Spacing issue in Nesting Flex Grid Items

Hello, I am facing a spacing issue between my two containers. I am trying to replicate this mock up ( Using these guidelines (
Any suggestions will help. Here is what I have

 {% load i18n wagtailcore_tags %} {% load i18n static %}  <main class="main">  <div class='flex-container'>  <div class='flex-grid'>  <div class='flex-grid-item-7-md'>  <div class='flex-row'>  <div class='flex-grid-item-7-md '>  <div...
Code (markup):

Spacing issue in Nesting Flex Grid Items

How do I input a 2d matrix when no spacing is given in adjacent elements while taking the input in c++?

Thanks for looking over, so I’m trying to take a nxn matrix as input where in the input is in the following format example :

4 1123 3442 5632 2444 

you see the input format that’s my problem I don’t want those elements to be stuck together and c++ is reading the rows as if each of the row is a number which means “cin” is reading only n elements and I expect it to read all n×n elements to be read separately. Pardon me if the question wasn’t upto the mark as this is my first question.

Algorithm for optimal spacing in intervals

Is there an algorithm to optimally space points within multiple intervals? Optimal in this case means maximizing the smallest distance between any two points so that each pair of points has at least distance X. For example, in the intervals (1,3) and (5,7) you can space out three points with a distance of at least 2 (at 1,5, and 7). But you can’t space out three points with a distance of at least 3. Is there an easy way to do this with a program?

Is equal spacing in Stacks in design tools useful?

More and more design tools are implementing some form of stacked groups that allow you to automatically set vertical spacing between the items in the group. The way this is implemented is that a single value for the spacing between all elements in the group is set and applied.

I’m questioning the validity of this. When I have a few elements stacked vertically the spacing between those elements is most likely not all going to be the same. Therefore I don’t see the point of having a single value spacing in a vertical stack. Am I an exception here? Or am I missing something?

Example of a vertical stack:

  • Heading
  • Paragraph
  • Image
  • Paragraph

Remove line spacing from ‘Full details’ in workflow email

I have a workflow in SP 2010 that I use to send an email whenever an item is added. I’ve included the ‘Full details’ in the body of the email, however when the email arrives it has massive spacing in between each line.

Looking at the HTML, it seems to be putting a ‘br’ tag at the end of the ‘p’ tags, so effectively getting double line.

Is there a way to remove certain text (in this case ‘br’ tags) from stuff (variable let’s say) in SharePoint Designer workflows?

Fixing Omnigraffle Line Spacing

I was working on a document for my daughters with a 144pt Comic Sans font pasted from LibreOffice. When I closed out the document and returned to work on something else, the font stayed at 144pt Comic Sans… I set the font to Callibri 12pt, which is the new default, but the line spacing, geometry or something is a complete mess.

  • Restarting the application has made no difference.
  • Setting a new default template makes no difference.

There’s something basic I’m missing here. It’s not clear how to even adjust the line spacing much less fix the default.

  • How did the default change globally like this?
  • How can I fix this on a per-text basis?

enter image description here

How to Change Eclipse Auto-Indent Spacing

When I hit enter in the middle of a statement, I would Eclipse to indent the next line 8 spaces from the start of the previous line. However, Eclipse is actually indenting 16 spaces from the start of the previous line. I want:

SpecializedCollectionWhoseNameIsWayTooLong<Entity> variable =         new SpecializedCollectionWhoseNameIsWayTooLong<>(); 

But what I’m getting is:

SpecializedCollectionWhoseNameIsWayTooLong<Entity> variable =                 new SpecializedCollectionWhoseNameIsWayTooLong<>(); 

In my Java formatter (Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Code Style -> Formatter -> Edit MyCustomProfile -> Indentation, I have tab policy set to spaces only, I have my indentation size set to 4 and I have my tab size set to 4. I am using Eclipse 4.6.2 for Web Developers. Thank you for any help you can give.