Is it okay to compare Test BLEU score between NMT models while using a slightly modified standard test sets?

I am using tst2013.en found at as my test sets to get the Test BLEU score to compare to other previous models. However, I have to filter out some sentences that are longer than 100 words otherwise I won’t have the resource to run the model.

But with a slightly modified test sets, is it acceptable to compare the Test BLEU score to other models that use the unmodified test sets?

GAE Standard: In what cases would I actually require a single instance to run permanently vs. spinning up only when there’s user activity?

I’m looking to create a website on GAE utilizing the Node.js Standard environment. The website will be a two-sided marketplace (similar to Fiverr, Uber, Airbnb, etc.) where I’d be performing back-end logic and CRUD updates with the Cloud Firestore database. I’m also looking to leverage Firebase Authentication, Cloud Storage, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Messaging.

Given my use case above, am I okay with just using the F1 instance class with the auto_scaling option that only creates an instance with actual user activity on my website (assuming low user activity)? If not, why?

What limitations should I keep in mind that may cause me problems right off the bat or in the near future? Roughly how much user activity would make this impractical? Why?

Thanks in advance.

How to proceed with applying for UK Standard Visitor Visa for my family if primary is applying later

Me and my family are planning on taking a vacation to the UK soon (end of June ’19). Two of my children are US citizens so they do not need visas, but me, my wife, and my oldest son are all Indian citizens + green card holders, so therefore need to apply for UK standard visitor visas. We’re applying from NY.

My question was, since I am the primary that provides for my son and wife, us three would all submit separate applications but only I would provide the financial documents. It’s my understanding that the entire family should apply together by writing each other’s reference numbers in each person’s applications, and that we do not need to submit the same documents over and over again. However, due to travelling reasons, I will not be able to apply for the visa till around a week before our trip. Therefore, I will have to get an expedited process done for my UK visa.

My wife and son however can apply right now ASAP, but since I as the primary cannot apply till later, how should my wife and son go about applying? Especially when it comes to the financial documents and whatnot. I definitely do not want them to wait to apply with me because then I will have to pay for expediting for them as well.

Thanks for any help!!

Microsoft Office For Mac Standard 2011-XiSO + update 14.1.3

Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 14.1.3
Microsoft has just released two new updates for their popular Office >for Mac suite. The Office 2011 14.1.3 update provides numerous >enhancements and bug fixes.
Among the bugs fixed in Office 11 Update 14.1.3 are an issue with >documents not opening in some browsers, contact images not >displaying correctly in…

Microsoft Office For Mac Standard 2011-XiSO + update 14.1.3

Is there a technical security standard for internet facing test environments?

We have a number of test environments that are permanently internet facing to accommodate external and automated testers with dynamic IP addresses. While we regularly check the servers for security vulnerabilities etc, we found that the servers were indexed by Google and other search engines. This led to a situation where customers were clicking on search engine links and attempting to make use of the UAT environment for business. We’ve put a few controls in place now to ensure this does not happen again but to avoid future errors, I was hoping there is a full standard available to say e.g.

  1. Ensure sites are not searchable by search engines by making use of Robots.txt or other meta tags
  2. Clearly mark UAT environments as different from Prod environments
  3. Etc…

Is there a standard / checklist available for this specific use case?

Creative and standard methods of getting rid of Fog [on hold]

I have a game to run tomorrow with Drow who will be using the Darkness and Faerie Fire spells, so I’ve spent a lot of time getting my head straight on the rules of Unseen Combat. When reading through the rpg.stackexchange I realized Fog Cloud would be a good solution if the PC’s start getting slaughtered, to normalize the advantage/disadvantage situation before I screw up and get a TPK. But I’m not up to date on all the 5e spells, how many work against Fog?

  • Also if anyone thinks they could help with clarifying this question, feel free to edit it, I would appreciate it.