Starting with D&D: Starter Set vs Dungeon Master’s Guide

For some time I have been GMing Call of Cthulhu 7th ed. and now, to try something different, I would like to go with D&D 5.0 since in a few weeks it will be available in my native tongue (the DM Guide is coming in few weeks, the Monster Manual and Starter Set are already translated and easily purchasable).
But I wonder if I should buy the Dungeon Master’s Guide or should I start with Starter Set?
I don’t mind waiting for the book to be available so it’s not an issue of any sort.
I just wonder if it’s better to start with the Starter or the Guide?
I suppose the Starter is easier to swallow, but what is your experience?

Spending Tokens of Friendship in Starter Adventure

I have bought the Tails of Equestria starter set to play with my children. On page 5 of A Dragon’s Bounty the following things are stated:

  • Each pony begins with 1 Friendship point
  • You can spend 1, 2, or 3 friendship points for different effects

This begs 2 questions:

  • How do ponies get more than 1 friendship point?
  • What does spending mean? Do they just leave the game, or do you give them to another pony?

I wonder if this is explained in the full rules, which I don’t have.

Note: for people who only have the full rules, I should say that A Dragon’s Bounty is a GM-less, choose-your-own-adventure style affair.

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lost-mines-of-phandelver is impossible and for a starter kit is putting our group of new players off [on hold]

So fare there is no introduction in the game play itself to the underlying rules expectations of characters in order to succeed. All the enemy’s are so over powered we just keep dying and achieving nothing. As an introduction to D&D it is not doing to well.

Are we missing something, as it seems like if you are not in the know already do not bother trying as it is a closed club.

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findIndex problem with Immer and Redux Starter Kit

I have a redux state that I need to update, it looks like this:

[     {         date: moment("2019-06-15").toObject(),         attendance: [             {                 name: "Ruben Hensen",                 membershipNumber: "2084700",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Peter Petersen",                 membershipNumber: "2084701",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Karel Kootjes",                 membershipNumber: "2084702",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },             {                 name: "Niedaar Mennekes",                 membershipNumber: "2084703",                 attending: true,                 present: false             },         ]      }, ... ... ... ] 

My reducer tries to find the correct week so it can update it later but is unable to find the correct week inside the array.

TOGGLE_PRESENCE: (state, action) => {         console.log(state);         console.log(action);         const index = state.findIndex(week => ===;         console.log(index);      } 

The problem is that I use Redux Starter Kit and it uses Immer inside reducers. If I run my reducer this is the result of the console logs.

console.log results

It’s not able to find the correct week. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated. I don’t really understand Immer or the Proxy objects it uses.

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