Is the “same registrable domain” a sound security basis for cookies?

Unlike other Web standards, HTTP cookies don’t use the common definition of the “origin” as with the “same origin policy”; cookies are segregated by domain names and subdomains. (And there is the secure flag to only return the cookie inside an HTTPS connection, which is yet another subtle matter.)

To determine whether sharing of cookies is allowable, browsers rely on the concept of “same registrable domain”.

That’s a fundamental isolation guarantee for cookies:

If DX and DY are two different registrable domains, and X and Y two host names inside DX and DY respectively, then

  • the Web pages in X cannot mess with the cookies created by Web pages of Y: they can’t read them, modify them;
  • and they X pages can’t create cookies that would be sent by browser to Y pages.

That requires a common definition of what a “registrable domain” is; otherwise, what is allowed by some agents and considered safe would be disallowed by others, and no one would consider his own product buggy.

The definition is based on where users can acquire (get some sort of immaterial property) of domain names.

Is that a sound foundation for a fundamental security isolation property?

  • Is there one definition of what constitutes a “registrable domain” universally accepted?
  • Is it precise and decidable in all cases?
  • Do all browsers agree on what counts as a “registrable domain”?

Does this trap level sound like fun? [on hold]

Original idea here:

There are 5 players, their mission is to get to this wizard who can help them out in the next part of their quest by providing items and ideas to help them move forward. They are currently in a cave system and are heading towards his entrance. Once they step through the threshold they will be transported to a “village” of 4 (maybe 5, with the last one being a “hint”) houses, all identical. After a short amount of time a Lich will appear and start attacking the players (unless of course they immediately move into a house.) Each house will have a riddle or clue of some kind on the entrance that will speak of self-sacrifice. The house itself will have either a lot of traps or few traps, not sure yet. There will also be a floor that is the main trap. Here is where all the players die and start over unless someone sacrifices themselves. Once everyone dies the level starts over. The key to “beating” each house and thereby moving past the level is that each person must sacrifice themselves to save the rest of the party. The last one standing (unless they do it out of order) will confront the Lich, and as long as he sacrifices himself (there will be a lot of rp here to imply that fighting is not the answer) the image of the Lich will fade, leaving a smiling wizard in his place who welcomes the characters into his keep.

My reasoning on this is the wizard has a lot of enemies, a lot of selfish people who want his gold and knowledge. Therefor only those who would sacrifice for their fellow players are worthy enough to visit. Thoughts?

Stop the sound playing when video player closes

I have a video player on a popup box, when I close the popup the sound continues to play in the background,how do I stop the audio one the popup is closed?

<div id="animatedModal" class="popup-modal">
<!–THIS IS IMPORTANT! to close the modal, the class name has to match the name given on the ID –>
<div id="btn-close-modal" class="close-animatedModal close-popup-modal"> <i class="ion-close-round"></i> </div>
<div class="clearfix"></div>…

Stop the sound playing when video player closes

Very poor sound quality on HSP/HFP profile, BT Sony headset

I’ve recently bought BT Sony headset. When I switch it to A2DP profile everything works fine. But when I switch to HSP/HFP for videoconference the sound is so terrible that I cannot understand other participants. Is there anything that can be done about that? It’s really annoying I cannot use my headset for conferences when I bought them exactly for that.

Ubuntu 18.04 White(strange)-Noise problem from headphone?( No Matter Sound is play or not)

I’m using win10 and ubuntu 18.04. Whenever enter ubuntu after the grub menu(ıt starts at log.) there is constantly annoying noise from headphone . On win10 there is not problem. Noise comes out only through my headphone. Speakers work properly. I have tried many of solutions below other titles but none of them resolved. This weird noise never goes away. I even muted each input and output volume or listen to any video there is always boring noise. My laptop is Asus n552vw and my kernel version is 4.15 . Is there anyone who can help me ? 🙁

Solutions that I have tried :

-$ alsamixer – disable the loopback

-Adding 0 in the /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save file

-INTEL_AUDIO_POWERSAVE=false in /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/intel-audio-powersave

-adding options snd-hda-intel model=dell-headset-multi in the /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

-change the option values SOUND_POWER_SAVE_ON_AC=0 SOUND_POWER_SAVE_ON_BAT=0 in the /etc/default/tlp

-Muted input volume and at hdajackretask changed pin 0x12 internal mic to not connected

( I guess I collected almost all solutions under the single title at least)