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Entire On Demand Grocery Delivery Script Business ((COVID 19 SPECIAL))

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Entire Mobile App Builder Business For Sale ((COVID 19 SPECIAL))

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Which armor special abilities can be applied to Bracers of Armor?

The Bracers of Armor page states:

Bracers of armor cannot have any armor special abilities that add a flat gp amount to their cost.

And, a Q&A with Jason Bulmahn clarified that Bracers of Armor do not count as any wieght class of armor, so any ability that specifies that it can only be put on light/medium/heavy armor can’t be put on Bracers of Armor.

With those restrictions in mind, which Armor Special Abilities can you put on Bracers of Armor?

Looking for fast LP solver algorithm for my Special case

I am interested to know what is the fastest algorithm (complexity wise) known to us to solve the following linear program. Due to its simplicity, I hope for a very fast algorithm. Your help is greatly appreciated and I would appreciate you providing me with relevant papers as well.

Context: I am trying to give an algorithm related to graph theory. Unfortunately, my knowledge of LP is very limited that is why I need your guidance. In the following algorithm $ 2k$ is the degree of the investigated vertex. Ideally, I am looking for $ O(k)$ or $ O(k \log k)$ solution, or in total $ O(n)/O(n\log n)$ when this applies to all the vertices. Note that $ |E|= O(n)$ . However, any fast algorithm would be appreciated.

Minimize: $ T$
Subject to:
$ \forall i \in [2k] \qquad 1 \le t_i \le 2k$

Comment: Ensuring that $ \forall i, j \in [2k],\ i \neq j \qquad |t_i – t_j| \ge 1$
Comment: I want $ t_i$ ‘s to be distinct positive integers in [2k]
$ \forall i, j \in [2k],\ i \neq j \qquad 1 \ge t_i – t_j$
$ \forall i, j \in [2k],\ i \neq j \qquad 1 \ge t_j – t_i$

$ \forall i \in [2k],\ i \text{ is an odd number} \qquad t_i \le t_{i+1}$

$ \forall i \in [k] \qquad 0 \le x_i \le 1$
$ \forall i \in [k] \qquad \text{A linear constraint}\ F(x_i,\ t_{2i},\ t_{2i-1},\ T)$

Is there any way to gain the endless special quality without carrying around a small necromantic magic item?

Dragon Magazine #354 has a fairly well-known special quality called endless, which prevents aging and all its normal effects, but is unfortunately not actually granted by its associated feat, Wedded to History. Within the pages of this magazine, the only way to gain the quality (DM fiat aside) is to have someone cast kissed by the ages on you, and then to forevermore give up a magical item body slot and risk taking a penalty if you ever lose the item–which also radiates enough necromancy to make many NPCs very uneasy.

But what about methods outside the pages of the magazine? Is there any sort of feat, feature, or other special means by which someone can gain this extraordinary special quality, without needing to go around holding a pseudo-phylactery?

Are there special rules using weapons while flying?

I’m making an Aarokocra fighter and I was curious about how combat works while flying. My character has dual Morningstars and a longbow, I was wondering if both weapons were functional midair. The only things I know is my flight speed and not to wear heavy armor.

I’m not asking about the mechanics of two handed fighting, I am just curious about flight.

Are there any special rules I should be aware of for using weapons while flying?

Is there a concise description of what ‘special’ damage is?

Hello RPG Stack this may be somewhat a worthless question as I’ve looked diligently without success. I don’t believe the information is physically present but I thought I’d give it a shot. In my games things have temporarily side stepped in to the sword and planet genre (lol don’t ask) and I find myself in need of modelling a famous character from the genre. I was looking at page 146 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide under the Futuristic Weapons heading as it states:

‘Futuristic weapons are like other ranged projectile weapons, though the type of damage they deal is special.’

My question, is there anywhere in D&D 3.5 rules that defines concisely what special damage is?

Do special abilities still function after death?

I know that, for example, the paladin’s class feature Aura of Courage specifies that it doesn’t function if the paladin is dead. But what about passive abilities granted by race?

For example, can you take out a beholder’s antimagic eye (or lift the whole dead creature) and point it at enemy mages to prevent them from casting spells (supernatural ability)? Can you glue a hellcat’s severed limb (or full corpse) to a doorway to create an invisible barrier (extraordinary ability)? Can you cook meat from a red dragon (or roast it whole) (extraordinary ability but with a possibly different source)?