How does the disguise spell feat work against counter spelling?

I play a bard in the current campaign and I optimized him for being a bard (feats: melodic casting, disguise spell,lyric spell, song of heart, etc ) but what I’m wondering is:

If I succeeded in disguising the spell ( perform vs. spot ) can it be countered?

Note: through careful stacking of bonuses, 28 CHA ( 22 w/+6 circlet of CHA ) , masterwork instrument, vest of legends, and a DM created item my perform checks are d20+40 as 17th LVL Bard.

Trying to create a Calculated Field – Getting an error. Double checked spelling etc

=Department Name&” – “&Title&” – “&Department Team&” – “&Department Branch

I am trying to create a calculated column from the following existing columns Department Name Title (Renamed in list to sub-deparment) Department Team Department Branch

Is there something wrong with my code?

SharePoint 2019 Spelling Dictionary Update Timerjob always fails

We have two SharePoint Server 2019 environments deployed with Powershell SharePoint DSC.

The first farm consists of three servers: 1x WFE with Distributed Cache, 1x Application Server, 1x Search Server

The other farm consists of six servers: 2x WFE with Distributed Cache, 2x Application Server, 2x Search Server

In both environments the “Spelling Dictionary Update Timerjob” always fails:

Timerjob fails

Event Log

After some research i found the following actions to resolve the problem:

  1. In the Managed Metadata Service Application, check “This service application is the default storage location for keywords” and “This service application is the default storage location for columnspecific term sets”.

  2. Give your search service account access to the Managed Metadata Service Application.

  3. Re-run the configuration wizard on the servers one by one.

  4. Reset the Index and do a full crawl.

But after i completed the Actions the timerjob still fails.

Someone got an idea how to solve this problem?

How can I increase the number of spelling suggestions in Linux?

After a recent upgrade, I’m usually only getting two (wrong) spelling suggestions in various programs. I used to get like 10 suggestions. How can I increase this?

I spell phonetically and need the guesses to be more liberal.

This is Linux Mint 19.1. It’s Lyx in particular, but other programs are limited in suggestions too.