[ Politics ] Open Question : Would we be better off if Republicans spent half as much energy trying to address the crises as they spend convincing us there is no crises?

I reckon there will be a second wave of coronavirus infections due to Republicunt ignorance. As states rush to reopen the economy, scientists caution there could be a second wave of coronavirus infections. It’s not a hoax, it’s science.

Can you spend a Power Point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers?

We have finally played our first session in Mutants and Masterminds 3e, a premade module that at the end of it, offered to each of my players 3 Power Points to spend and power up their characters. My question is about the manner that they are going to spend these points:

Can they spend one point to add a power to a premade Array of Powers, or is this only available in the character creation step? (The 1 point cost for adding a new Alternate Power to an array).

If the answer is that they cannot add a new effect to a premade array, do they have to spend full cost on the new power?

When indulging a vice, can I spend coin to increase the stress relieved?

The general rules for downtime activities allow spending coin to improve the roll:

For any downtime activity, take +1d to the roll if a friend or contact helps you. After the roll, you may spend coin after the roll to improve the result level. Increase the result level by one for each coin spent. So, a 1-3 result becomes a 4 or a 5, a 4/5 result becomes a 6, and a 6 becomes a critical.

For the Acquire an Asset, Reduce Heat, Recover, or Long-Term Project activities, this makes sense: they have various outcomes keyed to each of those results (1-3, 4-5, 6, critical).

But how does this work for the Indulge Vice action, where the outcome (stress removed) is simply equal to the highest die roll? Suppose I roll a 1, and want to spend coin to improve it. I could see this working three different ways:

  • The next result level above 1-3 is 4-5, so I can spend a coin to increase it to a 4 or 5. Lucky me.

  • Indulging a vice doesn’t use the same result levels as everything else; it has 6 discrete levels, so spending a coin increases a 1 to a 2.

  • Indulging a vice doesn’t use this mechanic at all. I get my 1 stress relief. If I want more than that, I have to take the Indulge Vice action again.

Can a Drunken Master Monk spend a ki point to use flurry of blows, but use the disengage part to move to a different target before attacking with it?

Can a Drunken Master Monk spend a ki point to use flurry of blows, but use the disengage part from the Drunken Technique feature to move to a different target before attacking with the flurry of blows?

Which balancing issues, if any, would arise from allowing PCs to spend actions on bonus action features?

I understand that RAW, features/spells/etc. that require a bonus action (e.g. Bardic Inspiration or Healing Word) cannot be used with a regular action instead (see this question).

However, what would be the long-term ramifications and effects on game balance if I were to instead allow PCs to use a regular action for bonus-action features/spells/etc.?

For the sake of narrowing this down a bit; I’m only asking about ramifications when allowing player characters to do this, no need to take NPCs or Monsters into account. I don’t use the variant rule of feats either, so no need to consider those as well.

Can a Nova use “Boost” and spend Team on the same roll?

The Nova class has a flare entitled “boost” (bold added for emphasis):

Spend 1 burn to supercharge a teammate’s efforts with your powers, giving them a +1 bonus to their roll as if you had spent Team from the pool.

Now, I know that the rules for using Team state (Masks, p. 82):

each teammate can only spend one Team out of the pool for any single roll

But I’m not clear whether the “as if you had spent Team” part of the Boost flare means that you are restricted from spending an actual Team on the same roll.

So if a Nova has already spent a blaze to add a +1 to a teammate’s roll with Boost, could that Nova also spend a Team to add an additional +1 to that same roll?

What are the consequences for a Warforged that does not spend 6 hours in its inactive state?

In the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron (p. 68-69 – the version quoted here is as it appears in UA: Eberron Races), a Warforged has the two following traits:

Sentry’s Rest. When you take a long rest, you must spend at least six hours in an inactive, motionless state, rather than sleeping. […]

Warforged Resilience. […] You don’t need to sleep and don’t suffer the effects of exhaustion due to lack of rest, […]

(Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, emphasis mine)

While Sentry’s Rest states the rest must be taken, Warforged Resilience seems to indicate there is no penalty for not doing so.

What are the actual consequences for a Warforged that does not go inactive during a long rest?

Do you always have to spend XP to gain Merits and Backgrounds (during play)?

Context: This question refers to gaining Merits and Backgrounds (Advantages) after the campaign has started, long after character generation has been done.

In older versions of Vampire the Masquerade, my GMs made us pay experience points to for some Advantages, but others were free and just based on roleplaying. Examples:

  1. You’ve done the Prince a huge favour. Gain 1 Status. No xp required.
  2. You’ve turned your best friend into a ghoul. No xp required.
  3. You’ve decided you really want the Crack Driver merit. Cut scene about you on an advanced & defensive driving course. Pay the xp cost.
  4. You have built up your Herd. Explain how to the GM and pay the xp cost.

What’s the situation with buying new Advantages or improving old ones in VTM 5th edition? Pay for everything? GM decides?

How many Ki points can a monk spend per turn?

Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, and Step of the Wind each cost 1 Ki point to use and use a bonus action. Does that mean I can only use 1 per turn, since I can only take 1 bonus action per turn?

At the same time it feels like Ki points are kind of like spell slots, and maybe if I get the ability to spend more Ki I can use more of these abilities in a turn.

Can anyone clarify this for me?