Would spam on Stack Overflow developer story increase SEO ratings for my websites? [closed]

Imagine I start creating hundreds of Stack Overflow accounts. (I am not and I do not intent to do so in reality). I add a link to my site in the personal website space on the profile. I then make the developer story (CV) public. e.g. https://stackoverflow.com/story/kamilt

If such pages are searchable on Google and they contain links to my website, is it going to help with SEO for my website? Would it get me a better rank in Google because of it?

Does Barbarian Rage stack with crit range improvements?

The Barbarian’s Rage class feature allows the Barbarian to roll melee and thrown attack rolls as 2d20 instead of 1d20 and use the higher result, and in addition, get an extra crit if the higher result hits and both rolls are 11 or greater.

Does the latter bonus stack with improvements to crit range? Eg. if a barbarian has +1 crit range, will they be able to score a crit whenever rolling a hit with both dice coming up as 10 or greater?

Does drained stack?

2e introduced quite a lot of new rules, … . One being conditions. As I didn’t find any quota there I’m wondering: Does drained (and other conditions) stack?

Example: One poison says: Stage 1 1d6 poison damage and drained 1 (1 hour); Stage 2 2d6 poison damage and drained 2 (1 hour); Stage 3 3d6 poison damage and drained 2 (1 hour)

Does that mean when you gain stage 1, then 2 then 3 do you have 5 drained or only 2?

If an artillerist-artificer has 2 protectors, does the temporary hp given by the protectors stack?

This is a somewhat loaded question that I could have stated more neutrally, but I didn’t.

Premise: the artillerist has a choice of ‘cannons’ to use. One of those choices is the protector which does the following:

The cannon emits a burst of positive energy that grants itself and each creature of your choice within 10 feet of it a number of temporary hit points equal to 1d8 + your Intelligence modifier (minimum of +1).

At level 15 this artificer gets to use two cannons. The feature reads:

You can now have two cannons at the same time. You can create two with the same action (but not the same spell slot), and you can activate both of them with the same bonus action. You determine whether the cannons are identical to each other or different.

So you can have two protectors out which activate at the same time, but does their activation count as one iteration of an effect or ability, or two? This is important because temporary hp can’t be added together. If the cannons are adding two separate pools of temporary hp they can’t be added together, so are the cannons effects considered together or separate?

Does the temporary hp from the protectors stack or not?

For every 4 ‘c’ in the input push a ‘c’ in the stack (Push down automata)

Given the following language: L = {$ a^{2m}$ $ c^{4n}$ $ d^{n}$ $ b^{m}$ : m,n >= 0} I’m trying to design a PDA. My aproach is:

-for every 2 ‘a’ push an ‘a’

-for every 4 ‘c’ push a ‘c’

-then pop them to solve the 2nd half of the language

This is the first part to count 2 ‘a’, but the ‘c’part is not very clear:enter image description here

Any hints or solutions for the problem: ‘’for every 4 ‘c’ push a ‘c’ on the stack‘’


How do Invisibility and Mirror Image stack?

My character finds himself in a situation where he has access to both the mirror image spell and has the ability to become invisible.

Ignoring the means by which he becomes invisible (he’s not doing anything that’d end his invisibility) what happens when these two effects stack?

Similar, but not identical to: Does Mirror Image stack with Blur?

Mirror Image

  • Three illusory duplicates of yourself appear in your space. Until the spell ends, the duplicates move with you and mimic your Actions, shifting position so it’s impossible to track which image is real. You can use your action to dismiss the illusory duplicates.

  • Each time a creature Targets you with an Attack during the spell’s Duration, roll a d20 to determine whether the Attack instead Targets one of your duplicates.

Invisible Condition

  • An invisible creature is impossible to see without the aid of magic or a Special sense. For the purpose of Hiding, the creature is heavily obscured. The creature’s location can be detected by any noise it makes or any tracks it leaves.
  • Attack rolls against the creature have disadvantage, and the creature’s Attack rolls have advantage.

So, are the mirror images also Invisible (Disadvantage to attack them) – which seems… odd. Although I guess you could argue the mirror images also mirror whatever sounds and other perceptual clues your actual form is making, even if they aren’t obviously visible.

Or are the mirror images visible but you are not? No disadvantage if someone happens to attack a duplicate, but they will have a disadvantage if they attack you.

Or spell fails completely, because of reasons?

How (if at all) do Wild Magic Surges stack with each other?

First off there are a lot of rules on combining/overlapping effects:

The effects of the same spell cast multiple times don’t combine, however. Instead, the most potent effect–such as the highest bonus–from those castings applies while their durations overlap, or the most recent effect applies if the castings are equally potent and their durations overlap.

Player’s Handbook: Chapter 10, Spellcasting; Combining Magical Effects

[…] When two or more game features have the same name, only the effects of one of them—the most potent one—apply while the durations of the effects overlap […] Game features include spells, class features, feats, racial traits, monster abilities, and magic items […]

Dungeon Master’s Guide: Chapter 8, Running The Game; Combining Game Effects (errata)

When two or more effects have the same proper name, only one of them applies while the durations of the effects overlap (a duration is a time span of 1 round or more). The most potent effect–such as the highest bonus–is the one that applies, or the most recent effect applies if the effects are equally potent.

The Essentials Kit: Chapter 0, Welcome to Dungeons & Dragons; Effects with the Same Name Don’t Stack

That all said we also know that things with the same name don’t stack regardless of how different the actual effects might be, for example:

  • If you cast a spell with different effect options twice on the same creature, do multiple castings of the spell stack?
  • If you cast Blindness/Deafness as a 3rd level spell, can you target one creature with both effects?
  • Do the Stone Golem's Slow feature and the Slow spell combine?

In all these cases, despite the actual effects being quite different, the name of the effect is the same and so they cannot stack.

How do these rules apply to Wild Magic Surges? In particular there are effects such as:

15-16: For the next minute, you regain 5 hit points at the start of each of your turns.
23-24: Your skin turns a vibrant shade of blue. A remove curse spell can end this effect.
61-62: For the next minute, you must shout when you speak.
71-72: You gain resistance to all damage for the next minute.

Can multiple different surges exist, simultaneously affecting the same creature? Are they considered to be the same class feature or to have the same proper name and thus do not stack?

Can multiple of the same surge (such as 15-16 above) exist, simultaneously affecting the same creature? Would you regain 10 hit points at the start of each of your turns or just 5?

How do Wild Magic Surges stack with each other (if at all)?