Do downloaded songs stay on my phone after the playlist changes?

I have added a dozen playlists to my library on Apple Music, which are managed by Apple or other organizations, so they get updated. When I go on road trips, I use Wi-Fi to download all those playlists before I go (because the internet reception out of the city is bad). I am using the Apple Music app on an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

I have decent storage space on my phone, and Apple Music is currently taking up 11GB. However, I want to be cautious about how much storage space is getting used up. Are the songs I downloaded from these playlists previously, in the previous version of the playlists, still stored on my phone, or are they deleted? If they are on my phone, where are they? I probably wouldn’t use the old songs, because my main way of listening to songs is to use these Apple playlists, as well as “radio station creations”. So, I would want to remove the old songs if they aren’t automatically getting removed.

To clarify: I’m not adding the songs from the playlists to my library. I’m only tapping the download button at the top of the playlist.

Reasoning behind built in songs made by the android device manufacturer

I noticed my Huawei device comes with a built in song called “Dream It Possible”.

Quick search revealed the song was made by the company itself. Didn’t look into it, but pretty sure other companies did and do the same.

What is the reasoning behind this? The song isn’t an advertisement to the company. What benefit does it give them?

Find songs not currently in any Google Play playlists

Related but distinct from my question on finding which playlists a particular song is in, is there any way to find songs in my Google Play library that are not in any playlists? Maybe a sort-by-number-of-playlists-it’s-in feature?

I’d be fine with a userscript or third party solution, though obviously a built in way is preferable.

Why are certain sensitive words in rap songs on YouTube censored?

I just noticed it in one song, thought nothing of it, and then in another, it was really obvious as well.

For reference, in this one: E.g. the words nigga and dope are removed, leaving a weird pause there. Why is this, and is this a YouTube-only thing? Because on Spotify, the song is completely normal.

My theories:

  1. The interpreter uploads a censored version on youtube because otherwise it might get taken down
  2. Youtube automatically censors those words (i doubt that though)
  3. The interpreter uploads a censored version on youtube in order to avoid the video being labelled as 18+

Any thoughts?

After listening closely again, I think it might actually be 2. – the censoring makes little sense on some parts (even ass and shit are censored and the song sounds really stupid now)

iTunes does not play non-Apple Music songs which were synchronized with iCloud Music Library on Windows

I’m facing the following scenario: I live in a country where a certain album from a band I like isn’t available on most (if not all) streaming services. I own a physical copy of the album, and I have imported it to my computer and storage clouds.

When evaluating Apple Music, I noticed that on the Mac I’m able to upload songs to the cloud (iCloud Music Library). I thought “this is it, Apple Music is going to be great!”.

However, on my Windows PC, while I’m able to download the songs, I’m not able to play them using iTunes specifically. Every other music player works just fine for the same file iTunes should have no issues reproducing. The songs show up on the library, together with all other musics and playlists I have access, but then when I click the play button over the song, iTunes just get stuck on 0:00. If I try to play another song, then it will play it just fine, as long as it is not a song downloaded from iCloud Music Library.

So why iCloud Music Library exists, if the player doesn’t allow me to play it? Or is this a bug? I noticed that the first song of the album is playing just fine, but all the other songs are not.

I’ve checked the iTunes folder permissions for the current user, and I have full access to it.

Annoying YouTube mixes always lead to the same songs

YouTube used to be able to allow me to discover new music etc.

For some time now though, it’s driving me crazy. All mixes which allegedly are “Non-stop playlists based on a song or artist” eventually become more or less the same set of songs I heard so many times before.

It seems like each mix is based in much larger part on my viewing history rather than the song or artist the mix starts from.

Because of the autoplay, I hear them over and over again. Starting songs of those mixes also are more or less the same songs I heard hundreds of times. All of this seem to aggravate the situation.

Is there a way of fixing this? Some settings where you can reset or alter the behavior of the so called AI?

VLC does not play all songs

I copied a couple dozen MP3s to an iPhone through iTunes. To play them I used VLC however VLC does not play the next song. How do I have VLC play all the music on the device without having to constantly pick up the phone, turn the screen on and manually tell it to play the next song?