Are spirits an inherently magical concept?

The Geminate Invoker Barbarian archetype involves inviting spirits into your body to gain totem rage powers, but RAW nothing about it directly contradicts the Superstition tree of rage powers, which focuses on rejecting and sundering all sorts of spells and enchantments.

That being said, would a barbarian that hates magic but also lets spirits power him up be a walking contradiction of a class? Just how magical are spirits considered in a world of high fantasy?

Dragon Age RPG: Can a Mage Bind Spirits to Items Like Cannons?

My experience is limited to the Dragon Age games and a few RPG books (namely, a 2015 Core Rulebook, Players’ and GM’s Guide v1.2) and I’ve played Inquisition as an attempt to prime myself to write an adventure in the setting.

I want a Tevinter Mage to assault a Qunari-held Fortress with the aid of magic shell-loaded gunpowder cannons. In essence, it’d be Magical Spellslinging, except mortar-sized… with a potential endgame being a rush to prevent the development and application of Artillery-sized weapons. … Possibly, "Big Bertha" level arms’ race escalation.

My question is this: I’ve seen that Rebel Mages in Inquisition would carry spellbooks upon which they had trapped spirits of the Fade and commanded them. Could spirits be bound to a cannon? Or to the shells themselves? What sort of repercussion would the developer of such devices have to contend with? Would the Chantry put a Holy Crusade against him/her/it? Would Tevinter back, either officially or unofficially, such an idea? And would the Qunari in particular employ any and all methods to cease such research, due to their innate distrust of all things magical?

For the Conjure Animals spells, how “smart” are the summoned fey spirits that take the form of animals?

Currently I’m running Conjure Animals fairly restrictively. The player says they are casting the spell and designates the locations that they will appear (I then label them, as they are designated) and then I roll which animals take form from a table that was designed to fit the overall campaign. However, this has now bitten me in the butt a few times as animals conjured from the campaign table often don’t fit the rubber-meets-the-road encounter. I’ve gotten War Horses on top of sloped and slippery houses, Vultures in dark, dank basements, and a Rhinoceros in a narrow hallway. While this was often humorous, I’m wondering if I should re-roll animals that are clearly malfitted to the encounter location, owing to the intelligence/pragmatism of a fey spirit?

Can I bring methylated spirits camping fuel into Russia?

Apparently, methylated spirits / methyl alcohol / ethanol is very hard to find in Russia, so I am considering to bring mine on the train. According to this page, it is prohibited to bring Toxic and explosive materials into Russia. Would that include camping fuel? It’s not entirely explosive but it’s certainly toxic! Can I bring a couple of liter with me on the train into Russia?