Why does it feel like web development is a hodgepodge of frameworks and plugins? Where do I even start?

sorry for the “click-baity” title.

I am currently a Junior back-end developer, I write Java and Scala and I love it.

I really want to get into web-development but it seems like every time I look up some guide on web development it is really just a guide for a specific Framework, I totally understand that the way the web has evolved over the years has forced developers into more efficient and dynamic ways of building web applications, but as a beginner it is really frustrating not even knowing where to start.

If I’m following a Flask guide it feels like I’m learning Flask, not web development, and if I was going to switch to Angular I could maybe use 1% of the Flask skills I acquired.

I don’t want to learn Bootstrap, Vue or Django.

I want to learn web development.

Sorry for this being more of a rant (which I’m hoping at least in part made sense) than an actual question but I’m hoping someone can help me see the light.

Unable to start logstash service due to ruby dependency

I am running Logstash on Raspberry Pi jessie and it is stuck in a restart loop. Syslog reports the following:

Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi logstash[12578]: org/jruby/RubyKernel.java:984: warning: It seems your ruby installation is missing psych (for YAML output). Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi logstash[12578]: To eliminate this warning, please install libyaml and reinstall your ruby. Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi logstash[12578]: [ERROR] 2019-04-20 17:00:11.776 [main] Logstash - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Logstash stopped processing because of an error: (GemspecError) Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi logstash[12578]: [!] There was an error while loading `logstash-core-plugin-api.gemspec`: load error: psych -- java.lang.RuntimeException: BUG: we can not copy embedded jar to temp directory Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi logstash[12578]: Does it try to require a relative path? That's been removed in Ruby 1.9. Bundler cannot continue. Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi systemd[1]: logstash.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE Apr 20 17:00:11 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Unit logstash.service entered failed state. Apr 20 17:00:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: logstash.service holdoff time over, scheduling restart. Apr 20 17:00:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Stopping logstash... Apr 20 17:00:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Starting logstash... Apr 20 17:00:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Started logstash. 

As suggested in the error itself I have tried re-installing libyaml and ruby 1.9.3 using rvm but to no avail. Any thoughts?

Does the “Black Tentacles” spell do damage twice at the start of turn to an already restrained creature?

The spell Black Tentacles has the following text:

When a creature enters the affected area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, the creature must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 3d6 bludgeoning damage and be restrained by the tentacles until the spell ends. A creature that starts its turn in the area and is already restrained by the tentacles takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage.

Each of the two sentence has a condition that results in damage. Note that there is no “or” or “instead” in the second sentence. The second condition is more specific than the first, but it never says they’re exclusive

Does a creature starting its turn restrained by the tentacles receive the damage twice?

Why would wp_schedule_single_event get delayed start?

I’m using wp_schedule_single_event to run a function in the background immediately when a logged in user visits the dashboard page. The problem I’m having is that the time between triggering and the function actually running varies between a few seconds and 5 minutes.

I’m debugging by emailing myself as soon as I call wp_schedule_single_event, and then in the function that is called. I know the event is scheduled immediately because I get the email quickly, _transient_doing_cron is created in the wp_options table, and the name of my action is added to cron in wp_options while it needs to be run.

My function runs fairly quickly and is done in less than 10 seconds. It’s as if wordpress is running other crons before it, but I’ve tested this multiple times only a few minutes apart, so I can’t always be getting an hourly cron that needs to be run. Can I prioritize my event to be run first? What else could be happening?

Need All Emails Forwaded to Gmail from Inmotion to Start New Conversations

When guests complete a contact form on our website, they send to our info@emailaddress.net at our hosting company Inmotion. These are DIVI contact forms on WordPress. Problem is, when they are then forwarded to our work Gmail account where staff can reply to them, they all come through as the same conversation in Gmail, making it a pain in the arse for us to keep splitting. It can get confusing, and it’s a needless waste of time.

Gmail I believe groups emails into conversations if the email subjects are the same. In this case, the email subject is always the same, it’s the static title of the DIVI contact form. Gmail filters can help me keep messages out of the spam folder, but how can I filter all the emails we get forwarded from our website email address, into new conversations / threads on Gmail?

I don’t want to use a contact plugin like Contact Form 7, or WPForms, as they don’t integrate we’ll with another plugin I’m using with the DIVI contact forms called DIVI overlays.

Fingers crossed.

How to start, manage and grow a laundry business [case study] appsrhino

Laundry is a small yet important part of people’s everyday lives. They want their clothes to be clean and crisply ironed every day. However, time constraint makes it difficult for them to do the laundry. And that’s where the laundry business comes in light. Laundry business has been exhibiting an upward growth trend recently. It has the potential to develop into a rapidly growing industry, which makes it difficult to manage laundry business.

Globally, according to research, the market was…

How to start, manage and grow a laundry business [case study] appsrhino

Which websites should i use to start learning the basics of AI and machine language in python? Java beginner here

i am a student that has only picked up the basics of java and object oriented programming. My school is attending a workshop on machine learning and AI based in python. I would like to know where and which websites should i start off with to get a better idea of the topics before the workshop.

There are many sites that cover AI but they do not seem to be that easy to understand due to the top down approach.

i am currently using this site https://machinelearningmastery.com/machine-learning-in-python-step-by-step/ to start with ML. Any recommendations that might be useful for beginners to start?