How to destroy a spellbook when the wizard dies?

I would like to use a wizard as the enemy. I’ve done that before but this time is different: his class level will be above the group’s level. As with any other wizard in the world he has to use a spellbook.

This spellbook is my problem because in this specific case I don’t want it to be part of the reward. This wizard’s spells list will be significantly different from the party’s wizard. I usually let him learn some spells this way but in this case it would be too much.

This wizard knows the party and seeks revenge on them so it makes perfect sense that he has prepared things to avoid his spellbook falling into their hands if his plan fails.

How can my NPC wizard ensure that his spellbook is destroyed when he dies?

I plan to use a 10th level wizard with access to 5th level spells but he is part of an organization that can have access to almost any resource.

As for my game sources I use the 3 core rulebook, volo’s guide, xanathar guide and mordenkainen tome.

(DnD5e) Can Arcanetrickster/Wizard multiclass write down AT spells into its spellbook?

It is said, AT is a half-wizard who know their spells so well they don’t need a spellbook to cast them. Wizards can read and write down spells. Makes Scrolls or copies them. Can these perfect entities write their own, well-known spells into their spellbook by heart?

My example:

I have a 9AT/1W character. My AT knows the Sleep spell and my spellbook contains Charm Person. After I leveled up as AT, I have an option to change one of my spells to another one which is illusion or enchantment.

Can I change Sleep to CharmPerson, meanwhile I write Sleep in my spellbook?

In this case, I don’t lose any of my spells but I can prepare other, more useful spells as a Wizard and Charm Person will be always “prepared”. I could do the same if I changed the spells anyway and then bought a Sleep scroll somewhere but this is more time-consuming and illogical.

Learning spells from someone else’s spellbook and then selling it?

Learning spells from someone else’s spellbook and then selling it?

Basically, the character is a Spellcaster and he decided to visit a library in the town they’re currently staying at to find spellbooks or scrolls. I had him roll a die to determine what spells he would find. He rolled a 20 and just to annoy him a little (We are friends so it’s fine) I gave him a level 9 spell.

Now, at the time I had no idea that Spells level 9 can cost up to 50 thousand gold pieces and I also didn’t think that it was that big of a deal. In a nutshell, the character sold the book for 40 thousand gp but before he did it, he copied the spell into his own spellbook.

The money isn’t that big of a deal as the campaign won’t change drastically, but my concern is whether a character can copy a spell they find in their own spellbook and then get rid of the source.

Note: This is my first time DMing.

Using a found spellbook as a Sorcerer-Wizard multiclass

I have a Divine Soul Sorcerer 6 (with INT 13) playing in a published adventure.

I just found a spellbook with 11 spells in it of varying levels. All are wizard spells, and some of the spells are also on the sorcerer and cleric spell lists, to which I have access.

The specific spellbook can be found in the this adventure and location:

If I were to multiclass into Wizard, how will that affect my ability to use spells from this spellbook? Specifically, if I were to take 1 level in Wizard, can I then cast the spells in this book, assuming of course I have the required spell slots/abilities from my Sorcerer levels?

Can a Wizard identify the spells in another spellbook without copying them into their own?

If a Wizard finds the spellbook of the evil Wizard they discovered, how does the process of finding out which spells are in the spellbook work? (Assume the evil Wizard didn’t simply write the spells’ names in common at the top of the pages or create an index.)

  • Does the Wizard have to spend 2 hours per spell level “deciphering the unique system of notation” to be able to tell that the spell they’ve been studying is detect magic? Or can they tell at a glance that it’s detect magic before spending the 2 hours?
  • Does it require the 50gp per spell level cost just to figure out what the spell is, or do they get to choose whether to spend it after figuring out what spell it is, as part of deciding whether to copy the spell into their spellbook?

From the 5e Basic Rules, Chapter 3, pg. 31 (emphasis mine):

Copying a spell into your spellbook involves reproducing the basic form of the spell, then deciphering the unique system of notation used by the wizard who wrote it. You must practice the spell until you understand the sounds or gestures required, then transcribe it into your spellbook using your own notation. For each level of the spell, the process takes 2 hours and costs 50 gp. The cost represents material components you expend as you experiment with the spell to master it, as well as the fine inks you need to record it.

Why does the starter kit wizard have six spells in their spellbook?

This was in the starter kit. Level 1 high elf wizard with int mod +3. How does this character have 6 spells? I understand that one is a ritual, but it has 5 more and not 4? The spellbook shows 1) burning hands 2) detect magic(R) 3) mage armor 4) magic missile 5) shield 6) sleep. I had the same original question myself. This is a premade character sheet licensed by D&D.

How does a spellshard spellbook work?

A spellshard is a flavorful replacement for a mundane book, and among other things, a wizard can use one as a spellbook. On this subject, the item description says:

An arcane caster can use a spellshard instead of a spellbook; the spellshard costs 1 gp per “page” in the shard, and otherwise functions as a mundane spellbook.

Spellshard, Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, pg. 115

It’s not clear to me what the “1 gp per ‘page'” means. The fact that this clause occurs in the middle of a sentence about using the spellshard as a spellbook seems to imply that it is specifically related to this use. Is 1 gp per page an additional cost to copy spells into the spellshard? How many “pages” is one spell? Does the spellshard hold a limited number of “pages”, and does this limit the number of spells that can be copied into it?

In short, what practical differences exist between a mundane spellbook and a spellshard being used as a spellbook?