Can you implant minions in someone?

I will be playing in a M&M game in two weeks and my character concept is an A.I who is everpresent(Represented by summon and teleport abilities) and I was wondering if I could implant an insubstantial minion inside someone via a microchip as sort of a fail safe with the minion being able to watch over that persons actions and activate control procedures(Repeatedly hit them with affliction till they are controlled) should they do something evil?

What happens if someone casts Dissonant Whisper on my halfling?

Specifically, what do I get from my Brave halfling ability:

  • I roll 2d20 for the Advantage, and this "succeed or fail the save" is directly applied TO THE ENTIRE SPELL.


  • I roll 2d20 but I roll them "in order" (we use 2 different colors to tell which is d20 #1 and d20 #2), and the result is applied TO THE EFFECTS OF THE SPELL, CHECKING IF THE ADVANTAGE DICE APPLIES OR NOT TO EACH SEPARATE EFFECT. Meaning, the 2nd d20 is used for Advantage only against the specific "vs Frightened Condition" part of the spell , while only the 1st d20 aka "I do not have Advantage" is used against the damage part of the spell.

That DM does that kind of logic for everything else too, and he just loves to use "damage + several different effects" situations. Such as a DEX Save for half damage vs 8d6 damage half fire and half bludgeoning, let’s say when escaping a burning room full of flaming falling wooden beams.

All players think it should be done the 1st way. Simple enough, right?

But the DM says that it "obviously" has to be done the 2nd way, while also insisting that this is not a house rule, but that this is the real "RAW" way to interpret how Advantage on Saves should work.

Please help un-confuse us!

Hi Could someone please advise on how i can rectify the below problem. Thanks in advance!

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Can the Command spell be used to force someone to drink poison?

The Command spell does the following:

You speak a one-word command to a creature you can see within range. The target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or follow the command on its next turn. The spell has no Effect if the target is Undead, if it doesn’t understand your language, or if your command is directly harmful to it.

Can the Command spell be used in combat to force a foe to drink poison?

Presumably, the caster would hold out a vial of poison when giving the order.

Strictly RAW, is punching someone with a crossbow a melee attack with a ranged weapon? [duplicate]

I’m exploring ways to combine the Crusher feat with a melee rogue-paladin, and have come into a conundrum- without using my busy bonus action to two-weapon-fight with a club, is there a way to get bludgeoning damage with a melee rogue?

This is my best attempt- using Tavern Brawler to punch people with a crossbow as the strangest of Improvised Weapons. As this is just a rules exploration unlikely to see the light of day, RAI isn’t very relevant here.

RAW, will punching someone with a crossbow allow it to be a melee weapon attack with a ranged weapon, letting me use sneak attack and smite?

Edit for clarity: Unlike questions regarding thrown improvised weapons which outside of being improvised weapons notably lack the finesse or ranged properties, crossbows clearly have the ranged property. This question isn’t about if improvised weapons give it a new property, but rather if they retain them.

In case a trigger for a readied action is someone else’s reaction, what is resolved first?

I asked this question. The answer is YES.

But I’m still not sure – in such a case (i.e. a trigger for reaction being another reaction) – which reaction is resolved first, the triggered one or the triggering one?

Does the readied action interrupt someone else’s reaction that triggered it? Is there a possibility of a chain of such consecutively triggering and consecutively interrupted reactions?

What is the farthest someone can travel in 8 hours without teleporting?

This question asks about the highest speed someone can go, so it is about maximizing burst speed. However, being able to travel 600 mph isn’t really useful in combat. Perhaps it’s useful in short 10-minute bursts, but it is less sustainable for overland travel.

One use of high speeds, though, is overland travel. You care more about your speed when you actually want to go to a far away place. But here, a character follows different rules that rely only on speed, and not action economy:

  • In 1 minute, you can move a number of feet equal to your speed times 10.

  • In 1 hour, you can move a number of miles equal to your speed divided by 10.

Given the following parameters:

  • No teleportation

  • Regular (not difficult) terrain

  • The character level cannot be above level 12 (at level 13, casters gain teleportation magic, so this question becomes less relevant above level 12)

  • Consumables (spells, potions, etc) are allowed, but minimize the use of consumables; ie, between two answers giving the same distance traveled, if one uses less consumables, that one is the better answer

  • Magic items are allowed

  • Help from others is allowed (buffs, spells, items, etc) as long as those others are themselves at most level 12

What is the farthest someone can travel in 8 hours?

Delete own comment in someone else’s blog

Is there a way to delete a comment I made on someone else’s WordPress blog over 9 years ago? It’s harmless, but it really bothers me that I did it using my full name, and now if someone searches my name on Google, that specific comment appears on the search results.

I’ve tried to contact the blog owner to no avail (probably forgot about the blog ages ago).

Can a ghost possess someone in the material plane while in the ethereal plane?

The possession ability of a ghost (DnD 5e) states that it can possess one humaniod it can see within 5ft.

I interpreted that a ghost could use its possession ability from the etherial plane itself, since the ghost is visible on the material when in the etherial plane and as such can see the creature. Like this it is possible for the ghost to come up to a humanoid without being able to be hit and possess the creature unhindered.

If the ghost gets shunted out I rule that it ends up in the material plane as the ghost has to enter the body of the creature (who is in the material) while possessing.

However, one of my players mentioned that it is an action for a ghost to change from the material to the etherial and vice versa. He then argued that the ghost should enter the material plane first as an action first before having to spend another action on the next turn to attempt to possess a humanoid.

I can’t really find anything specific that tells that one or the other is true. Obviously the former method is more powerful and while I don’t want to be unfair to my players, I think it is also a whole lot more interesting.

How strong can someone make a Level 1 fighter, in Pathfinder, excluding Polymorph spells that change their body to another creature type?

It’s a classic trope in fiction, the "not so great" heroic character is going up against a foe they have no business trying to defeat and one (or more) of their allies that are a bit more powerful do a little something here, a little nudge there, and now the would-be hero is performing feats they never would have been able to do on their own.

What, in your estimation, would be the way to go about showing this sort of trope in a game like Pathfinder 1e? Defensive buffs out the wazoo are all well and good, but their low HD is also something to keep in mind, as Con buffs will be less effective. To ensure that the illusion is kept up as well, they’ll need to stay as their original race, no True Polymorphing them into a dragon or whatnot.