What is a good spoiler free lore resource that I can give to my party for a published adventure?

I’m currently running a Storm’s King Thunder campaign and got a question from a couple players in my party who wanted to create a backstory for their characters. They wanted to know more about the region that we are playing in, but they were afraid they might read up on things they don’t want to know yet.

I have already looked into some sources such as Reddit and the forgotten realms wiki, but these sometimes detail things about events that happen in a published adventure. So it isn’t completely spoiler free. The same goes for the location descriptions that can be found in the published adventure book itself.

Does anyone know any resource or a way that I could let my players find a place in the world they play in without having to worry possibly spoiling parts of the plot?

Does Acererak’s *Spoiler* legendary action function this way?

Acererak in Tomb of Annihilation (Appendix D, p. 209) has this Legendary Action:

In the description of the item, it says:

It’s unclear whether he can move it only in one direction, or whether he can change its direction as it moves. If he can change its direction, that means he can move it through the same player’s space 9 times, requiring 9 consecutive Dexterity saving throws.

Is that correct?

For reference the description of the item is:

Using Acererak’s stat block, I gather that he can move it 90 feet, but the description indicates that he can levitate it x feet.

Can Acererak only make it go up and down? If so, how does he ever move it anywhere horizontally? How did he bring it into the encounter?