Can I use source MAC of Ethernet packet for UDP reply instead of ARP lookup?

I’m working on an embedded platform with very limited resources where I need to build my own Ethernet frames.

If I need to answer a UDP request with a UDP reply, is it ever not OK to just send the reply back to the Ethernet source MAC address of the request packet instead of doing a full ARP lookup of the source IP address?

If so, a list of concrete examples where a reply would need to be sent to a different MAC address than the request came from would be very useful.

Clearly, if the request originator changed their own MAC address right after sending the request, that would be a trivial example, but let’s ignore that case.

cargar contenido html en view Source angular

Buenas soy un poco nuevo en angular y me gustaría saber como hacer para que muestre el contenido html en viewSource de la página, para algunas de las secciones mas estáticas y de cara a SEO, como el como funciona etc etc.

He visto varias paginas en angular que lo estan haciendo por ejemplo en esta: como funciona

Aquí podemos ver como muestran el código “abierto” de <cnv-root> en la home y todo lo que serian paginas “corporativas” también, pero si ya vas al login o las funcionalidades dentro de la aplicación como el login

What is the difference between packages built from the gcc-8 source package and those from the gcc-defaults source package?

For example currently comes in the following versions:

  • 8.3.0-6ubuntu1~18.10.1
  • 8.2.0-7ubuntu1

for the amd64 architecture

but for the same architecture seems to have older slightly versions:

  • 4:8.3.0-1ubuntu1.2
  • 4:8.2.0-1ubuntu1

Can a spell prepared with Alternate Spell Source benefit from Divine Metamagic?

Say a Cleric 3/Wizard 2/ Mystic Theurge 5 with Divine Metamagic and Alternate Spell Source prepares Blessed Aim as a arcane spell. Divine Metamagic states:

As a free action, you can take the energy from turning or rebuking undead and use it to apply a metamagic feat to divine spells that you know. You must spend one turn or rebuke attempt, plus an additional attempt for each level increase in the metamagic feat you’re using. – CoD, emphasis mine

And Alternate Spell Source says:

You can choose to prepare any of your divine spells as arcane spells or any of your arcane spells as divine spells.

Can this spell benefit from DMM cost reductions?

Does this effect arcane spells prepared as divine?

How to determine the encoding used when you have the data not the source code

The source code converts the data as below:

00000 – 62F0CBA67EA6A2C03D399A1B06D82787CB46480370FDA0C1CF5016E59A61F0A6 000000 – F657FC2120036C2EF29AF87E4194539B1728AB2F204676E413C6FFD5970453B9 0000000 – 2B7084405F558E0730E45AE2282F6F4EE56AB561CFE600EB22308A33AC9D9FC1

Are there any pointers showing me how to go about trying to understand how the encoding is being done ?