Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Spreadsheet

Build Point systems tend to be math heavy, and that makes it especially difficult when playing with kids. Even with advanced degrees, I prefer to let computers to my math for me. Over the years I’ve used several spreadsheets for several systems, such as the Shadowrun Character Generator Spreadsheet at the bottom of Aaron’s Shadowrun Resources Site. It not only keeps me honest, but it means I don’t make silly arithmetic mistakes.

Does anyone know of such a beast for M&M 3.0?

Note: I’ve found Hero Lab, and I would shell out the money it but I run Linux and the demo I downloaded from their site has a tendency to crash under wine. I don’t know if it does the same under Windows, or if the licensed version similarly crashes, but I hate spending money on software that crashes.

Would Multiple People Be Able to Access the Same Google Spreadsheet in a Python App?

I’m about to get started on a new project and I’m trying to figure out how to sync data from a Google spreadsheet to multiple users. I found this website on accessing Google spreadsheet data to Python via Google API and it seems promising. Does anyone know if this will allow multiple people to read and edit a spreadsheet if I import it to an app I’m making in Python?

Currently, the plan for this app is for me to make it on my computer, send it to other people as a .py file, and have them download and use the app (access data, make changes, etc.). Would this work with what the article says? Or would I need to set up a database?

Thank so much! If anyone needs me to elaborate more on my project, I’m happy to do so.

Perfect Data Typing in Excel sheet, Google spreadsheet & Word Docs. for $10

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Spreadsheet Cell Color Conventions

Is there some convention for coloring certain spreadsheet cells with certain colors to indicate the meaning/type of cell?

Excel provides the following. Is that an Excel thing or a broader color scheme and style convention?
Are there any best practices and/or guidelines for visually separating inputs, parameters, know constants, conversions, intermediate calculations etc…


I found this for financial data. Not sure how generally acceppted and expected that is.

Open,read, count rows in google spreadsheet and update the count in email using c# winform application

I’m doing an automation right now. Details are given below:

  1. Open google spreadsheet, the sheet will have 2 columns and n number of rows. Each row has will have value 1, 2 and 3.

  2. Count of 1,2 and 3 has to be updated in the table

  3. The table has to be sent in email

Till now, I’ve completed mail stuff and other design works.

I’m totally new to this and I’m in need of complete help in completing this project.

I need code of working and counting the values of 1,2 and 3 and updating the same in a table

I’ll be ready to provide any kind of input

Search the web and fill Excel Spreadsheet with data – (150 rows) up to 5 columns for $12

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Sync/Export orders to google spreadsheet

Can anyone help with a solution through script or extension to automatically export/sync data to google spreadsheets such that whenever an order is placed, it instantly adds the data to the sheets on my drive as well. I have tried zapier for this purpose but it has task limits and also has 5 minutes intervals in between. i want a method to do this process instantly.

Is there a way to send an email once a spreadsheet is uploaded/imported to a database?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but is there a way to send an email to multiple recipients via PHP on the trigger of an Excel spreadsheet being uploaded/imported to a MySQL table.

Do I need to create a trigger in MySQL to do this?

I’m using a MySQL 5.6 and PHP 5.

How to read * .tsv files from a local drive into a spreadsheet file using Apps Script?

I have a *.tsv file in local storage on my computer. I want the file to be read from the apps script then the contents of the file are copied into a spreadsheet file. I do not want the file to be uploaded first. This concept is like copy-paste. enter image description here The script that I have created is like this:

function importTSVFromLocal() {    // Provide the full URL of the CSV file.   var tsvUrl = "file:///C:/Users/{username}/Downloads/Test1%20-%20Sheet1.tsv";   var tsvContent = UrlFetchApp.fetch(csvUrl).getContentText();   var tsvData = Utilities.parseCsv(csvContent);    var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();   sheet.getRange(1, 1, tsvData.length, csvData[0].length).setValues(csvData);  } 

But it looks like the script that I created doesn’t work. I got an error message :

Bad host name: file:///C:/Users/{username}/Downloads/Test1%20-%20Sheet1.tsv (line 5, file “Code”)

Filter spreadsheet by user-entered value in first row

In Google Sheets, I want to setup a filter view like this.
Row 1 = column headings
Row 2 = filter criteria
Rows 3… = data

I want the user to type a value into any column of row 2, and this will dynamically update which rows are displayed in the filter view. Is this possible? For example starting with column C, I enter “Disney” into C2, then I enter this formula as a filter, but it returns only row 2.

But if I enter it as =REGEXMATCH(C2, "Disney") then it correctly returns all rows with Disney in column C.