Sound switches to headphone even if I don’t have one – so speakers are not used

Acer Aspire A315-32, Ubuntu 18-04.2

Whenever I put my phone in the USB port for charging, Ubuntu on my laptop switches the sound output device to headphone. As I don’t have headphones, this means no sound.

As far as I know the only way to get sound back (to speakers) is to reboot.

Is there a way to get Ubuntu to understand that I have speakers?

T480s Dolby sound speakers

I have a question about speakers in T480s, when I bought it, on the website it said that the speakers are “Dolby Premium sound”, but they are weak(not bad, but just not loud enough) and I have no idea how to check whether I have the right drivers/packages installed. How can I check/install packages for Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS? My sound settings

Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound, only speakers as an output option – ubuntu 18.04

This happens on an asus zenbook flip s ux370u.

I tried a few things but none worked, plus most of solutions are for previous versions of ubuntu which used different bluetooth services.

So i tried to install more recent version of bluez from ppa found here

but nothing changed on that, i still can’t find the headphones and an output option in sound settings even though they’re connected. Here what i can see from terminal:

    Device 00:00:00:00:41:1F Connected: yes [CHG] Device 00:00:00:00:41:1F Connected: no [CHG] Device 00:00:00:00:41:1F Class: 0x00240404 [CHG] Device 00:00:00:00:41:1F Icon: audio-card [CHG] Device 00:00:00:00:41:1F Connected: yes 

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

How to make the audio come out of the speakers on the iPhone instead of the earpiece?

I have embedded YouTube-Player-iOS-Helper in my iOS app. When I play a video, the audio always goes through the earpiece. How do I make to go to the speakers on my phone?

I tried setting AVAudioSession category as follows; [[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord withOptions: AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionDefaultToSpeaker | AVAudioSessionCategoryOptionInterruptSpokenAudioAndMixWithOthers error: &error]; But it didn’t help.

Any help is appreciated.

constant background noise from speakers when laptop plugged in to AC

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 with unity-desktop on a Thinkpad T480s. I noticed today (can’t really say if it was the same before and I had never noticed, or if it started now) that my laptop’s speakers emit a constant low hissing noise when they are unmuted and the laptop is plugged to its AC adapter. The only thing I did today was to install pavucontrol and switch configuration, as yesterday I had plugged my laptop to HDMI to stream onto a TV and the sound had remained muted after unplugging (it probably kept the wrong profile, also after reboot). I did recheck all configurations on pavucontrol, to no avail, the hissing is still there. It seems to me that there’s no hissing through the headphones. The hissing dies off after a couple of seconds if I unplug the power cord. I am 100% sure it comes from the speakers and not from the power adapter: when I mute the sound, the hissing is also muted. Any idea how to solve this? Here’s the output of sudo aplay -l:

**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** Home directory not accessible: Permission denied card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC257 Analog [ALC257 Analog]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 3: HDMI 0 [HDMI 0]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 7: HDMI 1 [HDMI 1]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 8: HDMI 2 [HDMI 2]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 9: HDMI 3 [HDMI 3]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 10: HDMI 4 [HDMI 4]   Subdevices: 1/1   Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 

I read somewhere that disabling loopback in alsamixer would solve this, but there is no such channel for me.

Is an English only aria-label better than no aria-label at all for non-English speakers?

We have a set of buttons that have a single icon for the content and no text content. One example, a button in the top left of a modal that has an ‘X’ icon which is an image file. To better communicate the button’s action to those with using screen reading technology we are looking to add an aria-label attribute, in this case, one that has a value of Close.

Our application supports multiple language, but, for technical reasons, these buttons would not get their aria-labels translated.

So the question: If the aria-labels were English only, and using simple language like ‘Close’ and ‘Go back’, would they provide any value to non-English users, most likely be ignored, or cause confusion?

Thanks! And please let me know if you need extra details about the scenario.

When I hibernate, my computer no longer recognizes speakers, what should I do?

I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 19.04 and have been experiencing sound issues. Everytime I hibernate my computer, it no longer recognizes my internal speakers. When I restart my computer, it recognizes them. So I have to always shutdown computer after each session. How can I fix this.

only headphones show

Only headphones show in settings

Speakers show unplugged in pavucontrol

Again, this is only happening after I hibernate, everything is fine after I restart.

Water Spill on MacBook Air -Speakers, keyboard and Camera don’t work-What do I do?

I spilled water on my MacBook Air, only on top (keyboard) and it shut off right after. I will admit I did not take the proper steps to help nor mess it up but I didn’t know. Anyways after a night of leaving it alone as it aerated any excess water left, I turned it on.

My keyboard was messed up as all characters were stuck in “shift”, my volume no longer functioned even with headphones, and my camera and mic were unavailable. It was as if they were entirely disconnected from the computer.

My MacBook did not recognize a camera or speaker and the rest of my MacBook continued to glitch.


What has happened to my MacBook and What on earth can I do, if anything, to fix the problem and try to save it by doing more than praying??