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findIndex problem with Immer and Redux Starter Kit

I have a redux state that I need to update, it looks like this:

[     {         date: moment("2019-06-15").toObject(),         attendance: [             {                 name: "Ruben Hensen",                 membershipNumber: "2084700",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Peter Petersen",                 membershipNumber: "2084701",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Karel Kootjes",                 membershipNumber: "2084702",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Niedaar Mennekes",                 membershipNumber: "2084703",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },         ]      }, ... ... ... ] 

My reducer tries to find the correct week so it can update it later but is unable to find the correct week inside the array.

TOGGLE_PRESENCE: (state, action) => {         console.log(state);         console.log(action);         const index = state.findIndex(week => ===;         console.log(index);      } 

The problem is that I use Redux Starter Kit and it uses Immer inside reducers. If I run my reducer this is the result of the console logs.

console.log results

It’s not able to find the correct week. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. I don’t really understand Immer or the Proxy objects it uses.

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Why does the starter kit wizard have six spells in their spellbook?

This was in the starter kit. Level 1 high elf wizard with int mod +3. How does this character have 6 spells? I understand that one is a ritual, but it has 5 more and not 4? The spellbook shows 1) burning hands 2) detect magic(R) 3) mage armor 4) magic missile 5) shield 6) sleep. I had the same original question myself. This is a premade character sheet licensed by D&D.

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Is it possible to play the D&D Starter Set with fewer than recommended players?

I’m interested in D&D and pen-and-paper style games already for a long time.

I’m trying to convince my… lets call it social contacts, for now already… years.

I have to add that I have a social competence disability, that makes it hard for me to establish an solid group of people around me that I can call kind of “friends”. So my social habits are more like meeting new people and loosing the contact after some time (unintentional caused by my self). In fact it is hard to find people that are at least open minded to give an game like D&D a chance and try it. So getting together a group of 5 people is for me almost impossible.

To prepare a situation that may occur where some one would be willing to give it a try, we would be at most 2-3 people. And myself as some one who never DMed before playing with 1-2 players a starter adventure made for 5 people. Would be already tough to present it superior as no one has previous experience with it. Imagine that in addition to that I had to crunch the numbers to adjust the adventure without having any knowledge of the balancing behind it, appears to me like my player(s) will have an session that wont be that enjoyable for them, and I guess (s)he/they wont after that play it again as result of the first impression.

So my question, to prevent this scenario, (just in the future case where I’ll come finally to play D&D) is:

Is there an enjoyable and easy way to adjust the difficulty of the beginner adventure (or a general method for adventures) to be designed for a single PC? And Optional still providing the same gaming impression?

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Gnome Panels and Task-Bar and Starter are gone / missing / disappeared

What happened?

Everything was working correctly, but then i did the following: Today, i started Ubuntu not with my current kernel like normally, but with an older Kernel, because i wanted to try something out.

After is started Ubuntu with the older kernel, i noted that all my gnome settings are gone/missing/disappeared.

For example:

  • My Background-image gone
  • Mouse-speed settings gone
  • Nautilus settings gone
  • Bottom-Task-Bar gone
  • Panels (like Top/Bottom-Panels) gone

–> My Desktop looks pretty empty, only the icons for folders/files are visible.

At this point, i was not frightened about that, because I thought, that the reason for all these “missing settings” was, that i am on an “older” kernel right now. So, i thought, my settings will be there again as normal, after changing back from the older to my current kernel.

BUT: After changing back to my current Kernel, all settings like Background-Image, Panels, … are still missing 🙁

I have a feeling, that the process, that runs gnome, does not have the correct access-rights anymore to read all my config-files (for Background, mouse-speed, Nautilus-settings, ….).

When logging in with Guest-Account, all Panels and Menu-Bars are there as normally adn are working correct. -> That means, all installed gnome packages are still working correctly, no need for any update or installation of things. It seems, its just a “settings-problem”.

Can anyone help??


I am using:

  • gnome-session-fallback (Metacity)
  • indicator-applet-complete
  • 4.4.0-143-generic (current kernel)
  • Distributor ID: Ubuntu
  • Description: Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS
  • Release: 14.04
  • Codename: trusty

DnD 5e Adventurer’s League 5e Variant Starter Equipment?

I’m making an Adventurers League character. He’s a fighter but I want to start him off with Medium Armor (Scale Armor) instead of Heavy Armor (Chain Mail). With my stats, the only difference between the two sets of armor is the cost and the weight of the armor. So is it within Adventurers League’s rules to be able to exchange the two armor sets? I don’t expect to gain gold from the exchange of armor…