Creating a body for the spirit of a magic item?

Okay so In the campaign I’m currently playing in the party found a magic sword (Sun Blade). The sword has it’s own personality, spirit or soul whatever you’d call it. Anyway the group didn’t really need the sword so we just kinda ended up talking to it a lot. In our last session we thought it would be an idea to try give this sword it’s own body.

I thought maybe with the clone spell we could create a body and then try transfer the soul of the sword in to it but I don’t believe this is possible.

My question is there a way we can achieve this with some sort of spell or other magic item maybe?

If a Barbarian uses Spirit Shield, does the effect extend to himself?

If a level 6 Barbarian is hit by an attack, can he use his reaction to Spirit Shield himself? Spirit Shield says:

Beginning at 6th level, the guardian spirits that aid you can provide supernatural protection to those you defend. If you are raging and a creature you can see within 30 feet of you takes damage, you can use your reaction to reduce that damage by 2d6.

When you reach certain levels in this class, you can reduce the damage by more: by 3d6 at 10th level and by 4d6 at 14th level.

This extends to creatures the Barbarian can “see”, but can he “see” himself and reduce damage dealt to himself? Or does this only apply to other creatures?

Does the radius of spirit guardians depend on the size of the caster?

The spirit guardians spell states:

Spirits float around you up to 15 feet away.

Certain other spells like antilife shell state:

A barrier extends from you in a 10-foot radius and moves with you.

Does this mean the range of spirit guardians is affected by the size of the creature who casts it since they are up to 15 feet away from you? Or is the 15 feet based upon your centre of mass so to speak?

Does a mage need Spirit sphere along with Forces sphere to create sunlight against a vampire?

From what I understand, the fact that the sun burns vampires comes from the religious significance of the sun, as intense light does not actually damage vampires beyond sending them into a frenzy.

So would a mage that is planning to create sunlight against a vampire need Spirit sphere?

Healing Spirit on Unconscious Character

When a character is knocked unconscious (and about to begin making death saving throws) in a square covered by Healing Spirit how does their next turn work? Healing Spirit will spare them from having to make death saving throws (assuming it is still in place), but does it also allow them to take other actions (similar to other healing spells such as healing word, cure wounds, etc)?

Are there 5th Ed. rules for restoring lost Essence / binding a spirit to a body?

We have an NPC Shamanic Talismonger in our game that is a Mana Storm chaser. He disappears into the desert for weeks at a time, but always comes back with plenty of reagents which the PCs love.

Last week his risky lifestyle finally caught up to him (two very bad rolls to see where he was and how he was doing). At the confluence of a Mana Storm and a Fovea his spirit was torn from his body which was reduced to nearly 0 Essence and stripped of magical ability [thanks for the note: T.J.L.]; the rest of his team was dead.

The PCs found him barely alive (sunburnt, encrusted in sand) and got him home (live-in street doc) and housed in long term care. Now they are scouring the Astral (and even have allied free spirits scouring metaplanes) to see if his spirit survived.

I’m scrambling to find info for the next session about whether or not it’s possible to restore his Essence, and what the PCs can do to help him find his way back to his body. Will they need to use a ritual similar to the one used to make a cyber-zombie? If they could restore his Essence before they do that would his shamanic ability be restored as well?

I want to know what the books say (SR5 preferably), if anything. The information I have read is quite scattered and I can’t tell if I’m remembering rules from previous editions.

My SR game set in 2078 in PCC (Phoenix area). I’ve spent a lot of time building up the fact that Magic is getting stronger by the year. If there are any “untested theories” that I’ve missed in the books my group might try to make one or two of them reality next week.

How do I apply half speed for spirit guardians?

Spirit guardians has the effect of halving a target’s speed if they are in the area of effect. I don’t quite follow how to apply this though. If it were the start of their turn I could understand – I’d just halve their speed.

But what about if they move into the area of effect? My understanding is that a character gets their current speed score in movement at the start of their turn (barring other effects). Is that altered if their speed drops by half (like losing maximum HP)? Or is it only a problem at the start of their turn?