Map an equirectangular square slice inside cubemap

I’m trying to map a square slice of an equirectangular image inside a cubemap with 6 faces, without distortion.

The point is that I’m dealing with huge array sizes if I try to project the whole equirectangular texture (because the circumference is Earth-like), so I’m cutting it into pieces on demand, with a higher detail.

I need to convert/project this square image (512*512px) which is covering 0.08° of the 360*180 degrees that the equirectangular image provides. The total circumference is 44053660mts. and the offset is 34.5° Lat and 56.8 ° Lon. (These values would change, but not the circumference)

Can you help me to find a way to project that image onto a cubemap?

I already have an algorithm to make a cubemap from the full equirectangular image but can’t find a way to do the same with just a squared portion of it.


Do you take damage if you start your turn in the square of a blade barrier?

The spell blade barrier reads

If you evoke the barrier so that it appears where creatures are, each creature takes damage as if passing through the wall. Each such creature can avoid the wall (ending up on the side of its choice) and thus take no damage by making a successful Reflex save. (PHB p. 205)

In case a creature does not make the save, does it take damage for “passing” through the wall in it turrn?

Does falling out of a threatened square trigger an attack of opportunity?

My party’s warlock is hovering twenty feet above water and is surrounded by enemies at the same hover height as him.

Our warblade does not fly.

If our bard activates a wand of benign transposition and swaps the position of the warblade and the warlock, will the enemies get an attack of opportunity against the warblade as gravity causes him to move out of his current square (which is threatened) and crash into the water below?

When a druid reverts to their normal form having wild shaped into a Large beast, can they choose which square they occupy?

When a druid reverts to their normal form they appear where their beast shape was. But if their beast shape was Large and their normal form is Medium, can they choose which of the four squares they reappear in?

For example if a druid wild-shaped into a Polar Bear (occupying 4 squares) and was engaged in melee with several opponents standing in a line, when their beast shape drops to 0 hit points can they choose for their normal form to appear in a square that isn’t adjacent to those opponents?

Depending on the placement of enemies, this allows a druid low on temporary HP to retreat without taking opportunity attacks and take an action on the same turn, rather than spending their action disengaging.

Is it any different if they leave wild shape as a bonus action, or cease to concentrate on a polymorph spell?

SharePoint Images Of Staff Members Not Showing (Just Black Square with White Cross)

I have recently tried to create a staff contact List in a SharePoint OnLine Enviroment/Site.

The List has been created fine and all works apart from the Staff Picture field. The URL addresses for the images are correct but all we can get are black squares with white crosses.

My original thought was that the images maybe too large, but I ruled this out by changing a member of staff’s image to something very small. The problem still stayed.