How to deny access repository sub folder to specific user in visual svn server

In SVN have parent and sub folders structure.In sub folder have write access to some users and one user is created new folder in Sub folder directory for that folder he want to restrict the other users to see the data and he want the user name and password for the particular folder to open it.

Thanks !!

Limit number of ordering a specific product on WHMCS

I’m operating a web hosting company using WHMCS, I’m offering a 3 days trial package for customers which terminates automatically after this period. What I want is to prevent a customer who used a trial package from signing up again for trial and if he/she tried to sign up again the system tell him/her that he can’t sign up again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

How to restrict or hide users to specific drives only (not typical drives combinations)

How can I restrict users (not admins) to access to specific drives?

I know there is gp that allows to restrict typical combinations of drives, like C, A, B, D etc… But I would like to allow all drives, except P:

I readed and old method but I would like to be sure that it works with 2012 version.

Thank you all,

How to handle events consumed by multiple threads from a queue that require a specific order

I have a TCP Server that produces three kinds of events:

1) Connected (Socket)
2) Received (Socket, Data)
3) Disconnected (Socket)

these events are pushed into a queue. There are multiple threads that consume this queue.

A order of events might look like this:

1) Connected(Socket1)
2) Receive(Socket1, Data1)
3) Connected(Socket2)
4) Disconnected(Socket1)

I want to do some initial setup only once when a socket connected (wrap it in a custom class and add it to a lookup table) so when the receive event happens I can find my custom object which has some state attached to it and operate on the data.

So now you can already see if there are more than 1 thread consuming the queue, the order might not be preserved, so that Thread2 would handle a receive call before Thread1 handled a connect call.

What would be a good way to ensure that receive is only handled after connect was handled?

Thumbnails not created for specific image file extensions (case sensitive)

This is a strange issue. Ever since I installed Drupal 8 (currently 8.6.3) on a managed HostPapa host, I cannot get thumbnails to display for specific file extensions. When I watch the browser dev console, it never creates them under styles. I’ve already cleared the cache from Configuration and rebuilt permissions/checked permissions. I’m running a multi-site setup.

What’s really bizarre is that certain case sensitive extensions work.

Thumbnails that don’t work: .jpg .png

Thumbnails that work: .JPG, .JPEG, .jpeg, .PNG

If I rename the exact same file with a ‘good’ extension, the thumbnail gets created and everything works perfectly. I’m thinking there is some htaccess file somewhere or hardcoded item that blocks jpg/png from being created in styles. I was forced to use the Softaculous Apps Installer which I believe is modifying the drupal install in some strange way and creating this issue.

log message:

Type    page not found Date    Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 23:01 User    Anonymous (not verified) Location Referrer Message /site/sites/ Severity    Warning Hostname Operations   

Update: just to be clear, the issue occurs in all browsers. And if I actually create the file in the styles folder manually, it still doesn’t see it and gives the same error.

Update 2: Not sure why my post was downvoted. I looked at Content Types settings for every content type with an image field and “Allowed file extensions” was set to png, gif, jpg, jpeg. Also just to be clear, the images with “not working” extensions upload just fine and are viewable in their full format, just not as thumbnails.

Only allow to proceed to checkout if a minimum order total for specific products is reached

I have configurable products where users can select different colors. There are many RAL colors which the users can choose. These colors have RAL in the name, so it is easy to identify them, e.g. “White (RAL 9016)”

But the users should only be allowed to order a product with RAL color, if the total value of all products where he selected a RAL color, is >= 200. Even if he already has other products with a greater total sum of 200.

If he goes to his cart and press on the “go to checkout” button even though he has RAL products in his cart and the value of them is less than 200, then a warning should show.

The warning should say for example “The total sum of your RAL products is 180€, you need at least RAL products worth 200€ in your cart to proceed. Do you want to pay the extra 20€ and proceed?”

So the users should be asked if he want to pay the difference from his total RAL product sum to 200€ (in this example it would be 20€). If he clicks yes, then 20€ should be added to the total sum and he can proceed to checkout and order.

I hope someone can help me to solve this or give me tips.

Move specific column from csv file in front (select column by name)

Consider this data:

#!/usr/bin/env bash cat > example_file.txt <<EOL group, value, price 1, 3.21, 3.21 1, 3.42, 4.11 1, 3.5, 1.22 2, 4.1, 9.2 2, 4.2, 2.11 EOL 

I want to move the ‘value’ column in front:

value, price, group 3.21, 3.21, 1 3.42, 4.11, 1 3.5, 1.22, 1 4.1, 9.2, 2 4.2, 2.11, 2 

the problem is: the order of the column (or even the number of column or the name of many of those columns –except ‘value’ which is always there) varies from file to file. So I have to select the value column by name (not order).

How can I do this?