What steps can I do if I know that someone[Goverment, Special agents,..etc] is spying on me?

if I know someone is trying to spying on me, and he/they tracking me on both online and reality, what steps can I do to neutralize the risk? keep in mind, that I’m a normal person with limited resources.

these steps comes in mind:

  1. Setup & use a self-hosted VPN service(to prevent ISP as Man-in-The-Middle and prevent DNS Leaks), on trusted hosting provider.
  2. Encrypt all my emails with PGP keys, and make sure that the usage of PGP keys is the default.
  3. Secure login to all chat apps, with Password/Fingerprint.
  4. Encrypt the full disk of my computer.

in general, I think of:

  1. Securing the communication on the internet (using VPN, fake identity, PGP Keys..etc).
  2. Securing the data on devices by encryption, and add authentication layers.

is there something more I miss?

How does TLS stop an ISP from spying on you

Here is what I understand about how clients trust the tcp channels they are connected to.

  1. Alice asks Bob for his certificate, signed by a CA’s private key
  2. Bob sends the certificate, which includes his common name (domain or ip) and an attached signed version of it.
  3. Alice uses her local public key from the CA to decrypt the signed version and compares it to the certificate to verify Bob’s claims.
  4. If it checks out, if it’s equal, the tcp layer she is connected to does indeed have Bob at the other end.
  5. Now that the connection has been verified, both can agree on keys to encrypt their communications.

But couldn’t an ISP easily intercept and alter all communications to Bob through a proxy setup just for him inside a network switch? Including sending and receiving the certificate to Alice? Bob’s communications already go through network switches, that’s where his IP actually lives. An ISP could just inject software right in there to do whatever, as if it was Bob, and no one would know.

Furthermore, the whole process can be compromised at every stage, from the moment Bob sends a CSR to a CA.

Can the ISP (or anyone spying on my WIFI network) see which VPN IP I’m connecting to?

I know that even when connected to a VPN, the ISP (or anyone who controls my WIFI network) could see that I am connected to (A VPN brand), what I would like to know is would they obtain the exact IP that I’m connected to.

As a side note, what could the ISP really see when I use VPN? I imagine packet size and frequency should be compromised, but what else? (MAC? hostname? DNS info?)

As a DM, how can I handle my Druid spying on everything as a spider?

I gm Lost Mines of Phandelver.

My player’s level 2 (soon 3) Druid has discovered that while in Wild Shape in spider form, they are almost impossible to catch, especially since in caves etc. they “fit in” (which I agreed to twice).

However, this results in the PCs knowing pretty much the entire dungeon layout since those are somewhat small.

What can I do to hinder this full exploration without being unfair?

I’ve tried:

  • Letting time run out. Wild Shape doesn’t last too long, but 2-3 hours still suffices for almost all dungeons.
  • Have NPCs swat against the spider if they see it – which doesn’t do much due to the high Stealth bonus, and by climbing on the ceiling she now keeps out of their sight/range.
  • Have NPCs change post from between her exploration and the party entering – which kinda works, but still leaves a lot of the dungeon-crawling mystery lost.

Any other ideas? I’m ready to amend the prewritten dungeons and maps with new ideas, but so far none came to mind (except maybe an antimagic field in the final dungeon, but it would not fit for any of the other encounters/dungeons before that).

Spying apps: Android mic and camera access

Can android lollipop 5.1.1 apps which have permission to access mic and camera access them when the app is not running?

I woke up to the news by the NYT that a popular app I had previously downloaded was solely developed to be used as a spying tool by a government. I did not research the app when I downloaded it and the app needed mic and camera access as it is a messaging app.

What can I do in the future to ensure my mic and camera are not running when I’m not running an app? It will not be practical to check if every app I download is trusted or not as even popular American apps could be potentially malicious.

Help! I need a link spying tool… recommendation urgently

I am Alvin a junior marketer that wants to specialize in SEO. I am looking for a tool that could spy on the links created by my competitor. I need to have a record of when the link is built and when the link is dropped. Ahrefs and Sem rush doesn't have that and its fairly inaccurate for link building. Does anyone of you have any recommendations? Any help given is deeply appreciated.

Trouble spying on service call Angular 8 Unit Test

I am trying to implement a test and I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong..

I have a method like so..

sendData() {    if (!this.dataSent) {       this._subscription.sendData(data).subscribe(() => {});    } } 

Now I have an element on my page a button like so

<button id="data-btn" (click)="sendData()">     SEND DATA </button> 

now in my spec.ts I am doing this

describe(...     let subscriptionService: SubscriptionService;     //...      beforeEach(async(() => {         const subscriptionServiceSpy: SubscriptionService = jasmine.createSpyObj(            'SubscriptionService', ['sendData', 'anotherMethod']         );          TestBed.configureTestingModule({             //...             providers: [                 { prodive: SubscriptionService, useValue: subscriptionServiceSpy }             ]         }).compileComponents();     }));      beforeEach(() => {        subscriptionService = TestBed.get(SubscriptionService);     });      it('should send data if element has been clicked', () => {         const el = fixture.debugElement.query(By.css('#data-btn'));          click(el); // helper method that clicks an element          expect(SubscriptionService.sendData).toHaveBeenCalled();     })  }) 

now technically this does pass.. but in the console I am getting this error

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'subscribe' of undefined     at Component.sendData 

Am I doing something wrong??

MacBook Pro 2017 suspicious data logs that I don’t know what they mean and think its a spying app

my Boyfriend is a computer programmer and a really good one and like the best in texas and i ask him but if he is monitoring me then of couerse he wouldnt tell me the correct answer so my question are alot but will only ask a few . so what are proxies and what does bypass proxie mean i know some of what it is but dont know what to look for or what are red flag as far as the words in the coding. so anyone with info on what shoiuld i look for and as well as what to look for when i look at the data and logs and specisfic words in coding lingo. thank you so much and i appreciate it.. enter image description here