Can a ranged rogue effectively stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn with a ranged weapon while their allies fight on the front line?

Rogues can use ranged weapons to make sneak attacks. Also, the rogue rules state that:

You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.

Does this mean that basically a ranged rogue can stand back and sneak attack opponents every turn as his buddies are fighting with them on the front line? Did I miss some rule about shooting into melee or does that sound pretty mighty?

Can you stand from prone if your speed is 5 and you have no movement remaining?

This is inspired by the following question:

  • How much movement would a wood elf have left if they needed to spend half their movement standing up?

The answers there state that, assuming we are on a grid, if you have 35 speed and you are prone it takes 15 movement to stand up. Similarly then, if your speed was 15 it would take 5 movement. But what about when your speed is 5; does it require 0 movement? The section on being prone states:

[…] You can’t stand up if you don’t have enough movement left or if your speed is 0.

Here our speed is not 0 and we do have enough movement left (0 movement). I’m just wondering if there’s a rule I’ve missed somewhere or is it in fact possible for a creature to stand from prone while having 0 movement, given that their speed has been reduced to 5?

If I used Wish to become immune to being seen via Truesight and stand in an area of magical darkness, can a creature with Truesight see me?

As the title says, does standing inside an area of magical darkness, while being immune from detection through truesight (not the spell, but the monster ability), render me unseen from a creature that has truesight?

On the one hand, the answer might be yes. I am undetectable by truesight now, and truesight is what is enabling the creature to see me.

On the other hand, the answer might be no. Truesight allows the creature to see through the magical darkness and I am not actually invisible.

Which is the answer that has more adherence to the rules as written? Or is this a gray area in the rules?

What does “CMV” in “CMV hypothesis” stand for?

While reading some of the archives of the Mimir.Net mailing list I encountered the “CMV Hypothesis”. In short, it says:

Under the CMV hypothesis, Eladrin, Guardinals, Asuras, and Aasimar are all one race; Aasimon and Archons are not. [Galen, 1999 archive part 3]

After reading several posts about this hypothesis, I still can’t figure out what ‘CMV’ is supposed to stand for. Web searching is confounded by a biology hypothesis of the same name.

So what does the “CMV” in “CMV hypothesis” stand for?

Why stand on a mount?

Epic Ride checks confer the ability to stand on a mount. What mechanical benefit does this confer? The only description given in the SRD is:

“This allows the character to stand on his or her mount’s back even during movement or combat. The character takes no penalties to actions while doing so.”

but I am unaware of anything that is actually gained from doing this. Is this a blunder? A recent and related answer from KRyan found nothing.

How much movement does it take to stand up from prone when my speed is modified?

Suppose my speed is normally 30 feet. I get hit with a Slow spell, reducing my speed to 15 feet, and then I get knocked prone. How many feet of movement do I need to spend in order to stand back up from prone? How many feet of movement do I have left over once I’ve stood up?

What if I am also hit with a Ray of Frost spell while slowed, reducing my speed to 5 feet for 1 round? Am I able to stand up at all?

How do I sit down or stand up?

According to the “Table: Armor Class Modifiers” in the combat rules, a character who is kneeling or sitting has a -2 AC vs melee attacks and +2 AC vs ranged attacks.

However, I cannot find the rules about how a character can kneel or sit, or similarly, how to stand up when kneeling or sitting. What actions are required? Does standing up this way provoke attacks of opportunity, as if standing up from prone?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Do you think Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain should stand with their View hosts and call for Trump’s impeachment?

Trump has insulted Meghan’s father so many times and yet she’s still Republican.  She has even defended some of Trump’s actions: same with Huntsman.  Her father worked for Trump as an Ambassador.  

5 x Design Product Stand up pouch – multiple winners $250

View attachment 245793

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If possible you will show the 3D image to show…

5 x Design Product Stand up pouch – multiple winners $ 250

Lock screen & monitor stand by

I face a problem with my fresh installation of ubuntu 18.04 . When I lock the screen, a blank black screen appears immediately but the monitors never go to sleep. Even if I leave the system for a day, the monitors are still on and they display the black screen.

Do you have any idea how to modify the screen time-out?