Can someone explain what the “Proficiency Bonus” is in D&D 5e/Next exactly?

I am reading the 5e rules, and I keep seeing how you can add proficiency bonus to attack rolls checks with weapons you are proficient in and skill checks in skills you are proficient in, but I can’t find anything on what this bonus actually is. How do you determine what the numerical actual bonus you add to your roll is? And at what times is it used?

Can someone check my guy?

This is my second character I’ve ever made and I was hoping that I could get someone to check it to make sure it’s done right. It may not be what you’d choose for class and spices, but I just want to know if I put it together properly or at least good enough. enter image description here

[ Insurance ] Open Question : If parents take out whole life insurance on their kids, then die first, shouldn’t someone get some cash back for the years of payments made?

The cover page says each child was insured for $ 5K, ‘whole life paid up at age 65’ with number of years payable at 54 (for the child that was 11 when the policy started) with annual premiums of $ 53.30. Isn’t the purpose of ‘whole life’ policies that it’s like an investment? Parents are most likely to die first, so of course their payments would stop before the kids ever reach 65. Is the policy worthless when payments stop? This seems like a bad, ill-advised deal if no one gets money back.   It doesn’t make sense to me that any LONG TERM policy should cancel just because a person was unable to make payments for a temporary period of time, like after getting laid off from work, disabled, death of a spouse, etc. It would be no wonder insurance companies make so much money if they get to keep all the money they taken in for many years from people who will never file a claim before they stop making payments for whatever reason.  

I’m seeing strange names in my list of docker containers, is someone having fun at docker or is that from hackers?

I’m trying to run a docker and it fails for various reasons. As I check my list of dockers (docker ps -a), I see those names:

pedantic_gauss recursing_feynman adoring_brattain suspicious_tesla gallant_gates competent_gates elated_davinci ecstatic_mahavira focused_mirzakhani 

I use docker-compose and I’m sure we do not have such names in our setup files. Is that just something docker people thought would be fun to do?! I searched on some of those names and could not really find anything useful, although it looks like these appear on many sites, somewhat sporadically.

[ Photography ] Open Question : Is it illegal to use a photo of someone on a business card without their permission?

I’m a photographer and I’m in the process of making business cards for myself. On one side I have my personal info, and on the other I was going to use a photo that I took of somebody during one of my past gigs that showcases my style. However, a graphic designer friend of mine said that I can’t use a photo of someone on my card without their permission. Is this true?

What online guides are there that can aid someone to start a forum roleplay? [closed]

I am not sure if this is the right exchange to ask and I am not sure if the wording will be correct but here it goes.

I am quite fond of Post by Play forum roleplays where I can post whenever I feel inspired however my partner says that she had several negative experiences with them. As such as a gift from me to her I was planning to start a forum roleplay where it would be our world so that she felt like she could contribute and fix things that otherwise bugged her.

The setting itself is a fantasy setting that focuses on exploration with a small system similar to roll for shoes slapped into it to simulate character advancements(Lacking such a thing has always been one of the biggest problems for me in most places.)

Now while I have some experience playing in forum roleplays with an unified setting my experience is severely lacking when it comes to administrative department.

As to what I wish to ask(And I’m sorry for what appears to be a rant. I just wanted to clarify what kind of experience I have with forum roleplays,what I have in mind and for what purpose I am creating this.) I am in dire need of sources I can read in order to prepare an inclusive environment that doesn’t feel toxic or overly restrictive so I’d like to know where I can read up on sources that can be of aid to me.

Can Someone Tell Me How To Learn Unity Easily? [closed]

I am 14 year old boy who likes programming!

I know javascript, html and css. I like to make games so I use phaser to make games, I don´t know a lot of programming, and I don´t know anything about C++(Unity language!). I wish someone tell me how to make games in unity, starting to games like a guy with a gun that shoots a block and then the block dissapears! I wish someone tell me like, steps, websites or videos. I just wanna make games and have fun.

I know that stack overflow is not the perfect place to make this question, but I wanted real help, and I know that I can find that here.

If someone is under the effect of microcosm, does putting the physical body in quintessence affect their dream world?

Does putting someone’s physical body in quintessence, thus removing them from the time stream, also remove them from the dream demiplane their mind was sent to by Microcosm?

The point of this is to see if we can separate the mind and body and use Dream Travel to go to the dream created by Microcosm, with the body of the dreamer safely stored in Quintessence.

All of this assumes that Microcosm does create a dream demiplane, which by RAW may be dubious. But if it does, cheap pocket plane with better time traits we could otherwise get. Downside: dealing with monsters of the dream world might suck. Upside, pretty hard to get there if you’re not a creature related to dreams.