SSRS 2017 add datasource “Something went wrong”

when trying to add, view or change data source(s) in SSRS 2017 I get popup saying "Something went wrong, please try later".

Setup os SSRS is as follows:

three SSRS instances behind KEMP load balancer. Communication from clients to KEMP is done over SSL (port 443) and from kemp to SSRS instances over HTTP (port 80). rsreportserver.config file has this tags on all three SSRS servers, where points to the KEMP virtual IP (for client access).

When I try to add, view or change data source(s) I get this error in RSPortal.log

ERROR: OData exception occurred: System.Net.WebException: Unable to connect to the remote server —> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it at System.Net.Sockets.Socket.DoConnect(EndPoint endPointSnapshot, SocketAddress socketAddress) at System.Net.ServicePoint.ConnectSocketInternal(Boolean connectFailure, Socket s4, Socket s6, Socket& socket, IPAddress& address, ConnectSocketState state, IAsyncResult asyncResult, Exception& exception) — End of inner exception stack trace — is the IP of the one of SSRS instances buth what baffles me is why is connection trying to be made using port 443 (TLS) when KEMP is configured to communicate with SSRS instances over port 80.

SSRS instances don’t have port 443 configured, only port 80.

Everything else works fine, only datasources are the problem.

SSRS version in question is 14.0.600.1109, native mode.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is it possible to configure SMTP relay on SSRS 2012 RTM?

I am trying to configure SSRS 2012 RTM to work with user and password to a remote SMTP server. In 2016 its working just fine but for some reason on 2012 it doesn’t- when i add the SMTP configuration below and then i try to create an SSRS subscription it will not allow sending subscriptions that are not file share subscriptions. IS this feature supported in 2012? (SMTPAuthenticate= 1)

configuration file SMTP setup: enter image description here

I also checked the error logs and could not find an error. Thanks In advance

SSRS 2017 permissions required to deploy

I’m having issues with one of our developers deploying reports to SSRS, they seem to be able to deploy datasets, however not reports themselves. As a temporary measure, we’ve granted all privileges e.g. Content Manager, Publisher etc. and also sysAdmin on SQL Server, yet they are not able to deploy reports. However, a developer with what appears to have the same permissions (sysAdmin and all privilleges in SSRS) can deploy without issue. The error message can be seen below:

"The permissions granted to user 'Domain\Username' are insufficient for performing this operation." 

SSRS Render params into a URL

We have a private SSRS database and have created a public atom url to import the data into Google Sheet. It works, but returns each row as a string. It doesn’t return in table format.No columns.

URL is in format below:


And return as “A B C D” instead of “A” “B” “C” “D”.

What do we need to add in URL so data is returned in a table format?

Connecting with SSRS using XML Data Source leads to 401 Unauthorized

I am currently working on Report Builder 2.0 with Reporting Services 2008 and am trying to connect to a SharePoint 2013 site using an XML data source query. SharePoint and Report Builder/Services are on different servers. I enter the correct connection string to the SharePoint lists and have tried to connect through “use current Windows user,” manually entering credentials as Windows credentials, and “do not use credentials” but each of these options lead to a 401 unauthorized error. I looked around for solutions and have gotten suggestions of double hop or untrusted connections. Does anyone know what the problem is and how I would go about resolving it?

SSRS Column Visibility

I have created a SSRS table that i have created with SharePoint data source. I have more than 30 column with yes and no value in that SharePoint list. I am trying to count the yes values, and then display top 10 columns on this SSRS report. I am able to pull the true count but however not able to only show top ten. enter image description here Should i create a new table to pull information from this table on the same report?

How would you do it if L1, L2, L3, etc… were not from one field but are all different fields?

SSRS – Get LookupSet results on different cells

Sorry if I’m missing something obvious but I’m a newbie to SSRS (SQL Server 2012 R2) and SharePoint 2010.

My boss wants some basic reports from our internal SP site (list data) and I’m doing some research on SP + SSRS. Fields from more than one list are needed so I used the LookUp expression on Report Builder/BIDS to generate a sample report.

Here’s the details. I’ve got two separate lists:

  1. PROJECT (containing columns “ProjectID” and “TasksID”) and
  2. TASK (containing “TaskID”, “Description” and “Hours”)

I want to generate a basic report displaying the total Hours (mini tasks) spend on different Tasks grouped by Project, on which they are belonging to.

Here’s what I got so far: (bypass the Greek nonsense, its Projects – Tasks – Description – Hours)

For the last 2 columns I used the expressions:

=Join(LookUpSet(Fields!TaskID.Value, Fields!TaskID.Value, Fields!Description.Value, "Dataset2"), " " + vbcrlf) 


=Join(LookUpSet(Fields!TaskID.Value, Fields!TaskID.Value,Fields!Hours.Value, "Dataset2"),"" + vbcrlf) 

The result is an array of strings so as a first step I joined them with Join and separated them by newline. This messed things up cause I cant get the totals I need (total Hours spend on Task, total Hours spend on Project, total Hours for all Projects etc).

Are there any ways to get the results on different cells so I can work with them?

Thanks – Sorry for the big intro.

SSRS 2016 native mode fail to connect SharePoint list datasource

We are using SP2016 with SQL 2016 enterprise edition. SSRS feature is enabled in SQL server and service started. I am able to browse the SSRS portal with http://sqlserver/reports. Also in my SQL 2016 report builder, I can connect to report server http://sqlserver/ReportServer/

Then I setup my first datasource in a report. Connection Type is Microsoft SharePoint List. In connection string field I type in “”. This url can be browsed properly from my PC as well as within SQL server.

In Credentials I tried all the combination I can think of. I have tried my personal account (which is site collection admin) and sql admin and farm admin etc. All results in error message

An error occurred when accessing the specified SharePoint list. The connection string might not be valid. Verify that the connection string is correct.

I have tried to upload the report to SSRS web portal (http://sqlserver/reports) and also fail in same error.

May I know what could be the problem? Is there any patch specific for this issue?