Google Optimize for A/B test: Trying to edit existing HTML but says it’s over the limit even when I test deleting some of it?

I am trying to set up an A/B test of a company’s website for my project. There are certain changes I’d like to make such as changing the ‘favourites’ products on the home page to one with the top selling products which I was trying to do by substituting the existing code simply with the top selling products instead (i.e. their jpg, their links, their names etc).

However I found that when making ANY change (by selecting the element and clicking ‘edit HTML’), even testing it by deleting one character from the original code, that it then pops up with this error notification saying that it’s over the word limit. Even when I put the character back for example, the error message is still there. And it will say weirdly that it is quite a lot of the word limit even though it’s basically the original code! I then have to click cancel every time.

Please see the attached photo for reference (where I deleted one character from the original code to demonstrate how any editing (even deletion of original working code) then comes up with the error that the html is over the limit).

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Thanks in advance!

Symbols for some icons

What are the characters that give each of the following icons:

  1. The "i" information icon you see in the predictive interface and in the output box produced by an information request (e.g., from Plot)?
  2. The icon similar to > used as a group opener of sections and subsections of Documentation Center pages?

(This question is a continuation of How insert into Text cell chevron symbols used for Inline GroupOpener icons? .)

Block some subdomains using robots.txt -Angular website with IIS [duplicate]

We have a testing environment with the surprising sub-domain name tests and I would like to block it to search engines.

How can I let Google scan my site and block, but allow

I already read other answers but they were not relevant to me because I don’t use Apache and also this is an Angular website so adding a file in a subdomain won’t help.

Thank you!

Numerical value of Derivative of Dirichlet L function at some particular points

I want to find the numerical value for the derivative of Dirichlet L function to compare with an another formula. However I am not able to obtain any numerical values. I tried to use

f[s_]= DirichletL[5,2,s] f'[3] 

But this simply returns DirichletL^(0,0,1)[5,2,3]. If I use N[f'[3]] this gives: DirichletL:: Positive integer expected at position 1 in DirichletL[5.,2.,2.].

Can someone please help me out with this? Any help is highly appreciated.

Some problems importing *.hdf5 files in MA12.2

I’m attempting to Import datasets from a *.hdf5 file into Mathematica 12.2 in Win 7.

After looking at the syntax in the Wolfram Documentation Center and displaying the StructureGraph, I had no problem importing some of the datasets, from various levels, using Import["file.hdf5",elem]

However, the one dataset I’m really interested with, just gives me $ Failed, with no additional explanations. Suggestions?

I can look at the data in this dataset using an app called HDFView. It looks fine, a spreadsheet similar to those in the datasets that were imported.

using Import[file, {{"Dimensions", "DataFormat"}}], I do notice one thing that is perhaps a problem? The format of one column is "bitfield". Using HDFView, this column includes values of either 01 or 00. Is this the problem and can it be solved?

Two of the other datasets in this files I also can’t import, but at least I get a warning message:

LibraryFunction::fpexc: Numeric data containing a floating point exception (NaN or Inf) encountered.

When looking at these datasets with HDFView, they indeed contain some NaN values. Is there a way to import them?

Is there a RAW way to allow the PCs to recover only some of their spell slots etc?

My party were rather foolhardy and have got themselves knocked out and captured. Their captors want to keep them alive for a bit to question and then to sacrifice.

The party expended pretty much all their resources in the battle and so without a long rest are not going to have much chance of escape. However, it also feels wrong to say "you spend the night tied up in a stable and now you have all your spells and HP back". Which would make escape probably quite easy and anticlimactic.

Is there a way to reflect that they got some rest, but not a good night’s sleep?

Wich solutions is better for translate some data?

I’ve a little mobile app who need some translation. Currently, I just want to translate my app in one language, I don’t think I’ll need more. So I’m facing a problem, should I translate stuff in database, or in translations files on client side ?

The user will be able to select his language, but first i need to determine it with the locale variable for the registration (because he must select his country at registration).

First I tought about creating one translation table for each table who need it.

enter image description here

But it seems to not be the good solution if I need to add more language, I’ll have to alter all translations tables.

So, my second solution is to create a language table, keep the translation table for each table but as one-to-many relationship.

enter image description here

I think this solution is better, but I’m not sure about performance. I know it’s a little app and the question does not really arise, but we never know.

Now, I’m stuck because It means that every time I need translation, I have to query the database. There are tons of contries, and I’ll like to have auto completion. Fruits will be displayed in several pages and used in others tables.

So I thought about keep translations on client side within json files. For exemple translations/fr_FR.json

"fruits": [   {     "id": 1,     "original": "banana",     "translation": "banane"   },   {     "id": 2,     "original": "apple",     "translation": "pomme"   } ],   "countries": [   {     "id": "ES",     "original": "spain",     "translation": "espagne"   } ] 

Everytime I need translation, I can use a function to get the translation from the file.

It means more calculations, and user will have to update his app if translation has changed.

Wich solution is better ?