to the constant innovations made in portable technology. With all the packaging and box choices available in today’s market, it often becomes difficult to select the most appropriate packaging solution for your product. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of packaging options you can use to enhance your product & customer experience!

1. Cardboard boxes
Paperboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight, yet strong. It can be easily cut and manipulated to create custom shapes and structures. These characteristics make it ideal to be used in personalized packaging. It is made by turning fibrous materials that come from wood or from recycled waste paper into pulp, and then bleaching it. Paperboard packaging comes in various grades, each suitable for different packaging requirements.

SBS (or solid bleached sulfate) paperboard can be used for packing cosmetics, medicines, milk and juice, cosmetics, frozen food and more. Choosing kraft, or CUK (coated unbleached kraft) paperboard packaging are for those who prefer the natural and environmentally-friendly look of recycled paper, which can be used for similar packaging applications. Kraft is often seen to be less resistant to moisture, making it less suitable for food-related products, or frozen-goods packaging. With the right combination of design options, paperboard packaging can look high-end, without high-end pricing.

2. Corrugated boxes
Corrugated boxes simply refer to what is commonly known as: Cardboard. Corrugated boxes are the ones many probably consider as ‘cardboard’ as it produces the large shipping, shoe & storage boxes.  What a lot of people do not realize is that corrugated boxes also come in different types depending on the durability and strength of the box. Identifying a certain corrugated material, however, is easy. How do you determine the material? Through its corrugated medium (also known as fluting).  Identifying a corrugated material is easy. It consists of 3 layers of paper, an outside liner, an inside liner and a corrugated medium (also known as fluting). The corrugated medium that gives it strength and rigidity.

3. PVC boxes
Plastic is used in a wide range of products, from spaceships to paper clips. A number of traditional materials, such as wood, leather, glass, ceramic, and so on, have already been replaced by plastic. PVC box packaging has many advantages in which they can be recycled, and generally they are much more durable than paperboard boxes. Airtight plastic packaging containers can help to preserve the quality of food and eliminate any contamination issues. Plastic packaging also does not break easily and can be stored with food under extreme conditions.
Another reason why plastic is a popular choice for packing material is because of its ability to showcase the product at any angle without necessarily opening the packaging. It is also flexible, lightweight and can be applied with films or coating to enhance packaging appearance.
Contrary to popular belief, plastic is in fact recyclable, in the sense that it takes less energy to produce new plastic, compared to glass, and other materials. Best of all, it is very cost effective!

4. Paper tube packaging 
Paper tube packaging is becoming popular globally. It provides a unique packaging alternative. Paper tube packaging is lightweight that makes it easier to transport. They also provide good protection to the packaged product from damage and contamination. It is also eco-friendly and thus contributes to conserving the environment. Paper tube packaging is being widely used in different industries like cosmetics, food products, etc. 
The packaging industry has seen a move towards sustainable packaging. Product packaging that is not eco-friendly creates unnecessary junk that ends up either in landfills or into ocean beds. Such packaging is harmful to the environment. Customers are becoming more aware of the dangers of non-degradable packaging and are preferring products using eco-friendly packaging.
Paper tube packaging is 100% eco-friendly. It is biodegradable and does not leave behind harmful packaging waste. Paper tube packaging can be easily recycled which saves a lot of energy and resources that would have gone into preparing fresh packaging. Using paper tube packaging helps you to position your brand and product as eco-friendly. This will provide you a competitive edge in the market and attract more customers into buying your product.

5. Paper bags
Paper bags have been part of trade and commerce for more than centuries. Traditionally cloth and jute bags were used to pack goods in larger quantities during its transfer from manufacturer or farms to retailers and shopkeepers then used the paper bags to distribute smaller quantity goods to end customers. In fact, paper bags are still used by small food retailers like – sweetshop owners, street food vendors, bakers and by small vegetable sellers.
On the other hand, a waterproof paper gift bag’s structural firmness and surface feature made it ideal to print high-quality images, logo, designs better as compared to a plastic bag, and that made paper bags a hit for fashion, luxury and premium gift packaging industry.
This trend has gained popularity owing to the people and businesses becoming more aware of the ecological surroundings. Also, several individuals want to use paper bags because they are easy to carry, clean and can hold items for a good duration of time.

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Given sum of sequences, choose two sequence elements and make other sequence zero with making some sequence vanishes and others keep untouched

Slightly modified from my previous question Making function for a given input of sum of sequences, choose two sequence $ a_i, b_j$ and substitute all other sequence zero

At this time I want to make among many sequences, just pick two sequences and other kept untouched.

For example

input = a1a2b1b2c2c3 + 100a1b2d1 + a1c2b2d3 + a1a2 + a3c1c2 + a3c1 + d1a2 + d2c1 

If I choose two sequences $ a$ and $ b$ , and pick its elements as $ a_1, b_1$ then I want to put all other sequences of $ a,b$ are zero with additionally make all $ c$ vanishes but $ d$ kept remained.

For example if my input is something like $ f[input, a1,c1]$ then $ a2=a3=0, c2=c3=0$ with vanishing sequence of b1,b2,.. but kept $ d1,d2\neq 0$ .

Maybe to be more specified, I want to make function which have [input, sequnece1_{i}, sequence2_{j}, sequence3], where sequence1, sequuence2, have non-zero element for i,j respectively, and the other elements of sequence 3, vanishing for given a,b,c,d,e.,,, sequences.

how to change list of some scalars into vectors?

I have a pair of equations f= {eq1,eq2} that are (x,y) dependent. I take derivative by (x) and (y) for each equation, for example,

 Grad[f, {x, y}] . {1, 1}]  

and multiply it with a Xlist. The functions are dependent on Xlist too say {{1,2,3},{2,2,4}} For some functions (say f1) my output is listed like this

 {{12},{2}}  {{12,3,4},{21,2,3}} 

The function f1 usually is

 f1={xy+x^2,xy+y^2 }   

form. For other functions like

 f2 ={x,y^2}  



the output is

{1,{21}} {1,{2,3,4}} 

for f1 and


for f2. It causing me problems for next calculations because the output format is required to be like {{},{},{}….} etc. Looks like derivative of functions such as f2 and f3 yield constant or scalar f2 = (scalar, vector) and f3 =(scalar,scalar). How do I make scalar stay as a vector? How do I turn list for example {1,{3,4,..} or {{3,2,2},3} into {{1},{3,4,..} or {{3,2,2},{3}}? I have tried a rule method but my approach did not seems to pan out correctly,

 code /. {a_,{b_}}->{{a},{b}} 

because output of size derivative vary with list of functions and Xlist.