How to add spintax in article manager?

Hello friends!
I have a question about the GSA spintax, I am adding an article using the option: “search online”, then it displays a window that says: spintax? (view image)

It is assumed that if I give it YES, the text result would have to come out with spintax that is: { | }, but the result does not show spintax, I only display downloaded text.

where to put multiple url spintax code ?

i want to use spintax code with multiple urls , the spintax code is not locked to a specific url but is to be used with all of the urls
the spintax code is partial match
as an example car insurance new york
pet insurance houston
with generic text added on
i tried putting the code into the “generic” text file using the “edit” button, but didnt realise it is “global” & so you have insurance terms for all your other projects
in the “url” box at top i tried using that but it wont take the code, the code im using at the moment in the url box is
url#{car insurance miami|another car insurance}
2ndurl#{2ndcar insurance miami|2ndanother car insurance}
(this is working ok)
i tried using the “anchor text” field & then saw it says “this is ignored if you use an anchor text in the url field”
which i am using (above)
i tried putting it in “partial match anchor text” & it cuts off the code after a short amount of words.
ive tried “secondary” “branding” & “lsi” boxes below that to put the text in & they all cut the text off & show the error message when you close the box because it has cut off the text & so the code has errors in it.
so the code is not binding anchors to url, if it was there would be even more code, it is generic with keywords (partial match) for all urls, but i cant see where to put it.