How to get surround sound speakers working “speaker-fill-style” with SB 5.1 VX

I have a 5.1 soundsystem connected to a “SB 5.1 vx” soundcard on Win10. It’s running fine generally – when testing it through the windows sound driver options it works, I can hear sounds from ALL speakers. But since almost nothing has 5.1 built-in – youtube, my mp3s, etc. I can’t profit much of it…but at least I would like to hear music coming out of all speakers…

I was especially hoping to see a “Speaker fill” checkbox somewhere but nope…
I downloaded the newest driver here but I couldn’t find any options to get music coming from the 3 surround speakers. Only the two stereo ones play music from regular mp3 files. I used the driver that windows installs automatically too but I also couldn’t find anything to get the other 3 speakers working.

Creative Driver:
Creative Driver
Driver installed by Win10 automatically:
Default Windows Driver

Article Writing – Native English Speakers Only


I need a native English speaker (US / UK / Canada) for a long term content creation partnership ..
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Speakers mute when monitor going to sleep

I ask on ubuntu forum they redirected me here.

I have notebook and monitor connected by HDMI. HDMI support audio and monitor has jack output for speakers. This is good because it is one less cable to notebook, which is mobile. I attache image with schema how is connected. diagram

Trouble is when monitor going to sleep, then mute speakers. I want monitor can to sleep but speakers still enable if i listen music. I want same behavior like speakers connected directly to notebook by jack 3.5.

Is it posible?

In settings of monitor i found nothing about this behavior.

iMac Speakers don’t work

Looking for a little bit help here. I’ve searched everywhere and couldn’t find an answer. My 2013 27″ iMac doesn’t play sound with the speakers (movies, youtube, itunes, etc..) but when I go to “Preferences” and “audio” and click on any of the sound effects there, the effects are played trough the speakers. I can’t turn off the “mute” option on that preference panel. Any idea how to solve this problem?

enter image description here

enter image description here

How can I Connect an Apple TV HDMI OUTPUT to a USB-C INPUT Monitor with Speakers?

Unfortunately, I already tried to connect an HDMI to USB-C Cable; but, it did not work. After much research, I now understand that these Adapter Cables are only ONE-WAY; i.e., they only work with an HDMI INPUT connected to a USB-C OUTPUT. My problem is that I purchased a Monitor with Speakers that only has USB-C INPUT Connectors and NO HDMI INPUTS. Since the Seller will no longer accept a return, because I was out of town, at a Wedding, so I ran out of time to try it out; I am now stuck with this Monitor. So, is there any way to connect an Apple TV 4K HDMI OUTPUT to a USB-C INPUT on a Monitor with Speakers?