What search algorithms can be used for sports scheduling? [on hold]

The system I work with is a sports scheduler (supporting N round-robin, imbalanced round-robin and knockout competitions) using a somewhat rudimentary algorithm to find a solution. The scenario:

  • games across multiple divisions and sub-divisions. Games are composed of two paired up players/teams in a way relevant to the type of competition as mentioned above

  • slots where games will be held. A slot defines a start and end date and time, as well as the game venue.

  • multiple possible constraints of varying nature, like “player A cannot play at 4pm on Wednesdays” or “back-to-back games must have at least 1 hour between them to rest but not over 4 hours” or “team A and team B cannot play at the same time”.

The goal:

  • finding a slot for every single game to be held, complying with all constraints.

A solution is a state where the goal is met.

The current algorithm essentially iterates all games and all slots and attempts to assign a game to a slot. If no fitting slot could be found for a game, the algorithm tries to find fitting used slots and assigns that occupying game elsewhere. This is a recursive mechanism with a limit to the amount of re-assignments that can happen.

That’s pretty much it. It is not very sophisticated, that’s why I am asking about known search algorithms that could be a good fit for my problem.

I have also considered using a genetic algorithm (although I have no experience with them), where I think the selection function could be pluggable objective functions (in addition to the main goal) depending on what we may want to optimize. But I am having trouble thinking of what the mating function would be. Actually I am having trouble thinking out how my problem could be drawn out as a genetic algorithm overall. But perhaps this matter should be posted as a different question.

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How to stream video on NBC Sports on Ubuntu 18.04?

I am having trouble streaming flash content at stream.nbcsports.com in any browser I try on 18.04. I tried using Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox with no luck. It just shows a black video screen this text that says “Loading…” I installed flashplugin-installer per this post. I was able to verify I have the latest version of flash running in Firefox via this test page. I made sure to enable flash for the page by clicking the dropdown menu under “Not secure” in the address bar where the https lock icon should have been (come on NBC). Unfortunately, even with flash installed with the latest version and enabled, the video still indicates “Loading…” for all eternity. Do folks have any suggestions for how this problem can be alleviated?

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