Is it possible to crack a CRC value for short text validation when someone tries to change a readable text?

I’d like to validate message texts with CRC-8/16/32 but I’m afraid that they could be changed to another one (for example, adding a “No” at the beginning). There will be no special characters besides the usual ones (? , . ; ª º + =…) and the number of bytes will be counted as well. The messages will not be encrypted.

How does someone know i clicked a link in an email? URL spoofing? JSON?

Hi html and cybersecurity noob here.

My question is how do hackers/scammers know that i clicked a link? Why is my personal info in the url redirect link? Is this info then being stored in a database and the hacker/scammer knows that because this specific link was clicked it must have been me?

I recieved a dodgy email with a link and was curious. So i activated my VPN and checked the link first on virus total and dr web. I found out that the link redirected several times to different websites.

i have changed the link numbers and letters but the domain is how i recieved it as you see below.

The original link sent to me looked like: 

What freaked me out was that the second redirect url contained my email address in the url link. It was in a weird format seperated by commas (,) the link below is not real but is in a format as such: admin77,83907,,&ts=489234987459 

how i imagine this works is that this information of my email address in being passed on to user “admin77” stored in his database/textfile whatever and he knows that i have clicked his link and he now knows i am susceptible to clicking links and a future target?

I would like to inform myself more about cybersecurity and find out more about the details. Any help would be greatly appresh <3

Can someone with Extra Attack do a Commander Strike BEFORE he throws a net?

A long time ago, I had asked this question about whether someone with Extra Attack can do a Commander Strike AFTER he throws a net. It got answered in the negative (can’t give something you can’t take yourself).

However, a very interesting comment had sprouted from it : can you forgo an attack to use Commander Strike BEFORE throwing a net ?

Those are the relevant rules passages…

On Extra Attacks :

Beginning at 5th level, you can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn.

On Nets :

When you use an action, Bonus Action, or reaction to Attack with a net, you can make only one Attack regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.

On Commander Strikes :

When you take the Attack action on your turn, you can forgo one of your attacks and use a bonus action to direct one of your companions to strike.

Can Someone help me load 32wine prefix to play safe harbor games in wine on any browser besides safari?

Hello I’m trying to find a way to use Firefox or any other windows browser to play on (spades) . is there anyone up for the challenge Ive been at it for a couple weeks now … only think i can get to work is safari, here is what the site has to say about using Linux for the games client .

Ive been using wine tricks q4wine all with no luck I personally would rather stay with Firefox just to keep thing s on the same browser window enjoy a few games in between some work.

How is the material design Snackbar accessible if someone is using a screen reader?

enter image description here I have an accessibility question about the snackbar pattern used in Material Design. Snackbars – Material Design

The behaviour of a snackbar is to appear for a temporary period of time then automatically dismiss itself.

To me it doesn’t appear to be accessible for a user who has screen reader turned on as the reader may miss reading out this message.

What are your thoughts?

If someone casts Charm Person or a similar spell on somebody who’s expecting it, what happens?

Say somebody says “I’m going to use a spell to charm you, and make you walk around the room,” for a bet or something. You know it’s coming, you know your goals, but what effect does this have on saving throws? What does the charm do to your thought process? Might you have advantage on the saving throw if you’re mentally prepared? Or does it simply mean that while charmed you still might not do as they say? How does this apply to more powerful charms?

is possible someone break the algorythm of my dice game with hashes

I just want to know how much secure are these games. I coded my own game and now want to know how much secure is.

If for example the hash is visible(before you bet) would be possible decipher this hash trying to break the algorythm and then guess the number in the roll just with this hash? And what i need to learn to know more about this.

For example i will provide some examples of the hashes.

1.c910a1337bc486f621fc1b1d8bf72ebf99fba1eb20bbc3834151649f5fd59e40 2.bf09437579722a8378e51b06afef30b5af337ec3472ac6aa6d34e6a1bbb0cf09 3.6a3df2709858f3313c6651133fbb9c177b27aa2d5a6736e01f692e45fb44c948 4.7b2963c6d959f81dad5388389e43e047e336092c005b57a5bc684d0cc7cb19de 

could someone just with the hashes get the algorythm? and how we can protect of this. how much time would take me to get the algorytm.

Some idea if would be possible to get the algorythm to guess the number?