Does an entity speaking the god’s language understand every language?

I can’t remember exactly the name, but I heard of a language used by gods, wich is understandable by every sentient being. It directly form the concept in the auditor’s mind (thus, you can adress everybody at the same time, even if they’re from different origins/species/etc).

It can not be learned and is reserved to superior entity to communicate with mortals (so it’s probably not the Celestial)

Now, let’s say for story’s sake, that a mortal does know it (for GM-ing reasons). Does the ability to speak God’s language grant him the ability to understand other sentients beings, speaking differents language?

First, I would say no, as the mortal doesn’t know other languages. But how do gods understand their followers in that case? Heavy use of “Comprehend Languages” spell?

Help needed: How to set up a campaign/project for non-English speaking regions properly?


I’ve been trying to to find my way around the Search Engine Ranker lately. I’m pretty sure that you can do some things wrong when you want to start a project for a language area outside of English.

Does anyone have experience with campaigns for other languages like German, French or Spanish. What to look for and what data to translate into the target language.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

How much time/lifespan does the sun of Athas have left, scientifically speaking?

I realize that magic ignores physics, and that rpg games are notoriously inaccurate… but I’m curious if a close enough or approximate answer can be deduced.

Given that, do the changes to the sun of Athas match up with any scientifically known stellar life cycle, if so, roughly how much lifespan can be estimated for the sun of Athas have left, barring further meddling or tampering with the star?

I am looking for a rough estimate if possible, well reasoned speculation, if not. 2e, 3e, & 4e are valid sources. I’m not looking for a setting specific answer, but a general answer.

How hard is finding a job as a part-time software developer on a working holiday speaking English in a Nordic country?

I have an idea of going a year of working holiday in a Nordic country where I understand very little of their language. However the English proficiency there is generally high.

My profession is software development, and my main goal of going working holiday is to learn and train for some sports which require a season of training and are not doable back in my home, most notably ice swimming, while getting a part-time developer job to supplement my travelling cost.

How hard is finding a part-time developer job on working holiday speaking mainly English in a Nordic country? Should I go for it or should I choose an English-speaking country such as Ireland instead?

Do holding a wand and speaking its command word count as V/S/M spell components?

Magical wands need to be held to cast their spells.

Does holding the wand count as a material component for the wand’s spell?

And if a command word needs to be used, is it considered a verbal component for the spell?

This matters for features such as Subtle Spell, Archdruid, or to identify a spell to Counterspell.

Tone of Voice when speaking to audience

Working on a new homepage for my site and my primary audience is developers.

In my title I was planning on using something like…

Helping </developers> achieve their potential 

The markup above is invalid and I’m wondering if this could breed a sense of frustration, or that I don’t understand my audience?

/* Helping Developers */ Achieve your potential with our libraries 

The above is more in keeping and adheres to coding standards – what are your thoughts?

Hindi speaking tourist to UK from India

Couple of my relatives are going to UK for vacation, but they aren’t fluent in English. They can understand English but can’t speak. They are going with a group through in which people are fluent in English. Will my relatives face any issues at the time of getting visa from Embassy? And also, at the time of entry in UK, where they will be asked questions like why are you here and all? Can they take help from someone from their group to answer on their behalf or will they be sent back if they can’t speak in English?

How do I stop Android speaking my commands?

Suddenly (OK so I may accidentally have triggered a setting somewhere) my android phone (LG v20 Standard Android) has started speaking all the touch commands I do.

For example, if I start from a blanked locked screen and turn it on the device says “Screen on. the time” Then after a pause, “Screen Off” as it turns off the screen

If I type in characters it speaks every letter/character as I press the key (makes passwords tricky!!)

If I try to close an app with the X I press the x it says “Dismiss button. Double tap to activate” I double tap and it says ” app dismissed”

But worst of all swipe no longer works. So I cant swipe up to see what is on the bottom of a page; I cant swipe left to see other pages of apps etc etc

Please, how do I get back to a normal silent android! TFAI