Some Files on SD card will not play why?

Have android in car entertainment unit in my car and am used to making SD cards which I then load onto my unit and play whilst driving. All SD cards are loaded via my PC from Windows Media player.

Just recently loaded another SD in exactly the same way, all files are MP3 sound format as before, but only one track will play, all other tracks come up as “Wrong file or audio format”!!

Totally stumped what’s gone wrong?

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What are some proposed privacy features coming to the bitcoin lightning network?

If I’m correct, a bitcoin sent into a lightning channel technically looks like any Bitcoin transaction. From there if the channel never closes, the Bitcoins can essentially stay in a “locked” state in that channel which can give it some interesting properties such as the most needed feature in Bitcoin, privacy & fungibility.

What are some projects that are currently implementing privacy features into the Bitcoin lightning network? If there aren’t any, what has been discussed that could be possible?

I installed ELK on my server, but I do not know used some documentation commands

I installed ELK on my server, but I do not know used some documentation commands.

I installed ELK 7.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 :

$   wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add - $   echo "deb stable main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/elastic-7.x.list 

In the documentation there are commands to generate the SSL certificate. But it does not work for Ubuntu 18.04 :

bin/elasticsearch-certutil cert -out config/elastic-certificates.p12 -pass "" 

What is the equivalent for my installation ?

Why do some websites have language specific URLs, when the users still use the .com version?

I’m creating my first multilingual website and I have been looking at examples from other websites. So far I’ve noticed that many popular websites have a .com version and a or version. I know for a fact that people in that country (in my example it’s Korea) still use the regular .com version.

What’s the point of having a language-specific URL if the website automatically determines the language and allows a language selection if they determine incorrectly?

Internet Problem only in Some apps, even Wifi or Mobile Data?

thanks for helping me, I have XT1789-05, Some apps can’t access internet and some apps (one of them Google Translate) can access internet, with WiFi or Mobile Data, nothing change, in another device the apps not working in My Moto Z2 Force, will work fine, even I have Moto X 1st, all apps work fine in the Moto X, but in the Moto Z2, some apps when opened error can’t access the internet, I searched and googled everywhere, I can’t find a solution, can you help me please? the Apps have the problem, always tell me you are offline!!!!!! I did several times reset factory, from fastboot from setting from recovery mode

Auto-generating some type annotations in Python with static program analysis

There are some tools like MonkeyType and PyAnnotate that can give you type annotations in Python by runtime tracing. What is the best way to go about automatically generating some useful type annotations this without actually executing the Python programs, i.e. in a static way?