Is it possible to spoof the user agent of any application?

I love using .torrent files instead of file hosting sites like Mediafire and google drive because of their lack of support for larger files.

However, even with a VPN your User Agent is still available and I have read in many places it is possible to spoof the user agent of torrenting applications like qbittorrent.

I am also looking to spoof the user agent of other applications such as discord. Does anyone here know of any applications that could assist me in spoofing the user agent of some of my more sensitive applications?

This can’t be used for nefarious purposes only for self preservation so I am surprised I have not found anything on google.

Thanks in advanced!

Can I spoof a specific AP of a network?

My college wifi requires a certificate installation and also is very unreliable. Therefore, I prefer using my mobile data when I am on campus. But the college has its own app for attendance taking and the app requires a connection to campus wifi (SSID:eduroam) to take attendance. I have to manually connect to college wifi every time I want to mark my attendance (the process involves a single tap with a one-time authentication after installation).

So, out of curiosity, I was just trying to see whether I can trick it into thinking I am connected to the campus wifi. So, I tried creating a hotspot with the same ssid using another device and it seems the app doesn’t return the same error when I try to mark my attendance using my mobile data. Now, it is displaying a different error along the lines of “device not in the room”. My first thought is I have to be connected to specific campus AP because the app does specify the location at the side of each class. After some testing, I found out that the error in question is similar when I try to mark my attendance from a different location (hence different AP) when I am connected to the campus wifi.

Is it possible to spoof a specific AP and how would I go about doing it? Is it possible to do it on an android device?