What are someways way to get direct links to mp3s of songs?

I’ve been trying for a while to find a good solution to get direct links to mp3 versions of a song through an API.

I’ve been using youtube-dl to get a direct youtube link, which has worked pretty well, but I frequently get 401 errors which ruin the experience.

Soundcloud seemed like the perfect choice, but they are not open to new apps.

Any alternatives?

Android 7.0: can Android delete songs from internal storage without my consent?

I’ve just noticed that a lot of songs I had on my Leagoo T5c (Android Nougat) had disappeared. Namely, and among others, the whole discography by Sheryl Crow in FLAC format, all 5GB of it (I still have over 10GB of free space, BTW).

Has Android been known to randomly or purposely delete songs? Can those songs I ripped from CDs I had (and don’t have anymore, alas) have an expiry date?

I remember listening to those songs a few months ago, and I have done nothing on the phone that could explain them missing, like factory restore or anything of the kind, since then.

How to best deal with the automatic ratings from songs in iTunes?

I hate how my Smart Playlists show songs that are unrated in my Smart Playlists which are often 2 or 3 stars or greater.

This site won’t let me make suggestions on how to deal with this, or post a reply or add a comment…so I’m answering my own question.

My solution is to:

  1. Highlight the songs that are “unrated”
  2. Right-click and choose “Dislike”
  3. Edit your Smart Playlist
  4. Add an additional rule selecting “Love”
  5. Select “Is Not” and “Disliked”

I will be keeping all of my songs Disliked if Unrated. There’s a 1/2 rating option I seen but I prefer this way because these unrated songs are Disliked until I decide to rate them anyway.

Sonos to Slack – how to show the songs we play in a Slack channel

I work on a distributed team and I want my remote colleagues to know what we’re playing in the office. We use Sonos. We bump beats everyday. How can I automatically send played tracks into Slack so remote my remote colleagues can feel involved?

I’ve glanced at a few solutions that are suggested at this post in the Sonos Community.

  • Zenmusic
  • Jukebot
  • sonoslack

The first 2 give me a lot more than I need (I don’t need write access from Slack to Sonos). The third gives me exactly what I need, but all of these solutions require that I run code on a server somewhere (I think). This sounds more complicated than it’s worth.

Is there a simpler way of sending tracks from Sonos to Slack?

Can you play songs from apple music from history which were not added to library?

I’m using Itunes on macOS Sierra. I also have a subscription to apple music. When I click history in Itunes I can play the songs which were already added to my library however songs which were not added are of gray color which suggests that they are unavailable. Indeed clicking on them or clicking on the 3 dots within a specific doesn’t produce any results. Is there something I’m missing?

enter image description here

Looks like one of the dumbest design problems I’ve ever seen in apple.

Do downloaded songs stay on my phone after the playlist changes?

I have added a dozen playlists to my library on Apple Music, which are managed by Apple or other organizations, so they get updated. When I go on road trips, I use Wi-Fi to download all those playlists before I go (because the internet reception out of the city is bad). I am using the Apple Music app on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

I have decent storage space on my phone, and Apple Music is currently taking up 11GB. However, I want to be cautious about how much storage space is getting used up. Are the songs I downloaded from these playlists previously, in the previous version of the playlists, still stored on my phone, or are they deleted? If they are on my phone, where are they? I probably wouldn’t use the old songs, because my main way of listening to songs is to use these Apple playlists, as well as “radio station creations”. So, I would want to remove the old songs if they aren’t automatically getting removed.

To clarify: I’m not adding the songs from the playlists to my library. I’m only tapping the download button at the top of the playlist.