Can I target a specific hit location with a ranged weapon attack?

A few sessions into our campaign and somebody noticed the Hit Location rules are in the Melee Attack Options section of the rules:

Basic Campaigns, pg 369:
Hit Location
It is assumed that you are attacking the target’s center of mass unless you specify otherwise…

This resulted in a small discussion about whether or not these rules are actually applicable for Ranged attacks, as there was no solid reference for this that could be found in the book.

After a cursory search on google returned only side-comments in unrelated discussions, and my own perusal of the attack rules in Basic Campaigns turned up nothing of note, I decided to put it to the wealth of knowledge here.

Can a character make a ranged attack against a specific hit location – such as the Eyes – and as such can they buy off the attack penalties for such a maneuver with the Targeted Attack technique?

Learning a specific functional form with machine learning

Suppose I have only three independent features (x, y, z) as the input to some machine learning routine (e.g. neural network). From some domain knowledge, I know that the output o(x, y, z) must have the specific functional form

o(x, y, z) = f(x)*g(y)*g(z)

where the g(.) are the same function. The details of f(.) and g(.) are not known beforehand (except that f(.) is a decaying function with respect to x). Given that there is no upper limit on the sample size, is it possible to incorporate such a functional form (or in general, any specific functional form) into the machine learning routine?

save xevent target file in specific folder dynamically in sql server

i need to create an xevent in sql server to capture all the executed queries while my server is running and to save them in a file under a folder with the database name.

so my problem is i need to save the file in a dynamic path ( with variables..etc) :

here is the code : DECLARE @file varchar(50); declare @path nvarchar(250); SET @file = ‘D:\XE\’+DB_NAME() set @path = ‘D:\XE\’+DB_NAME()+’day’; EXECUTE master.dbo.xp_create_subdir @file CREATE EVENT SESSION newSession1 ON SERVER ADD EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_completed ( ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username ) WHERE ( sqlserver.database_name = ‘School’ ) ), ADD EVENT sqlserver.sql_statement_starting ( ACTION (sqlserver.sql_text, sqlserver.tsql_stack, sqlserver.client_app_name, sqlserver.client_hostname, sqlserver.username ) WHERE ( sqlserver.database_name = ‘School’)

this code shows an error in set Filename = @path.

any help please ?

PS: i need to do with the code because iam going to include it in c# project method. thanks in advance

How to automatically set ‘default image size’ for specific Custom Post Type

I’m looking to automatically set the default image size in the WordPress WYSIWYG, but only on certain Custom Post Types. For example, my CPT ‘products’ would default to ‘medium’, and CPT ‘staff’ would default to ‘full’.

I’ve used the following code below to update media sizes for all CPT’s, not just a specific one. Is this possible?

Here is the code I’m using for site-wide definitions:

function custom_image_size() {   update_option('image_default_size', 'full' ); }  add_action('after_setup_theme', 'custom_image_size'); 

Risk of specific changes to the “Trusted” security zone

Our EDI VAN provides software to transmit sensitive customer and business data between our ERP and their website. This software requires that I add several URLs (including one plain HTTP) to the “Trusted” security zone on Windows 10. It also requires that I enable “Display mixed content”, “Access data sources across domains”, and “Don’t prompt for client certificate selection when only one certificate exists” for that zone.

What are the security implications of these changes? Are any of them clearly unnecessary security risks that I should warn my managers about? I already have a low opinion of our EDI VAN, so my bias may be fueling my suspicion.

How can I rotate a cylinder so the top points at specific transform?

I have a GameObject with a LineRenderer that has a single line drawn, on which I’d like to place cylinders so the top of the cylinder points to each end of the straight line that the cylinder sits on, like a cylindrical bead on a straight piece of string. The cylinder is a child of the GameObject which the LineRenderer is sat on. The LineRenderer GameObject is not rotated itself, and the Line drawn could be any angle relative to the GameObject, and it would be a bit of a hassle to refactor so that the Line is always vertical and instead rotate the LR GameObject, and it seems this should be an easily solvable problem! I’m attempting to use either LookRotation or LookAt on the cylinder but for whatever reason all permutations I can think of simply are not working. THanks for any advice!

Is there an optional or house rule for effectiveness of specific weapons versus specific armor types?

In many epic fantasy worlds (as well as in the real world) there are protective measures, designed to protect from specific threats. For example, chainmail provides good protection against slashing attacks, but is not so good versus blunt weapons.

I know D&D isn’t a reality simulator, but, for the sake of diversity, I want to use a houserule that generally makes a particular weapon type more effective against a particular armor type.

To avoid reinventing the wheel, is there a well-known houserule (or an official rules variant, maybe) for making particular kinds of weapons more effective against specific types of armor?