How do I send data to a lookup field with ReST? SP2013

I’ve been working with a jQuery AJAX call to post data to one of my SharePoint lists.

One of the fields in this list is a look-up field. In forming my JSON data to push to the list I was able to push data to each field with the exception of the look-up field.

How do I push data into a lookup field?

I know I need to push the target list’s ID to the look-up field, but have gotten hung up on just how to format the data.

No exact match was found when add user to SP2013 site

I am working on a SharePoint 2013 on-premise farm. We need to add a user “Subdomain\peterpan” to site collection A’s permission group. But it returns “No exact match was found” error.

We checked in Central Admin -> Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application -> Manage User Profiles. The userID is found. Also we can add another user “Subdomain\alice” to that site collection A. In addition, we can add “Subdomain\peterpan” to another site collection B.

In the form assigning user permission, when I type in “Subdomain\” the dropdown list will show me “Subdomain\peterpan” (nothing else, only peterpan). When select it and click “Share” button, system return “user does not exist or is not unique” error.

In the user profile sync, we have setup to sync the “Subdomain” is a child domain of

What could cause the No exact match was found error?

How to Set up Search for Extended Web applications Sp2013

I just extended a web application to publish site in world wide web. i was able to browse the site using this new URl, everything was going fine except when i found out my search was not crawling all the contents in the extended site. In original Site everything is fine and working. Do i need to set up any other settings for extended site to provide search results.

Thank You

Migrating SP2013 from windows server2008R2 to windows server2012R2 keeping sharepoint version same

I have SharePoint 2013 farm set up on windows server2008R2 and now I want to move that to windows server2012R2. How to do that?

FYI: I have 3 servers in the farm- one for Active Directory, another for SQL and one more for SharePoint2013.

“Show Toolbar” style works in the document library view (not a webpart) – SP2013

I am actually quite confused as to why it worked. Here are my steps:

  1. Make a webpart of the library anywhere, change the toolbar to “show toolbar”
  2. Save
  3. Edit the webpart again, this time change the view to your default (All documents etc.)
  4. Save, it’ll disable the “show toolbar” style automatically.
  5. Edit the webpart once again, change the toolbar back to “show toolbar” save

And now if you go back to the source of the document library it will have the show tool bar style applied (which lets you make new items based on your content types)

Problem is, I don’t see any option in the settings to do this in a less janky way. As you can see, it clearly is a document library and not a page. enter image description here

SP2013 Delimited values to other columns

Here’s an interesting one: I have a list where one text column accepts multiple delimited values. (By that, I mean multiple values separated by delimiters.) Is there a calculated feature where I can take each value and put it in its own column? For example, if I had the values ” a,b,c,d,e,” in the text column, and five other columns that could accept the values separately – Is this a possibility?