For a command to increase something, should instructions refer to the “+” key or the “=” key?

Our software uses the =/+ and -/_ keys for opposite tasks. For example, increasing or decreasing a value, or zooming in or out. No modifier keys are used.

Here is the conundrum:

  • If we refer to it as the “plus (+) key,” users might think they have to hold Shift.
  • If we refer to it as the “equals (=) key,” we lose the intuitive dichotomy against the “minus (-) key.”

Is there:

  • Research that gives a reason to prefer one form over the other?
  • A mention of this in an authoritative style guide that establishes a convention?
  • A good example of this in the wild?

dual booting an HP laptop,4gb ram,intel i3 6006.Windows 10 and ubuntu dual boot, each time i install ubuntu “something else” option in installation

I am installing ubuntu on HP laptop with windows 10 preinstalled . Each time i install ubuntu on a partition the grub is not installing i386 file in /boot/grub folder which causes error as grub searches for that file and run into grub rescue at each boot , hence i cannot boot into ubuntu nor windows , i manually added the file by live usb but failed to make grub config for such changes . My partition show (hd,msdos6) as root . grub is installed on root partition. Grub never installs the i386 file and this file can be found in /usr/lib/grub .

Something blocking port 80

So im trying to get apache to run on aws server again and im running into this error

(98)Address already in use: AH00073: make_sock: unable to listen for connections on address [::]:80 (98)Address already in use: AH00073: make_sock: unable to listen for connections on address no listening sockets available, shutting down 

i tried going ahead and running

netstat -ltnp | grep :80 

and the following results came back

tcp6       0      0 :::80                   :::*                    LISTEN      -   

What is using port 80? and how to do i kill it. Or find where its coming from. reseting the server / shutting it down produced no help.

So something is starting on port 80.. just not sure what.

Is this kind of attack something I should report to the main developer?

Vending machines at my workplace got recently changed and the new ones support an hybrid NFC\BT system to pay through a dedicated application.

Looking for online, I found some articles about this app being cracked and how it was done. Being several months later, I expected some new security measure to have been added so I decided to have a try and see if I could bypass them and repeat the process.

Original crack consisted of manually changing the data stored locally on a DB with a weak password, but since I don’t have a rooted phone and I have found traces of HTTPS requests being performed with checks on consistency on the credit, I decided to go another way.

Assumin vending machines do not connect online, I changed all the references to the remote REST endpoint (plain string constants) with a server of my own and I have successfully been able to login (or at least, make the app believe I logged in).

Now, assuming I fill the gaps and will be able to successfully buy stuff, is all this worth sharing with the developer, to have them take further security measures? Is there something serious they could do that would not require completely changing the infrastructure?

I installed Ubuntu 18.04.3 but every time I shut down something like (attached image link) pops up but shut down after a while but it didn’t this time

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I have uploaded the imgur link to the picture of the screen.

The most recent time I shut down, this popped up and after around 15-20 minutes of nothing happening , I forced shut down by pressing the power key. Does anyone know what is it and how to stop this from popping up. I did a clean installation today. No dual boot, only Ubuntu.