What are the good spots to view anything lava related in Big Island Hawaii

After the recent volcanic eruptions (last year or so) I have been reading but not getting clarity on which spots are accessible and which are not. Lot of public sites still say to call and find out. Calling many places with a timezone difference may not be best for planning and booking activities.

From anyone who has visited in the last 2 years, which are the recommended spots? In your experience were they as exciting as you heard them to be or were they disappointing?

What is cause of spots in image taken with dusty Nikkor AF-S DX 18-200mm ED VR II?

Dust or pollen inside this lens is common problem so I finally removed the front element and cleaned it, but even after this procedure I have the very same specks in a video as before. So I guess it’s the heavily polluted second element – but I’m not sure if I can clean it. Someone mentioned that these elements are coated, but I can’t find any documentation/evidence. Blower was not enough.

Can I clean it as normal front element lens?

nikkor 18-200mm dust specks visible spots in video

EDIT: So it’s the dirty sensor. I set F22 and made video with 18-200mm and 55-300mm and the spots are same.

enter image description here

copying open wifi networks/hot spots

ok,i was wantin to be able to save some wifi networks i have to a flash drive or to my home pc,is there a way to copy an open or a hot spot to a devise of some sort so i can always have wifi,for example,theres a library & a Walmart neighborhood market near me,can i copy a pice of there wifi to a devise so im able 2 have it all the time,or if i can copy this mobile hot spot device that the library were i live is doing,please let me know asap