Lemp stack nginx web server 502 Gateway error

I am setting up a private web server to host some files and a simple web page for my personal usage. I copied an index file into a new index.php and added some pho to it as instructed by nginx documentation, but then deleted the old index.

At first it worked, until I deleted the old one. I thought it was irrelevant but I got the gateway error when trying to login to my localhost.

Where is there a new skeleton index that I can possibly copy over, or did I just need to set proper permissions on my ‘/var/www/html’ directory?

Concatenative programming language based on the stack as a non-trivial virtual machine

For a functional programming language project like Haskell, I design a VM whose intermediate language is stack-based, and focused on the concatenative paradigm:

- Functions / quotations / combinators - Stack shufflers - Data - An FFI targeting C 

Let’s summarize it this way.

My question is whether this is sufficient and relatively efficient to

- Compile a Haskell-like language typed in this IR - Interfacing and using all kinds of foreign C functions 

and if, possibly, you have an idea about how to do it or any ressources.

The biggest challenge, I think, will probably be, if possible, to represent the data according to the type 1) of the source language (Haskell-like) and 2) of the FFI targeting C, through an IR that has no typing notion (except internally the distinction of numbers, static arrays and characters). If you had any advice on that, it would also be interesting.

Need a conceptual illustration of “Security Software Stack Elements” at (a) Endpoints (b) Servers (c) Central Ops (Control/Console) [on hold]

Need a conceptual illustration of “Security Software Stack Elements” at (a) Endpoints (b) Servers (c) Central Ops (Control/Console)

Endpoint : Antivirus, USB/Port blocking, Malware/Ransomware detection (ie ATP, FireEye) , Proxy for controlling end user web surfing (ie ZScaler), DLP, Rights Management Services (RMS), MDM

Servers : Server ANtiVirus, Lockdown of Server-to-Server communications, Server exe fingerprinting/checksumming, etc

Central Console : Logs, COnsolidated Reporting, Analysis

There are so many tools, but they overlap and its not clear what software does what and therefore the need for a key checklist of endpoint and server-side security functionality required.

Hence request a list if someone has made a good/useful diagram…

Do these bonuses to disguise really stack together to +51 (or even more, eventually)?

Inspired by answer to another question. My character is Kitsune with 22 Charisma* and 8 ranks in Disguise. He has Realistic Likeness feat. So, using logic from answer by william porter (sic!) linked above, we have:

  • 8 ranks + 3 for a class skill + 6 Cha bonus +2 Deceitful = 19
  • Change Shape +10 racial bonus = 29
  • Magic Rules for Polymorph Subschool +10 untyped = 39
  • Realistic Likeness +10 Circumstance = 49
  • Disguise kit +2 Competence = 51

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have +51 bonus to d20 roll and yes, lies and disguise are essential parts of this character, but I feel kinda… awkward. On one side, I don’t want to abuse the rules, on the other hand, I don’t want to cut my own wings. Thus my question:

Is this really possible, within the rules?

* in our campaign everyone started with one 18 and one 8 simply handed out. So 18 + 2 racial + 2 from 8 levels = 22.

Global variables and frame stack

The below program will read a positive integer from keyboard and print the binary equivalent. This program is using only one variable.

If global variables are not stored in frame stack, how this is working.


int n; void binary(n) { if(n>0) { binary(n/2); printf(“%d”,n%2); } }

void main() { scanf(“%d”,&n); binary(n); }

Stack Two Lists of Depth=2

My question is to combine a matrix of values with a matrix of 2D coordinates:

Coor = {{{a, b}, {c, d}}, {{u, v}, {s, t}}}; Value = {{1, 2}, {3, 4}}; 

I want to get

Combined = {{{a, b,1}, {c, d,2}}, {{u, v,3}, {s, t,4}}}; 

so I can use ListPlot3D

This is similar to another question here. I attempt to use this solution by doing this

MapThread[List, {matrix1, matrix}, 2] 

But this gives me {{{{a, b},1}, {{c, d},2}}...}; which has an extra bracket inside that I couldn’t figure out how to remove…

How can I get the desired “Combined” list? Thanks!

Can the nightmare effect of Dream stack?

Let’s say a character casts the spell Dream, and chooses to make the messenger terrifying to cause a nightmare. Then, they deliver their ten words and wake up, and immediately cast Dream again on the same target to give them another nightmare during the same long rest. What happens? Does the target have to make a new Wisdom save for each casting? If they fail both, do they take 6d6 psychic damage upon waking?